Dog Training Tips : Train a Dog to Retrieve

Okay, let’s talk about how to train a dog
to retrieve. Now most dogs, this is part retriever, part lab, are going to have a tendency to
want to retrieve. A lot of the training to retrieve is going to be made easier by having
a dog that’s a little bit smarter. Some of the breeds that aren’t quite as smart aren’t
going to want to retrieve. Now as you can see, I’ve already got her attention here.
She seems more interested in the ball than the stick. And just by throwing it, and starting
to use her name right when she picks it up, you should be able to get her to come back.
She’s going to have the urge to follow this no matter what. Getting her to bring it back
to me rather than bury it is the part that requires a little practice. Come on, bring
it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! And sit. And sit. Sit. Sit. Good dog. Let’s try
it with a stick this time. Go get it! And bring it back! Bring it back! And sit. Good
dog. So, using the name when the toy is out there, is going to be one of the best assets
you have.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Okay, how do train a dog that doesn't know how to retrieve–to retrieve. Let's say it doesn't go to or pick up the ball or stick?

  2. lol sit once then when he doesnt say no lol that made me laugh no you dont do that you tell him sit and if he doesnt guid him to sit down by slightly pushing down on his backside and when he sits say good boy it will take a few times for him to notice that you want him to park it this video was ok at least he tried i give him props

  3. my neighbor's dog was never trained to but would always play fetch, i know he wasn't trained because i had always known the dog, he was just bored all the time and loved it when somebody threw a stick or toy

  4. OMG thats probably the worst bit of training I have ever seen! Are any of these so called experts really expert at anything?
    Inteligent dogs like collies you mean? I know a collie who won't retrieve anything, not all dogs have the urge to chase sticks and balls. She's great at retrieving sheep bbut i don't throw them for her!

  5. A "smarter" dog?….you mean a dog with a retrieve instinct is what you should have said….I feel the best way to train the command "FETCH" is to train by "Force Fetch" method and to have the dog deliver to hand, never to drop it at your feet. If the dog were to do that with a game bird the bird could run off and that is no way to conserve a valuable resource like wild game.

  6. has it accrued to you maybe that its the SMARTER dogs that won't retrieve?
    maybe the dog doesn't want you to throw it again and prefers to just play with it, he would be smart not to bring it back in that case.

  7. The force is not the only way to do the retrieve, if it is soft dog it can ruin the dog forever and the performance can also be not so energentic as the dog is just that being forced. You want the dog to run out to the dumbell with speed and deliver it to you by you taking the object, not by the object being dropped at the feet.

  8. It does not have anything to do with a dog being more smarter than other dogs, that is very weird comment. And it is not true.
    If you want to learn the retrieve go with someone who has been a high competitor with methods based on positive reinforcements. period

  9. u are so cute… but this video didnt really help a lot. sorry!!

  10. So your training tip is to have a smart breed. You sir, are not a smart breed.

  11. wtf… and this is from expert village? So do u refund us our time watching this video that never worked? This video was upsetting.

  12. wow if this guy is such an expert why does he need to pull the (poor) dog's collar simply to make her sit??? I'm a first time dog owner, I'm probably 10 years younger than him, and I can make my dog sit w/out touching him at all

  13. Ok First off, you can teach ANY Dog (stupid breed or not) Any trick! It just take motivation. Well of course Retrievers want to retrieve but sometimes They just need a little inspiration!. Now I have to say This GUY DON"T KNOW NOTHING about training a dog! (or at least doesn't know how to make a video!)

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