Dog Psychology – Rehabilitating the Owner's Psychological Path

my name is Delma I like to talk to you for a couple months regarding the whole issue of getting a dog from a negative environment or circumstance where document from a pound or was abandoned or any environment that would be considered to be a negative place for a dog to come from the whole context here is understand that how we think is is more important such a high level than actually where the dog came from within the context of nature so to really understand it's to know that you know dogs don't really don't think they don't they don't think the same way as humans do so our our psychological state our path that we take to our mind really all at so many different levels but it's those levels of emotions and how hama ha we're connecting with the dog at that level what I thought spilling from that shared psychological connection so what happens is it goes from an emotional state how we think into a power state through the dog that I'll take that as a handing power over to the dog like on a silver platter basically so now so and so what happens is when we get a dog from a pound even a even a puppy you know can send her mind on to that align our mind in that way that's going to give power it's dark right there even with the young with it with the puppy you know puppies you know genetically dogs are linked that nature and they link up in that way so you know when the dog comes from an environment if we if I'm line start to go in that direction that you know you feel sorry for the dog at that level now the dog is going to just take that as power now no you know dogs do come from negative ironmans and you know nobody you know everyone everyone feels for four dogs at that level but some some people however feel at a really high level so they end up camping out in their mind that way they end up just just hovering there in the past and all that does is both don't hover in the path like that they they they move on I mean they're dogs in nature driven so so there is there more in the moment so are camping out going to in the past really it what it does is it just gives power away but that's what it does so on the solution to everything when you get a new dog and you're transitioning you know I mean dog into your home environment just understand that you know you have to connect with your dog to nature what your daughter really needs from you is is to turn just like a light switch you need to become more assertive confident authoritative you know not aggressive no this is the other context and sometimes people that are really emotional thinkers they get kind of caught up in this whole context of labeling things on a simplistic level like it's already bad you know loves good and this is the route I want to go and some people there's a percentage of the population that absolutely doesn't matter if they watch this video by letting out for them shows they'll bill refuse to accept it because it's right for you it's almost a belief system because they in their mind they're their soul or so caught up in the self you and it's all mostly driven that they will not see anything beyond that they won't and so all you have to give them them is some conditioning and some movements and response and I talked about that too although the whole context of that that they're already at the edge in their mind they're already there they're already accepting with the belief system so all they need is that extra little push over the edge and there's no coming back so you know there's trainers like this I mean I talked about that feeling I'm talk about to be negative the whole issue of being blinded to this issue it's like Authority is in nature you know it's there you can see it if your objective you look at you see it so why would anyone assume it's not it doesn't make its way into the human world through two dogs that that connection now show that link so clearly but people people don't want to see it because it's difficult in the sense it requires us to change how we think and people become you know so self-absorbed I'm not being negative are I love dogs but and therefore when you truly see a problem here in a major issue you want to really get others to see it because you want to help dog I mean that's that that's the position and I think often what happens is some owners even some trainers they're well-intentioned I'm not saying a lot and probably don't even understand at that level it's the ability to step back you know but this contradiction there in this whole training process if your objective enough to see it you know the contradictions are glaring you know your CV and what they are is the unwanted behaviors what their associated you don't need to be a trainer sit down sir thinking okay jumping behavior not liking the leash taking off all these it's nature's pulling that dogs influencing those that's all mine at that level so I don't care you be holding onto a whole pound of hotdogs or treats in your hand the door and nature's pulling the dog's mind the thought is not coming back I mean if you die by describing one of my videos the whole context of that situation but you know I mean it's the thing its nature pulse but if you're if you create meaningful change if you're shifting power and then there's a direct association to the physical to you when you say a command come that's always going to come not not because you're attempting or bribing the dog in because it's harmony impact I mean that's the big difference here so that's what my system is really about it breakfast kind of break it wide open and it's challenging because it challenges how people think so but the whole key here is we get a new dog understand the purse you can get yourself in a mess five if you allow your mind to go to that place that just gives power away unconditionally to the dog I mean it's like it's a permissive path of a love tap and and dogs aren't built like that they don't have the difference here is we have to understand so we eat so when you get dogs pit bulls and certain dogs if they power faster so all dogs will however just hand it so you have to understand the whole context of what you want and what the dog needs and how you can kind of all everyone can come together and still get what you want to the relationship but it's got connect and come around through nature verb so anyway I think my website I hope this video has been informative have any questions call me email me I'll be happy to answer them again thanks very much you

Glenn Chapman

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