Does everyone live like this? Help Me!!! [Hello Counselor Sub : ENG,THA / 2018.03.05]

Glenn Chapman


  1. i don't know what the purpose of make her studying lot of things that much, studying that much when little doesn't guaranteed you a happiness,
    Even if you graduated from havard university, doesn’t mean you will be success and become millionaire,
    are life just about money and studying? if that what is life about, what the different about you and robot?
    if it like that being born as animal in wild place is better,
    if i have child , my priority will be her/his happiness, as long my child happy, not go clubbing, no drugs, no hurting other people, no troubling other,
    he/she can do what they want, and try achieve whatever dream their want, cause child not a tool for boosting our success or for us force our ideal and past regret

  2. i'll tell you what will happen, if that girl keeps getting no love and expectations towards her keeps increasing she can drop everything

  3. Wth is this a mom??!! Or a monster she let her daughter live in hell!!!my mom is kind to me but sometimes she deciplines us so we change our wrongs…but what if her mom hurt her after that thing and still be like she always!!if i was her i will never go home ever and ever again!!this vid made me cry!!and mad bc of this demon mom!!😡😡

  4. You should do whatever you want by yourself, it's not fair to put your willing on others shoulder just only because you think you can't do it. It is very selfish.

  5. You should do whatever you want, it's not fair to put your willing on others shoulder just only because you think you can't do it. It is very selfish.

  6. I heard that a happy person is happy because of the good relationship they have with their parents and family. While an unhappy person lives with a not so amazing life with their parents or family.

  7. This is really heart breaking I’m actually crying

    Her mom is treating her like a second life like whatever the mom wanted to do she’s forcing her daughter to do it so soon enough she’ll be able to do some of the stuff she’s doing.

  8. This girl remind me of my younger self. I used to be in her shoes. My mum always forced me to study. And send me to 3 extra classes. Math, science and english. And yes, I became the top student in my class from middle school till i finished my high school. And this is when i started to lose myself. I dont know what to do in my life. All i know was studying. I have no plans for my future at all. I didnt do well during my degree. I was frustrated. My mum keep on telling me i should keep my grades up.
    One day, i cried in front of my parents. Because of frustration. I tell them things that bothering me. Asking my mum to stop bothering me with my grades. I'm glad i did that. My parents became more understanding and supported me all the way. And here i am today because of them. I'm 23 now. Already graduating and now doing my master.
    So, remember to always speak for yourself cause no one knows you better than yourself. And i respect that kid is brave enough to come out and speak for herself in that age. Hope she will do well in her life.

  9. This is very serious especially in our country

    There’s one time that a didn’t pass his bar exam because of that he committed suicide
    Her mother was a senator and didn’t want to embarrass her… that’s why it’s a serious concern

  10. I just wish parents understood that children start to rebel when they are restricted this much.
    I didn't start sneaking out of my house at midnight cuz I wanted to. I was never allowed to leave my house to hang out with friends.

  11. 아직 아이가 어려서 말도 듣고 밝으니까 이대로 괜찮을 것 같죠? 좀만 시간 지나 보세요. 세상에 둘도 없는 원수가 될 겁니다.

  12. SHE WANTS HER DAUGHTER TO BE THE PERSON SHE ONCE WISHED TO BE. her mom is too much. when i was in her age, i was outside playing with my friends and i dont even think about my grades. in that age, i think she should just enjoy her childhood and that should what her mom understand. Its not bad to take lessons but man this kid is 11 years old. she should be sleeping at 9pm or even earlier than that.

  13. My mom also did that to me since i was 4 untill 14, at that time i start complaining about what my mom who always forced me to do many course. At that time i did 3 until 4 courses a day, but now I'm 18 and I'm starting to realize the good things about everything my mom did when I was little
    So, i think it's not a concern for me.

  14. I know someone like that, his child is now stressed. they said her son could recover if his mother wanted to change (the child was not a tool for the revenge of the parents) I thank my parents not like that

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