Do You Know If Your Memories Are Real?

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. You’re currently living in a world where
people document their lives in more unique ways than ever before. You can post a picture to social media, upload
a vlog to YouTube, or go old-school and make a scrapbook. And what’s great about these things is that
it gives you countless ways to look back at different life events and recall certain memories,
like that time you got married or that time your dog WOULDN’T STOP rolling around in
the mud. And there are lots of other ways to trigger
certain memories, too, like smelling a certain scent or hearing a certain sound. But what’s actually happening in the brain
when one of these memories is triggered? And are those memories always correct? We’ve all been there — you’re in your
kitchen and get a whiff of some potato chips and suddenly, you’re taken back to a time
where you were up all night snacking and playing the newest Mass Effect game. Ahhh, goood times! This is an example of an episodic memory — one
where you mentally travel back in time to relive something in the past. Odors are powerful triggers for these, usually
resulting in more vivid and emotional memories compared to those triggered by your other
senses. That’s likely thanks to the layout of your
brain. See, the olfactory bulb, which processes odors,
is connected to two important structures involved in memory and emotion: the hippocampus and
the amygdala. The hippocampus is involved in storing long-term
memories and the amygdala is involved in processing emotions. Just imagine if scientists invented Smell-O-Vision
already — certain shows might be triggering memories left and right! Of course, it’s not just smells that can
be good memory cues — pictures can as well. And interestingly, the memories they bring
back up might not be entirely correct. A study in the early 2000s showed subjects
four photos — three of which were real pictures from their childhood and one was a Photoshopped
photo of the subject and their family taking a hot-air balloon ride. The subjects reviewed all four photos three
times over two weeks and by the end of the study, 50% of the subjects “remembered”
the balloon-ride and described it in great detail. Basically, these images caused these people
to remember something that hadn’t actually happened. Similarly, a 2011 study had people read news
headlines of world events where some of the headlines were true and others were false. And some of the headlines had photos as well. When the people were asked if they remembered
the event, if it had a picture attached, they confidently said they remembered it…even
if it was fake. But don’t get me wrong — pictures obviously
don’t just cause you to remember false events. If you see an undoctored photo, you’re probably
going to remember the event as it happened. In fact, pictures are so good that they can
even help people with dementia. Something called reminiscence therapy is sometimes
used to get people with dementia to talk about past experiences with other people with the
aid of photos, music, stories, and other things to cue certain memories. And there’s even some evidence to suggest
that it can improve their mood and cognition. More research is needed, but every little
bit of improvement is a very, very good thing. So what’s the weirdest thing that’s ever
triggered a memory for you? Let me know in the comments below! Curious why you forget things in the first
place? Lucky enough, there’s a Life Noggin on that! Check it out! Make sure you come back every Monday for a
brand new video. As always, I’m Blocko and this has been
Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

Glenn Chapman


  1. Sometimes I feel that in which moment i am presently present has happened before

  2. When ever im alone and thinking a bad or embarassing memory comes up and reflexively i flinch idk why, but then im restless for awhile after..

  3. Once I was triggered by my memory I was at school and I felt something wierd

  4. Nothing triggered a memory I had a while ago when I was thinking “WE NEVER REMEMBER OUR THOUGHTS!!!!” Thats the only thought I remember XD

  5. This is a really strange and false memory that I had.. I had a “memory” that I was with my parents and we where in this market sort of thing. White tents with tables filled with jewels and food. One had HUUUGE oysters. Perfect white middles with an oval shell. I HAD TO HAVE THEM . I ran up to my mom, asked her for a few dollars. She gave them to me and I bought one oyster. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. I had never new what oysters tasted like, so I guess I Completely made this up in my head! It wasn’t salty at all, it in fact had almost no flavor. But it was soft and smooth and pure .It slid down my throat and I didn’t have to chew at all. I thought that I LOVED oysters for YEARS AND YEARS after that memory, dream, or something else. I told people I LOVED oysters, despite knowing that I Hadn’t “had on in a while.” But when I went to Santa Cruz and had oysters for the “second time” they looked nothing like my dream, and didn’t have the same perfect taste or texture.

  6. The weirdest memory was…me remembering what the hell I was when I was inside my mother…not sure

  7. Remember when you said that if you see something from a real-life event, your probably gonna remember it as it happened? Well, that happens to me a LOT. For example, everytime I look into my diary from 5th grade, it makes me think of those days so ya this does make a lot of sense. Oh, and have you ever notice that even YOU are a lot like ME? HOW do I know that? Well, remember that you can look at anything that brings you memeries. A good life tip. You looked at that printed photo of you and that one guy you suddenly remembered that you took a selfie with the guy. I guess we both have something to bring us memeries.

    WELL WHO'S THE DORK NOW!!! Oh, it's still me.

  8. One time I went to a store that smelled like Louisiana and I thought of my grandma and grandpa in Louisiana and I really wanted to visit them ……but I’m fine

  9. When I hear the song "feel it still" it triggers a memory of me watching the show "adventure time" for NO REASON

  10. For some reason the Sound of an owl reminds me of when I went to Greece 2 or 3 times…
    And staying at my grandfathers house near the beach… I hated those plane rides

  11. Was Blocko married to a toilet? Not a hate comment, but i just noticed.

  12. I smelled some mud and remembered being pushed into mud in kindergarten

  13. My weirdest was the sight of a strawberry making me think about drinking a strawberry milkshake last week. Then I spilled it on myself. Why

  14. Yes I can look at phoyos are go online and see vids

  15. one time I literally in my head made A memory playing Minecraft and then the original fable I grew up with
    then I got grownded then It jumped to when I had a nightmare About my mom turning into a monster and it was so surreal I felt every thing except my death and at first it was creepy till a touched a wall actually felt it it was like real life

  16. I get the memory of my monsoon school days when I smell my Soap… I really hv wondered a lot of times abt that and how does it happen… this vid had my answer…

  17. The weirdest memory was when I was standing in the kitchen eating Ruhbarb with my sister and I remembered the time in class I snuck in a giant case of strawberries.

  18. I heard my family talk about Britain and said I remembered going there and my brother called me out for lying, even though I genuinely "Remembered" it. So I was confused because I could remember most details of it.

  19. I have a weird memory trigger in the sense of smell, that everytime I smell it, I always picture about a certain artist, even though I haven't met this person in real life and thought what would this person smell…help me

  20. *tries to open a rusty doorknob
    *a 'click' sound was heard
    *got distracted by the lights on the ceiling flashing
    *slams myself into the door, thinking it was already opened

    heck i even complained to my family about how the door closed itself and such

  21. When I look at my Nintendo Labo I’m reminded of one of my birthday partys (which had Minecraft paper crafts on the cake)

  22. When I kicked a soccer ball into the wrong goal, I still can't tell if that was a dream or not… But from what my parents say, it was a dream (honestly I'm still not sure) (this video reminded me of that)

  23. Music triggers memories of events I never lived, but I put that down to remembering a past life. It also triggers memories from a time when I was 12 to 14 and used to troll the internet looking for people to annoy, or find incest porn by accident.

  24. walking into my living room makes me remember when I was a kid

  25. The smell of burned wood and tall trees makes reamember when me and my family go to a province for visiting my grandmother.

  26. My weirdest memory happened when I was making a smores at home with a burner and I suddenly remembered dreaming about fucking a hot girl.
    but it's probably happened to all of us… right?

  27. I had this one memory triggered, and it was about a triggered memory.

  28. I was at the store with my mom yesterday and she picked up this rose sented bath scrub and we smelled it and she was like "thats nice" and i was like "OH MY GOD THAT SMELLS EXACTLY LIKE NANAS BATHROON IN HER OLD HOUSE"

  29. Soda and the memory is that my lil bro shaved my dads leg hair in acsident😂 and we Drank soda after that(my brother was three so he doesent remember)

  30. Musical recording, and the stress and emotions of getting kicked out of said musical

  31. I listened to Sweet Creature by Harry Styles. And remembered the time when I graduated from College.


  33. A candle reminded me of something that I have completely forgotten about

  34. The memory I remember the best are 3D what is happening

  35. Once I was in a candle shop with a friend and I found this one great smelling candle that remined me of the time I ate my sisters jello flavored chap stick. I bought the candle, mainly becouse I love anything that reminds me of my sister(don't worry she isn't dead)

  36. what about creating memories that aren’t real as a coping mechanism for past experiences that cause stress and depression, but making your own memories from long ago makes you happier

  37. One time I woke up think I had a the latest shoes and searched everywhere for it and messed everything after an hour or so I realized it was a long realistic dream

  38. I dont know why but i just regret things i did(n't do), small things but for long time. When i smell something, or hear, i dont know what, i just feel the same regret, even thought i dont know what the smell (sound) was

  39. When i am thinking about something, and somebody interupts me and i try to remember what i was thinking i feel like picture of what i was thinking flashes in front of me, actualy like there are more pictures and one is right but they are moving fast and i cant spot them

  40. when I look at my toilet I remember my sleeping mask(I was in the toilet in the middle of the night and sleeping mask was on my head)fell into the toilet.

  41. I don't really need a smell I only go back in time and remember from a third person view. For example: I was sitting and crying and the view I was in was coming from a dark area by my dresser and seeing that freaked me out

  42. The weirdest memory i have is when i smell germ-x i automatically think of how every day in first grade our teacher put hand sanitizer on our hand and gave us apple cinnamon granola bars. Weird. What imagine in that memory is the teacher pumping hand sanitizer on us and opening a box of the apple cinnamon granola bars, then i eat the granola bar, and BAM the memory is over.

  43. I was lying in bed one time, and triggered the memory of getting my cat.

  44. I haven't been, well said 'triggered' before. I've only had dreams and told them to my family, then they would say we never went there. Am I crazy?

  45. For me the false memories are mostly sexual because I got sexual harassed and I got paranoid and I couldn't stop thinking about it but I have an overactive imagination so I started thinking about stuff that weren't real like for instance I thought some boy tried to touch me good thing my friend was there so I asked her if he did she said no he never tried to do anything to you im over it know because if something like that I would of remember

  46. Not really a trigger but one tims I had a dream it felt so real than when I woke up really confused and then I got sad when I realized it was a dream

  47. For some reason, whenever I do something, (it’s doesn’t happen all the time though) I feel like I’ve done it before, I feel like I’ve done the EXACT SAME thing before!

  48. smell o vision
    displayed on your tv and what smells inside in real life what you smell
    example there is a cooking show
    smell it it looks real

  49. okay so there is this sweet smell that my kindergarten class used to smell like and I loved it, and everytime I get even the tiniest whiff of that smell I just get so happy, also I was drawing with a crayon and it made that screeching noise in kinder, and now when I hear that noise I think back there, I guess I really liked kindergarten

  50. So, if I smell something and I go back in time, will I be able to change the future?

  51. In a dream I saw myself feeding a seagull, the next day I did exactly that. Why does this happen?

  52. Lmao why is it that when I tell myself to do something then forget about it later on, I always mistaken doing it even though I didn't?

  53. There are some things I remember like my flavord decade of music and tv shows and other stuff.

  54. You know which memory you won’t forget

    um… I dunno

  55. I was 2 months old and my mum came in the room an picked me up and sed wat a butiful baby I sed I'm not a baby I'm 11years old she sed shhhh baby I know I know then she put a dummy/pasafier in my mouth I sed stop she sed is someone grumpy then she putt me back in my cott and then it went dark and I woke up in hospital and thay putt gas in my mouth and sed breath so I did and it went dark agen and I was still in my dream mum came in my room and sed awwww your so cute with your cat tedy I sed wat mittens she sed yeah then it went dark agen and I woke up in hospital and the doctors sead i forgot everything I yelled wat my mum camover and said shhhhh Mama's hear I sed wat she sed shhhh baby I'm here now so it went dark agen I actually woke up and I was 11agen I was ciring wen it was a nother dream she ran in to my room and I sed celebrate with me she see baby come hear I so ok? she sed haray you can walk I sed waaaaaaaaaaat she sed come to hear agen but she was videoing it this time then it went dark agen and I really woke up my mum sed it was time for school after school and asked hear about my dream everything was treew but me talking part so I had a flash back in my dream so I've been thinking i should probably think some more about it so I can seaher more about of my child hude!

  56. So im back and this is what happened to me I was at woodlands and I was crying because I was hungry so my mum asked my dad if she could borrow some money for me to get something to eat but my dad's mum sed don't give her any thing but my dad did not listen to her and he gave my mum some money for me to get something to eat for me and I went on my first water slide I gotta admit I needed a new nappy/Dipper but it was fun and now I'm 11 not 1 I can actually go on water slides without warning a nappy/Dipper lol.There's this over one where I peed my self on Halloween it was my first time walk out we're it's not my house and I got trickd allot I fanted so my mum toke me home and canged me and put me in my cott and I woke up by my family going awwwwwww cute(i was Goosed out wen I remembered this)so my mum came in the room and sed had a nice seep lazy bones I just could speak so I sed yeah mama and one more I had a nightmare and I wett the cott liked soaked it I cried because I could not speak so I want of on one I cried and cried until my mum came in the room and she obviously cleaned me up and let me sleep in her bed with my dad and she posted it to Facebook no one liked me and my dad were seeping to gether so that's it I'm gonna think some more and i will be back with more see ya later byeeeeeee

  57. The people with the greatest memories are those with Amnesia. Let me explain this paradox. When we REMEMBER a memory we RE-CREATE it inside our brain. The more we REMEMBER or RE-CREATE the memory, it gets altered each time. As soon as the moment passes, we can alter our memory. Memories that have not been remembered are the most concrete and correct.

  58. OMG ITS TRUE first of all i told someone about something now there mad I HATE IT

  59. once, i had a dream, of a waterpark where you would use waterslides to get in after you have taken a shower! and when i woke up i thought it was real, asked my dad if we could go there again and he said "what?" and i described the place ande he said "maybe it was a dream?" and i said "ooooooooooooohhhhhh"! how does a dream get in your memories in a way that you remember it as an actuall memory?

  60. I can’t eat egg sandwiches now because of a medical test, called a Gastric Emptying Scan, I had about two years ago. For the test they put radioactive eggs inside a sandwich with jelly (Mine was a strawberry jelly and radioactive egg sandwhich… ewwww 🤢
    I had to eat as much of the sandwich as I could but it tasted absolutely horrible and at the time I was very sick.
    So every time I have an egg sandwich now I think of that Scana and it’s not pretty!

  61. My friend smells like lavender so whenever I smell lavender I’m reminded of him

  62. How come when we feel/see/smell things, we sometimes know it, but can't seem to remember it

  63. Whenever I smell Fried Chicken i get a headache and PTSD and I really just hate it

  64. My memory is, like it was 5 5 5years ago I Saw a ghost at my couridoor

  65. there was those times back in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 when I was little in Tokyo when I used to stay up all night in college playing the project Gotham racing 3 game, the GTA V game, The super monkey ball deluxe game, The FIFA 06: road to FIFA World Cup game, 2006 FIFA World Cup game, Portal 1 Game, the Brunswick Pro Bowling game, the Naruto: The Broken Bond game, GTA IV game, the Minecraft game, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 game & the Kinect Fun Labs game. Oh I miss Japan

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