Disc Bulge Recovery (HEALING A HERNIATED DISC) – Melbourne Myotherapist

Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist
here to talk to you about disc bulges and how to recover from them a disc
bulge also termed slipped disc or disc herniation or similar is an injury to
one of the fluid-filled sacs that sits between each and every one of your
vertebrae the most common place to injure a disc is in the lower back now
associated with this injury is a tremendous amount of pain because the
muscles around it go into lock down in this protective type spasm which can
also refer pain into the buttocks now if you’ve recently injured a disc
it’s important to understand the recovery process we’ll take a disc bulge
in the lower back as an example when most people see a scan of their spine
there’s all manner of degeneration that appears a disc bulge is scary to see but
it’s important to know that it’s not forever you see the portion of the disc
that’s protruded from its natural position will gradually dehydrate and
stop compressing any nerves and therefore stop any sort of irritation in
the area this process can take a number of months but if a proper treatment
protocol is put into place then the symptoms should subside well before the
disc has finished healing another crucial factor in recovery is that whenever
there’s been a trauma to the lower back the multifidus muscles which act to
stabilize the spine actually just switch off unless you’re doing the right
exercises in order to fire these up again switch them back on other muscles
in the area are going to take over their job they will fatigue and cause pain and
stiffness this phenomenon is actually what’s responsible for the ongoing pain
following a disc bulge even after the tissues have healed now if you’ve
recently injured a disc in your lower back
there are four phases to recover that you need to know about you may be
completely debilitated and unable to break the spasm in your back but this is
no indication of the amount of actual tissue damage that’s taken place you
might want to see your doctor who’s likely to prescribe relaxant medication
but essentially time is your best friend in this phase and the most important
thing to realize is that this is a very temporary situation and you’ll be back
on your feet soon this can last one to two days or in severe cases up to a week once the spasm is broken and you’re able
to get up and about again movement becomes your friend all that stiffness
that’s been built up from being mostly immobile for a few days can be gradually
worked on through gentle mobility exercises and simply walking be aware
that there are a lot of movements that absolutely should not be performed
during this phase depending on the direction of the disc bulge in most
cases forward bending is massively contraindicated so listen to your body
and speak to your practitioner before embarking on anything too extravagant
this phase usually lasts a couple of days to a week here’s where you begin to
challenge the body a bit more through formal exercises designed to stabilize
and mobilize the lower back now the exercises you’ll need will depend on
your specific condition but for some safe and general starter exercises have
a look at my lower back video which I’ll link in the description below now the
exercises executed in this phase should be enough to bring you back to a
functional state but are generally not enough to completely rehabilitate you
back if rehab is left at this point you’re more likely to injure yourself
down the line and also be left with just ongoing niggles and stiffness in this phase you learn to properly
brace your core and integrate movements into the entire body the movements that
were initially contraindicated such as forward bending become integrated into
your exercise regime and load is gradually applied to the weak part of
the body at this stage your multifidus muscles will be well and truly switched
on and you’ll be getting stronger and more and more confident contact sports
can be returned to once your therapist is happy with your ability to brace and
take impact and is no longer worried about re-injury so if you’ve been
diagnosed with the disc boat there’s hope yet normally complete recovery is
just a matter of getting the right treatment and following the right
rehabilitation protocol hit me up via my website if you’re in Melbourne I’m happy
to answer questions in the comments below subscribe for more great tips
thanks for watching

Glenn Chapman


  1. I’ve had sciatica pain for 10+ years. 3 years ago I had it really bad and couldn’t walk , quit my job and was on disability for 6 months. I’ve been at a new job and been feeling ok just some mild pain in my left leg, I started driving my car which is a stick shift , and 3 months into daily commuting my sciatica hit really bad again. I got an mri and it is herniation of l5s1. My left leg is numb and i collapse in pain after standing or walking for 1 min!! I have no doubt driving the stick shift is a major contributor and planning on getting an automatic car. I have a neuro consult this Monday and hope they can just go in and yank that piece of disc out, it has been haunting me almost 12 my life!!

  2. How do you know when you're ready to go into Please 4? Sadly, I received bad advice from my (former) Doctor who misdiagnosed me and sent me to physical therapy where they had me stretch forward, round and contort the spine and do lots of twists. I went at it with determination. It made life unbearable. Now that I've had an MRI and know my actual condition, I realize I set my recovery back four months! In only a couple of weeks of PROPER arching (backwards), core stengthening, mild yoga and hanging stretches, my pain has subsided 90%. If only I'd done that 4 months ago! But when can I be ready for Phase 4? There's still that 10% bugging me.

  3. Sir where do you practice. Do you know a good therapist like you in northern Virginia

  4. It took me 4 days to recover . Contact me if you want to know how. And you don't need no fucken Dr.

  5. I did the L5S1 over a decade ago…some pain then but nothing since due to Pilates…I recently was doing Pilates as usual and a couple of hours later had lower back stiffness and pain (not down the leg though)…I guess I overstretched and did some muscles that are now grabbing….but hope I didnt re-do the disc or make it worse πŸ™

  6. Hello Mr. DON I had slip disc in 2012 MRI in 2013 shows L3,L4,L5 bulged. Now recently i injured my back by lifting I'm a mechanic the pain is same as of 2012 left lower back going into my left leg back I'm waiting on xray report.im going to physio therapy what do you suggest I want get back working please guide me.

  7. i have a C5-C6 Disc Bulge at my cervical. Are there any healing exercises for this issue.

  8. i got it for 3 years i went to hospitals and they couldn't help me until i went to another country to let it looked at there by students and know actually what the problem is. fuck the netherlands they don't know shit and say they're good in their hospitals

  9. I faced an accident in 10 months before… doctors said no major problem…but some times still I have little pain in Spain and legs.. please advise me

  10. I got a question if u have lower back pain can u at least do air squats? As in squats a few squats at home with no weights? Does anybody know? Let me know thank u

  11. Sir I also had a herniated disc L4-L5 but it was so severe no changes for 3 months I just gone through a surgery ,my disc was operated out .. back to painless life and it's been 2 months after surgery …I had the pain in the right leg before the surgery and I got total relief from burning sensation and numness..but now , it's been two days I am feeling the same sensation before the surgery ….but I can sit… actually iam not comfortable with my left leg…can you plz suggest any theraputical method to get rid of this

  12. I hurt my back doing situps and those twisting moves with a medicine ball all while laying back on a decline bench. It's the kind where you hook your feet and lay back with your head down lower than the rest of your body. I have since learned that I was doing them incorrectly. After 3 weeks I don't have any more pain. I can still tell that I did something to it though. My question is, did I hurt my back, i.e. get a bulge, on the anterior or posterior side? Also, am I safe doing those rehab exercises where you lay on your stomach and do like a pushup arching your back so that your head ends up high while your waste is near the ground? Thanks for any advice on how to get a healthy back again.


    Take this from someone who had two herniated disks and at a point was bed bound for months. This shit only makes it worse. What you should do is rehabilitation training and make sure your as physically active as possible. Get as much blood flow through the injured area which will help make the herniated disk heal. I highly recommend training in a pool.

    This might take a while and it took me over a year to get well again.
    I wish everyone who has this issue the best, I know exactly how much of a hell it can be.

  14. my l4 l5 disc has problem. I feel pain in left leg. when walk then I feel pain left side of thigh. plz suggest me

  15. Thank you for the video. It gives me much hope and encouragement. My condition: I have been suffering from L4-L5 disc bulge since a year. I had been doing physiotherapy exercises and since 2 months ago I've been seeing a chiropractor too which has helped quite significantly.

  16. Its been 6 month with a 7 millimeter bulge i am done with therapy and acupuncture i recently started working out my abs i fee like the pain got worse working out my abs was not anything to hard on my back but i fell it more than i did the previous month i am worrried

  17. Sir I am from India it's been one month I am having radiating pain in my right leg..I have consulted doc and has done mri also..it shows lumbarization of s1 vertebrae , central protrusion of l1 and l2 iv dis with no neural compression, broad base protrusion of l5/s1 trasvering s1 nerve roots. I was not having any pain on my back and I could walk normal without pain..but when I try to lift my right leg shooting pain arises..after consulting doc he adviced me to go to physio and do some therapy where they were putting some current ultrasonic massage and hot water treatment..after that I am getting inflammation type of feeling on my back and discomfort while sleeping..so I stop going to physio..can u suggest me some exercise to recover from disc herniation..and how long will it take to recover..can i do exercise when I have little pain in my thigh

  18. your Disk are alive and need blood flow , if you stop moving it can't regenerate, it may take time at least 3-4 months but it will get better , no surgery, no pain pills , just movement first ,then
    exercise when you get better, and then strenght training later down the line to prevent it happening agian

  19. I have been suffering from Disc Bulge in L4-S5 vertebra and that is causing immense pain in my right buttocks. I have been on bed rest for almost 2 weeks now, and suffering from this pain with pain only getting worse for over 2 months but nothing is helping out. I have seen 6 physiotherapis and two orthopedic surgesons.

    Here is my history: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DfP10n5fYrlhcjDfV58FQM9PSCH_-AciAEgoLxOoT8s/edit?usp=sharing

    doc is advising surgery and I don't want to go for it.

  20. I feel like I just got a lesson on disc injuries from the lead chef at a restaurant

  21. I m upset. I want solution.I have major disc prolapse at l5 and s1 level. N I don't want surgery.

  22. Sleeping at night is difficult for me because of my low back pain. I like to sleep on my side and this was throwing my hips out of alignment. This back pain guidebook, http://bit.ly/2zx8CW2 that I have lately found has made amazing things to my case. Because of this guide, completely gone are the sleepless nights due to my back pain..

  23. in this video i have got all my answers of disc budge that i was looking for 2 years. i was always worried that i would never be able to join gym again and strength training. im on third stage of this video. can you plz tell how much time does it take to third stage to 4th one in which can play sports and strength training. as i dont have pain yet, only on prolong sitting or standing. im doing regularly light exercises and walking. when can i be able to start gym ?

  24. Seriously 1 week in severe cases ?? I guess u should learn what your talking about

  25. Thankuu sir do you have any contact number?
    I have disk herniation from last 1year

  26. Please be less stiff and relax your shoulders.It's hard to watch πŸ™‚

  27. What if I have a minor bulging disc that is not herniated nor that much bulged that I only sometimes have pain. For example when I am walking. Then the bulged disc will take longer to get dehydrated therefore I will have the pain, whenever it occurs, for example when walking, longer. What should I do then?

  28. Helo doctor, informative video!! Last month I gone full movement in leg press and eventually I got lower back pain.i stopped gym since 60 days . initially I consulted doctor and took x-ray.he cleared that there is no disc bulge.But since two months I am not releived from pain. As I am allergic to nsaid painkillers won't suit. I stopped consuming paracetomal kind of tablets prescribed by doctor in ten days. What should I do to get rid of pain???? Need your help Help

  29. My doctor always says that it can never heal 100%…is that true ?

  30. Who can give me 1 million srilanka rupees. (1 months salary in Australia.) I help him or her to heal this disc bulges.

  31. My doc told me that it's a permanent situation and rarely gets healed.

  32. Sir I have a disblance of L5 S1 what should I do sir…. plzzzz feedback me sir

  33. You said it last up to 1 week, i am almost 2 months and still not getting better…….Im a at my Boiling Point……..

  34. You gave me hope… I was so depressed… thank you sir…

  35. Doctors in Japan told me that in practice there's no technology to restore a disc. You can only prevent further degradation

  36. Genius and thank you! I completed physical therapy but without this information. Your lecture would have helped but at I've got it now

  37. Very nice guy. Didn't learn anything useful. Athlean-X bulging disc has been the best video I have found yet. Extremely specific about exercises and what not to do. They worked!!!!!

  38. Am suffering from L4,L5,S1 problem from 6year. This excercise will cure my pain

  39. I got hurt two weeks ago and now going on my third week. Does that mean I have a more severe case? I just went to a chiropractor and paid out of my pocket and after that I felt worst. Not going back till I get a primary doctor and he sees what I need. Meanwhile i can't do anything not even work and definitely not training. So any suggestions on my case?

  40. Very good illustration, but your hand gesticulation looks like you are a tai chi masterπŸ˜€, am feeling much better following the process.

  41. I’m 20 been out of mma for 6 months I have a herniated disc not bulging disc this gave me some hope.

  42. Hi thank you so much, please what is the exercise for annular tear /i have annular tear between L4 and L5

  43. Thanks for video. You gave me confidence. God bless u. Regards from India.

  44. Hi sir my name is sateesh. I am 19 years old. Graduate studying. I workout most of the time.I had pain in the back one morning. Near the left side of the neck.Numbness all over the body, weekness in hands and legs.coldness of under the foot,etc.we went to hospital and consult neurosurgeon doctor.He looked mri test and said this condition is cervical transverse myelitis.we have done mri, blood,and csf tests.Doctor give steriods and antibiotics for 1 week.He was later discharged from hospital with prescribed medicine.now that's my situation is my legs are fine walking but hands are not working properly, tightness of abdominal,
    shaking of hands,muscle weekness,my hand fingers are not working properly,at least not writting my fingers etc..iam visit serveral doctors and using medicine. But my problem is not cure.my parents depends on me.sir please Help me

  45. To all the ney sayers….the info was rest…don't move in ways that hurt…don't stretch forward…walking is great for blood flow and muscles….do the physio…. …..do the physio even after the pain is gone.
    I like bob and brad the 2 most famous physical therapists on the internet.

  46. For 2 years i have got L5 ,S1 . I kan walk now but i stil have a lot of pain in my back en leg . The doctor want to operate me. I dont want. If i am going to do more exercise am i going to be ok ?

  47. It's been 6 month I have L5S1 bulging. K started doing these exercises 1 month ago. Pain not worse I could say during the work time it's actually not hurt that much but after the job when I arrive the home … God damn pain starts… I can't sleep without pain killers+muscle relax pills and when their affect pass I wake up its fucking sucks.. I don't want to have an operation… I hope it get better..( btw I was 110 kg // now 104 doctor said I have also lomber back flattening by the help of losing wait I hope I get better I just turned 23 )

  48. I wonder if it ever recovers completely? I had an injury in 2012, and it always comes back…

  49. Sir i am having physiotherapy since last month, but haven't recovered to full, what should i do now. I am having problems of disc herniation, can u help me in that. M from Pakistan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

  50. I have a herniated disc in my mid spine and a bulging disc next to it. I've been debilitated for a year and a half. I've had two sets of spinal injections and I'm still hurting. Plus meds. What can I do to help myself?

  51. Substantial exercise and maintaining the right posture helped me to overcome about 80% pain of cervical disc protrusion in about 45 days. The plan is to reduce weight, get healthy diet and light exercise to reduce pain further. Absolutely there is hope with discipline.

  52. You have given me some hope but I'm still worried. I injured disc 5 days ago and I HAVE to be at work 9 days or I will not have a job. I haven't even started yet I got hurt on a Wednesday and was supposed to start my new job on Monday. Now I have until the following Monday. I'm receiving spinal decompression which has helped a ton in 4 days but I'm barely at 40-50 percent. Will I be able to work next Monday ,??

  53. Thank you for your video. I have a question can healing last more than a week? I hope you can give me answer

  54. its been 6 months since I herniated a disc tying my boot lace, and the pain has mostly subsided but still there. mobility is still touch n go depending on the movement in question. FRUSTRATING!!😠

  55. Great video.
    Could you also tell us, how much time does each phase take generally? How to know when you can move from one phase to next, specially from phase 3 to 4?

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