Did the Damaged Split Nail Heal??? FOOT HEALTH MONTH 2018 #19

(music) What’s up my toes? Before we get into the video, I just want to do a friendly little Toe Bro reminder about the seminar I will be hosting June 9th in Toronto, Canada. I’m really looking forward to offering you guys as much advice as possible. If you guys are looking to improve your service, to improve your foot health knowledge, to improve your overall client experience, please think about joining me. You can sign up for this online at www.thetoebro.com You guys enjoy the video. Check out the conference seminar, if you’re able to make it. Toe Bro, out. TB: Okay. So let’s get this to focus. So it’s been what, a month and a half? P: Yeah, probably around there. TB: So again, everything is dried up. The scab will continue to fall off. In the very very corner, you can see it’s fully closed. There’s no hole, there’s no opening, no more nail spike, and as the new nail comes in, it’ll be fully attached. Like I said pink and that’s gonna be the width of your nail. P: Okay. TB: So it’s not too bad and again with time, it’ll be a fresher new nail, not this lifted part from the procedure. So it’s gonna look really smooth, but you had no more opening. So no more nails place. So no more fun playing with that that piece! Well looks good. No pain? P: No. TB: Awesome TB: Yeah, sure, we’ll take a look at both, for reference. So this let’s look at your first one, so I’m just recording right now. So this was Your other toe. We haven’t done any procedure on this one. P: Yeah, that one is normal. TB: But uh you’re doing a good job keeping the corner P: I’m keeping it filed and stuff so it doesn’t have the same problem. TB: Perfect. So the biggest thing is you’re leaving the edge of the nail just at the edge of the skin not going further back. It’s a little bit longer, but at least no more ingrown toenails. No pain. This was the one that you’re having issues with. P: Yep. TB: So as we can see the one side stops short and that’s the side that we did the surgery. The nail is nice and straight. There’s no more – no more curved portion versus this side. So here we can still see the nail is curved. It’s going into the skin but again, you’re keeping that edge right there. So was the big thing everyone wants to know how about was the needle? P: The first one hurts like a little tiny bit and then after that it’s numb and you can’t feel the second one. TB: And you didn’t feel any pain during the procedure? P: None at all. TB: No. And then how sore was it after the freezing wore off? P: After the freezing wore off, it was fine. Really. TB: Yeah, and how long has it been now since we did this one? P: Oh it’s been a couple of months now, I think. It’s been a little while. TB: Yeah, it could be almost a year now and yeah, it’s all healed up. P: You can kind of see it at the end like the nail… TB: Yeah, you’re right. P: After we finished the procedure and once the nail started going in, it looked a little weird along the edge like it was a little rough. TB: Yes. P: But after a little while once it’s fully grown out and all the pieces that were a little rough at the edge were filed off and kind of just and cut off, it looks normal now. TB: Yes, you’re right because that’s exactly the line, right? P: Yeah. TB: So you’re looking around eight months. P: Something like that. TB: So, yes, it always looks weird because I have to separate the nail from the nailbed and it kind of gets lifted but now we have the new nail that comes in, everything is completely closed, and really you can barely tell that you had some procedure done. TB: Awesome! P: Because, yeah, it’s within less than a week, it feels a lot better. It feels fine. TB: And now no more pain? P: No and I haven’t had any issues since either. TB: Okay. Thanks for letting me share. P: No problem.

Glenn Chapman


  1. I watching this, from indonesia. Give me ur thumb 😁.
    I learn a lot from your video. Thanks

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    I always like to see how everything healed.

  7. Nice! When I had my toenails done I was told by everyone that they would look horrible. That was baloney. They look fine. I'm glad you set them straight.

  8. As I say. You are the best at what you do Jo Bro! Hi all my sister is in town for 3 more days. Hope everyone is enjoying Foot Care Month!

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  14. Hey ToeBro, couple of questions:
    Can the split toe nail procedure be done on a finger or thumb nail?? Or alternatively, instead of taking out only the split part of the nail and killng that part of the nail matrix with acid, if the split nail and the natural nail (So the full nail) are removed from the nail bed fully all at the same time, is it possible for it to all grow back out together correctly as one whole nail again with no split?

  15. This video gives so much hope to people with troublesome toes. Also, best of luck for your foot health seminar! I know you'll kill it ❤

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  22. The toe bro I was riding my bike and I fell then my toenail came off until it became this rough blackreddish nail but it doesn't act like a nail cause with one scratch it will bleed

  23. Just had my 2nd ingrown toenail surgery. Had the first one back in 2015 on my right toe but my left toe became ingrown and infected recently. Another $400 on my toe 😩 But at least it’s gone for life. Can’t believe I’ve spent $800 on my 2 big toes ?! 😂😩

  24. Jonathan!!!! You’re coming to Orlando in June and I really want to go. You’ve inspired me to take the path to podiatry. I used to work with my mom as a nail tech and I’m trying to get into university in Miami now for Podiatry. Your videos have been very educational and useful to me thank you for taking time trying to throughly explain everything as well as showing us the healing process of your clients. My favorite videos are the ingrown toenail removals.

  25. Hi Sir! I'm watching all the way from the Philippines. ^^ Been randomly watching your videos. Too bad, you're so far away for I might've let my dad get to have an appointment with you since he have some foot problems too. Anyways, looking forward for more info worthy videos! God bless. 🙂

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  31. I have a black layer after removal procedure should I see a doctor or is it ok plz tell me

  32. Jonathan, here is an idea. Why don't you make a video that just shows the updated healed toes of your patients when they come in for a checkup.

  33. Hi

    I have the same problem with my middle finger nail. It splits vertically right from the middle. It’s getting worse and painful every day. Is the treatment the same?

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