DENR wants biochar to rehabilitate mine sites

less than a kilometer away from Adama field saga mining corporation in agusan del Sol is the Bonifacio elementary school fill saga past the mining audit last year but the DNR inspected the mining site on Tuesday after some residents expressed fear of a dam spill in the community and school query cocasa teaches there he also lives near the dam but he is not afraid of any possible spillage for a number of times he had to let go of his pupils in the middle of a class because concerned parents would show up during heavy rains excuse me kupuna Minamata Baca be bigger young damn secretary Gina Lopez raised this problem with the Phil saga the sagas president says they will build another dam as another layer of protection a third party audit also certified that Phil Sagas dam is resistant to up to a magnitude 7 earthquake assuming this would leave engineered dam would give way it will create a second embankment fill saga and DENR have also agreed to let small-scale miners extract gold in the area and the mining company buying this from them Lopez was also impressed by the way Phil saga maintained the ecosystem in the mining sites engineering here is good and then if it's underground and it doesn't kill everything the DNR also inspected the facilities of Manila Mining Corporation in pseudogout the North Slope has expressed concern over the highly acidic water in the open pits Manila mining used to extract gold but water accumulated in the pits after Manila mining stopped operations in 2001 after failing to renew its environmental compliance certificate or ECC one pit for example has a pH 2.8 acidity level far from the neutral level of pH 7 La Paz fears the acidic water will overflow into the shore and nearby communities when it rains there is every possibility if that water is acidic that it might overflow into the sea and then if it does those fishermen his life the DNR gave Manila mining two months to neutralize the open pits acidity level the DNR also launched its biochar making project in clavier where there are three mines the use of biochar which is made from rice hulls is one of the programs to rehabilitate mine sites it conditions the soil to provide the nutrients needed for vegetation to grow carolyn bond keen abs-cbn News Mindanao you

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  1. Nasira nang kabundukan jan sa baugan 3 dahil ginawa nilang dum yong dum 5 .6 pag yan na wasak lahat nang tao jan sa baugan 3 matatabon dahil mas mataas payan sa bundok na dum na yan ung ilog dati jan wla na patay na dahil sa dum na yn sa bagay pag nang yari yan wlang ibang ssihin jan kundi ang mga datu na anjan dahil hindi yan ma uproban kung hindi suma sang ayon yang mga datu hindi man lang tinatanong ang mga tao kung sumsang ayon ang mga tao dritso lang sila omo oo na wlang pag salisi nang mga tao

  2. It looks like she's doing a great job. I hope she'll keep it up.

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