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absolute abundance family it’s me we’re out here in Sacramento right now today
we’re gonna be going to the brown issues and project rebound civic engagement on
education for the formerly incarcerated and how they can make a difference and
I’ve been invited along with the project rebound director Jason Bell along with a
couple of our colleagues from San Francisco State San Francisco State
project rebound and we’re over here at SAC and we’re gonna be speaking and
giving our input and pretty much a roundtable discussion on civic
engagement and what we could do to better the community as far as us being
formally incarcerated and making a positive change in positive action
toward being more progressive in the society and for us to be more active and
me be more participant in society as well also with the public sector and
also really just collabing with these different groups Brown issues and also
project rebound Sac State so I’m really looking forward to this I think this is
gonna be a really great opportunity today’s meeting and roundtable
discussion or conference is pretty much geared more to the Hispanic population
here Sacramento State and Francisco State but also Hispanic population
that’s formerly incarcerated or just wants to be more involved the
rehabilitation also for us to go and participate in college in advance and
pursue a higher education I’m really looking forward to just going off of
each other’s information going off of each other’s knowledge in game and
really just you know just try to better myself try to network and also pretty
much establish some relationships so we continue our work once again this is for
a positive direction I am a mexican-american myself and I just want
to continue to strive to do better not only for myself or other Hispanics but
also for other minorities also further formerly incarcerated and these things
right here are pretty much a great way to do so I do this pretty much as much
as I can depending on my schedule my school schedule my
my family schedule and you know I think this is a great way for you absolute
abundance family to kind of take a kind of quicker look into what we got going
on with the absolute abundance family but also to pretty much my work pretty
much kind of like my passion of what I want to be doing with the rest of my
life right now I’m English literature major at SF State I’m pre-law I want to
go into law school right after so pretty much these type of things is what I want
to be doing in order to network in order to make these connections make my
footprint in the advancement of my journey along with possibly other people
now ground issues is not just college base you have high school and middle
school and they work with the juvenile system just so we can actually progress
as being positive members of society and also to just to get us out of the
streets and just get us in an educational system and make sure we stay
stand firm behind it and progress if we don’t you know we always advance we
don’t retract and really just see it through we really need to see through as
far as education make our lives better make lies for it formerly incarcerated
students or the formerly incarcerated make sure that we have everything coming
to us as far as our civil liberties or civil rights and also what we’re
entitled to as Americans and the pursuit of happiness the Liberty so it’s like
the American dream let’s wake up let’s make it happen it’s like you can’t be
excluding black and brown so let’s try to you know let’s make some positive
change let’s make some positive steps forward and just give you a little
background information about myself and how I pretty much came in this type of
position pretty much does fortunate enough to be in these set of
circumstances from a negative set of circumstances I was incarcerated back in
2011 I was fighting my case in the county proving my innocence for about
four years eight months and I did the rest of my time in prison which was a
total of six years I was wrongfully accused me and my co-defendant were
wrongfully accused of a violent crime we fought very hard in the county to prove
our innocence I ended up getting a six-year deal unfortunately my
co-defendant again in life but he’s fitting bounced back on an appeal on his
life just because justice wasn’t served as he was charged with murder when he
was actually defending his life and that’s going to be a whole other spiel
and could go on for quite a long time as far
as the details of what actually happened fortunately I was given another chance
back out here on the streets and I want to use pretty much my self education in
the law to pursue law out here I want to make these issues and I want to make
these you know pretty much crimes against minorities black and brown why
poor middle class you know they are victims of the system when they go
inside the system because they are automatically assumed that they are
guilty and not innocent until proven guilty but it’s more so guilty until
proven innocent so they’re pretty much lost in the system not lost but pretty
much they’re put into a system which is a vicious cycle and it’s really hard to
pretty much remain out of the system or to get out of the system because the
systems built that way so that’s pretty much a little bit on my background so I
have a lot of background whether it’s you know within the penal system trying
to make my way out of it I was facing a life sentence and you know I was
fortunate enough you know not to meet that fate and getting that six years and
you know while I was in there I pretty much accepted that I was gonna get a
life sentence so just being here where I am today is just kind of surreal and you
know I while I was in there I’d be like whoa if I had a second chance to life I
would do this if I had a second chance to life I would do this this way in that
way you know I’d go to college here or I’d want to do this I’d want to do this
as far as getting a good degree and maybe going to a masters or go to law
school and you know I was kind of giving my selves just you know pretty much
fantasizing on plant abcdefg until I got out and you know what being proactive in
my case studying and self educating myself in the law working hand-in-hand
with my attorney I was able to secure a six-year deal and I was able to secure
that second chance for me to get out and you know what and it’s not just doing
positive for me since I’m out doing positive for other people especially the
formerly incarcerated especially at-risk youth make sure that they’re on the
right track make sure that they can learn from me learn from my mistakes and
really just get gamed up and really just you know me pass down my wisdom and
knowledge for them just so they can have a better opportunity for themselves and
make the right choices on pretty much an advancing positive path
instead of a path or dab in a direction to where you know it could lead them to
be incarcerated it could lead them to get a life sentence or it may lead them
to be you know unfortunately taken off the street at a early age losing their
life so that’s why I’m here that’s why I’m out not incarcerated no more and
that’s why I’m on an advanced track I’m on an advanced path with a amazing set
of people I have an amazing family that I’m blessed with and to think that if I
was to get a life sentence I wouldn’t have DOS I wouldn’t have my family I
wouldn’t be working with these people I wouldn’t be working to create equal
justice and positive change for this society this but it does who visit racing done –
we keep coming back there that’s a train it goes by and so we are out in the yard
which you know from reception I would see the train go by and I would
completely take my mom all right through you you know what Andrew that it’s
important that that you say he was able to to bring his employees from the
inside to the outside to the public in and express what he saw on the inside he
come from so long they try to keep all this CC they would do all this stuff in
private and a lot of this stuff from that ethical we talked about ethics in
fact to do that they was not supposed to be the what they were doing voice it
became that vehicle in their voice to do that are you begging the seventies in
the era where all that stuff like that editor that tough on crime and we’ve
have a crime starting the evidence the dad could be that voice and the time
work that voice with not offer I think that going about the level of that to go
to I love it country senior and so when he goes in
he was carrying some of his popularity there and saying no there’s still human
beings at the end of the day I’m going to perform for them what other artists
whose work is less known was Richard Pryor from those Richard Pryor huh this
is a comedian if you like Chris Rock Kevin Hart Charlo says they aren’t from
Winter Park in Prichard and he was performing and I believe Alabama and
Adam walked out he saw one side white dates and he saw on another side black
inmates and he goes to the correction officer he goes oh I don’t perform in
front of segregated crowd and they said oh well this ain’t right this ain’t
Broadway this is prison this is how it goes and he goes I don’t perform in
front of segregated crowd they said well go out there and tell them that you
can’t give their performance to them because they’ve been waiting for you in
the city and I’ve always as an artist so why very much want to share my comedy
with you I got to stick to my principles and as he’s walking off the stage all
the inmates start switching seats okay now I feel perform and he starts
breaking you down right some of you guys got the schools not prison shirts one of
the requests of Ty dollar signs was all performers from the farm in Sacramento
said but give me attention I don’t want to see my brother
you guys seen comm unit J Cole so there’s always this connection between
culture artists celebrities and activists and organizers in some of you
that will go on to build relationships might happen to be artists or build
relationships with artists and you’ll know how to use that strategically it
would be unimaginable I think 20 years from now even in a place like Sacramento
one of the diverse most diverse cities to have what is essentially a mural
that’s an activist mural about prison reform right it would also be
unimaginable to have it on a multi-million two billion dollar
corporation the Marriott hotel but that’s how far we’ve come as progressive
that’s how far we’ve come in the present right smooth right so you can only
imagine what will be 10 20 years from now all right so let this be a sign of
how far we come not just the image of you know pop culture celebrity you

Glenn Chapman


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