Defending The Rise Of Skywalker | Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker Review (Spoiler Free)

Hello and welcome to our spoiler free review
of Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise Of Skywalker. 9 films, 42 years and 100 mega tonnes of hype,
and just like that the Skywalker Saga is over. Yes, with the release of Star Wars: The Rise
Of Skywalker, we finally have the definitive end to arguably the biggest cinematic story
in history. At the start of this final chapter, we find
Rey, Finn, Poe & the rest of the Resistance fighters hiding from the growing might of
Kylo Ren’s First Order. And with ol’ Emperor Palpetine now back on the scene, the goodies
discover one final chance to save the day and the galaxy. It’s fair to say the last few Star Wars
films have had a bit of a slating from the fandom – very unfairly in my opinion – but
regardless there was a lot of pressure on The Rise Of Skywalker to stick the landing.
Will it succeed, or crash out in the first lap like Mawhonic? Obscure prequel references
aside, watch on to find out! Without touching on plot details, I can confirm
that Episode 9 is quintessentially Star Wars. It’s funny, emotional, exciting and fulfilling
in equal measure, and very much keeps to the spirit of the series. It’s peppered with
Easter Eggs, references and fan service moments that might be groan-inducing to some, but
for me felt like a welcome return on the time and passion I’ve invested into this series,
right to the end. And speaking of endings, The Rise Of Skywalker
definitely feels definitive, and in a very satisfying way. A lot of the mysteries and
loose ends that remained are wrapped up in a way that provides closure, but still leaves
the door ajar to explore these characters and themes in extended universe pieces, or
indeed future movie should they ever want to revisit them. But what makes this film so enjoyable for
both hardcore fans and casuals alike is its unrelenting, breakneck pace. Whereas The Last
Jedi is sometimes described as a chase film where the chase happens at 2mph, The Rise
Of Skywalker jumps from planet to planet and character to character with such velocity
that it’s impossible to be bored. It also means that any flaws the film has are quickly
forgotten before you have time to dwell on them. And alas, there are flaws. While most loose
ends are tied up nicely, there are some glaring plot holes, nothing too egregious but enough
to leave you scratching your head leaving the cinema. These could all be easily explained
in future stories, but it did feel like some things are pulled out of thin air for the
sake of plot convenience. I’ve you’ve watched it already I’m sure you too are
thinking of one particular moment. But as I said, none of these spoil the experience,
and I’m willing to give Disney and JJ Abrams the benefit of the doubt that these moments
will be expanded upon in future. But the one thing that did disappoint me about
The Rise Of Skywalker is that is completely overlooks some of the coolest moments of The
Last Jedi. Whereas the latter touched on themes like the ambiguity of morality, this is very
much a more traditional good versus evil story. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially
at the end of the trilogy, but still a shame nonetheless. To wrap up, it’s worth re-emphasising that
I loved this film, but as a Star Wars film it was designed for me. The fan service is
gloriously tacky but I loved every second. It won’t be for everyone, and it was always
going to be impossible to end the Skywalker saga in a way that pleases everyone. It’s fair to say the series has become a
bit of a burden, but now I’m excited to see what corners of the Star Wars universe
are explored next. The Mandalorian has already proved there are plenty of amazing stories
to tell away from the galaxy’s most disruptive family. But what did you think of The Rise Of Skywalker?
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Glenn Chapman


  1. As a big Star Wars fan of old, I enjoyed this final movie! It felt much more Star Wars than did TLJ, which had too many distractions. This movie was more about why and how… and of course wow, so it was just much more fun. Star Wars needs FUN, and this has it. Thumbs up!

  2. Not going to lie it is my favourite movie in the Skywalker saga since return of the jedi

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