Deep State Predictions 2019: Major Data Dump with DAVID WILCOCK [Part 1]

2019 will reveal so much more. On today’s Edge of Wonder special
guest David Wilcock says get ready. We are being promised a treasure
trove of new information. Do tell David anything we’ve
been waiting for? according to what the briefings have said
the tribunals have now begun. Well then. We are actually
seeing this happen. We swear to tell the truth. There’s very exciting stuff going on.
The whole truth. The scope of these crimes is
horrific. And nothing. This is really really heavy.
But the truth. This year the criminals who run the
deep state will be exposed. this is huge huge information. Do you want to know
who they are? Uh yeah. This is explosive stuff so buckle
your seatbelt here we go. Welcome everybody to another special episode
with our very wonderful guest Mr.David Wilcock who’s on I guess this would
be our fourth episode with David. It’s great having you David. Yeah
thanks so much. We really appreciate
you being here. So we heard that you actually had some special briefings for us
and we’re pretty excited! Well I don’t know if you want to rush right into it without any foreplay but
what the hell let’s just go for it. We don’t have to jump right into it. I’m ready to go David! I’m ready
for some World exclusives! This is there’s very exciting stuff going on. Everybody who is working
in this category that we’ve been working in has
reason for celebration now because it does appear after all this time
that the Alliance has been working on the defeat of the Cabal that we are
actually seeing this happen. According to what the briefings have
said the tribunals have now begun. So this is huge huge
information and it does provide an interesting context to why we are currently at the time of this taping seeing the longest shutdown of the government in American history
allegedly based over this fight for the border
wall but that seemingly is not the main reason for what’s actually happening here yeah it’s very interesting. I mean this is what a lot of people
have been talking about. So like with the shutdown I mean there’s so many people like the whole Q community
and just wondering is this really happening? and then you have these letters that were delivered during the Bush funeral. Right and then today for instance it’s really funny when you
watch kind of what’s happening on the surface you have like Trump and Nancy Pelosi going back and forth and there’s this like banter going on right you kind of look at that and you’re wondering like is this the whole story and like so it’s really interesting to hear from you right now with all of this going on because obviously it’s not the whole story there’s more
going on behind the scenes. Well I told you guys in our previous interview round because we taped all three
of those episodes at once, that we were not getting any briefings at all. I mean it was a very long dry spell. That has changed as of the beginning of the year now one of the things that I think is really important that and you know we’re not
the only ones talking about this is something that many YouTube channels and many bloggers have been writing
about this stuff but you have this 2018 amendment to the
court martial executive order that was passed and everybody talks about this thing because it actually justifies
the use of military tribunals against people who are not
normally military personnel but are in a position to commit
acts of treason against the country and that document does state that the
legal imprimatur for these tribunal s to take place begins as of January 1st 2019. So much like I remember Gulf War one where January 15th was the deadline and as a kid in 1991 we didn’t know exactly what was gonna happen but then
they started bombing Iraq on that very day like down to
the minute 12:01 am. I think is when it started it seems like it’s the
same thing like the actual very day that they were able to start doing
these tribunals legally based on the executive order they passed
that’s when they actually began. You know and what’s interesting is that a very similar situation happened
in China I mean like when Xi JinPing came into power you
know the old leader Jiang Zemin He basically had (it was Hu Jintao)
well Hu Jintao but he was still kind of
acting under proxy. yeah I mean so in other words
when he came into power Xi Jinping realistically he didn’t
have any power the old leader Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao is
just like a pawn really had all his own people and in place so
even though he came into power it was really not much he could do. but slowly,they started to they
were just arresting I think over around over
200,000 officials have now been arrested in China and a lot of them had ties directly to the persecution of Falun Gong
and the underground Christians and whatnot. but on the surface they just used like corruption just a general turn of
corruption or money laundering or whatnot you know and then
we started seeing it happening in Saudi Arabia with all the princes and everything
recently just getting arrested. and this is something Rob and
I have been talking about a lot. it’s like when are we gonna start
seeing it happen over here? and to me this I mean to both of us this
really looks like this is the beginning of it, because they can’t come out and
use you know killing babies, satanic worshipping,
and everything else so it seems like they’re
gonna be using these other aspects of various different
things of like tax evasion whatever they yeah exactly
let’s get into the limelight basically right. so I mean is that what
you think would happen like we’re not really
gonna see these huge big massive horrible
crimes or do you think we’re actually going to start seeing
these massive crimes? I don’t know it’s anybody’s guess
and one of the insider leaks that I wanted to read from directly and I’ll read it off of my computer and
you guys can bring the tweet up. is a couple of tweets that came in from
the legendary hacker Kim Dotcom. Now before I read these to you guys
I want to set this story up a little bit. There’s a really cool movie you can watch about Kim Dotcom that describes how
he was involved in creating mega upload which in the old days there was Napster
and there was LimeWire and this was one of the kind of file-sharing sites
and he found a way to monetize that file-sharing and ended up getting in a lot of trouble
with the big corporate labels for movies and music and so forth so he’s gone
through a lot of persecution he had his house raided but in the process
of having all this if you will, deep state activity coming at him. he got directly in touch with WikiLeaks
so Kim Dotcom is in a position to know some very incendiary stuff
so I first want to read you a tweet that he made that was very controversial
back in February 2018. So let’s start with that one now you
guys can bring that one up here. Stay tuned for more from the edge. He said on February 18, 2018
let me assure you the DNC Democratic National Committee hack wasn’t even a hack
it was an insider with a memory stick I know this because I know
who did it and why. Special counsel Mueller is not
interested in my evidence. my lawyers wrote to him twice
and he never replied. and then he says 360 pounds
where he’s responding a tweet that Trump had made in which he had
said something about a 400 pound blogger. So let’s look at this quote very carefully
what is he saying here? We’re talking about the entire argument that has been used to try to delegitimize
Trump winning the 2016 election yeah. so it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long does it?
no not at all. anyway this Russia hacking thing
this Russia collusion thing that was the substance of the whole
argument it’s the substance of the Mueller investigation all we ever
hear about is this stuff and it’s really frustrating
because as he’s saying in this tweet. This was not Russia. this
was somebody within the DNC who had a memory stick
and who actually copied the files and gave them to him gave them to Kim Dotcom
and Mueller doesn’t want the information. Mueller is supposed to be trying
to get to the bottom of this thing but he doesn’t care
about the real evidence and of course as I’m sure you guys
have covered this story There’s a lot of evidence
that suggests that the person who got that
stick was Seth Rich and he then died under very very suspicious
circumstances to say the least. so we can discuss that but first I want to get
up-to-date with the tweets that Kim Dotcom has just made the first one
on January 5th 2019 because this guy probably more than anybody else on
Earth is in a position to know what WikiLeaks
is gonna do, how they’re gonna do it
when they’re gonna do it and this is explosive stuff so buckle
your seatbelt here we go. all right we are ready. January 5th 2019 Kim Dotcom I smile every day watching the aftermath of preventing Hillary. Deep State exposed.Fake news exposed. Department of Justice and FBI exposed. I am happy that you are more informed than ever. 2019 will reveal so much more. Get ready for the next round of leaks. Monumental stuff.Wow When did he write that again?
January 5th 2019. So this is brand new. That’s public. so look you can’t get a better leak than that you can’t get a better insider than that right now. somebody who’s already proven his bona fides in the public eye we know who this dude is. we know he’s got direct
connections to WikiLeaks it’s even talked about in the movie about
him to some degree. you can’t get a much more credible source
than this and what is he saying? he is saying that 2019 will be monumental and that we will learn much much more. now let’s just hold on a second because
all of the really upsetting stuff that has launched this whole
movement that’s led to incredible censorship on YouTube on
Twitter on Facebook. you know you’re just getting blocked
you can’t even say these terms anymore. you know we’re all kind of like in this fight
or flight or freeze mode you know and right now we’re
kind of in freeze like, wow you can even say this word that starts
with a P and rhymes with hate and just saying the word
they’re scanning for that right audio and in writing
and if you say that word then you could lose your channel
you could lose your page and they’ve been banning pages on Facebook that
have like millions of followers right? and one thing to note is why censor people
for using that word if it’s not real? like people need to think this through right
all the mainstream media are being like oh you’re crazy if you think this
you’re crazy you think this you’re crazy if you think this
then why censor it? there would be no reason to do this. but to kind of answer that from like a
devil’s advocate perspective right it’s because you’re spreading “fake news”. well that’s what they say or it’s
“hate speech” or something.But come on. I mean really yeah I mean it
but it’s okay if you talk about you know killing Trump on YouTube
and you know it’s okay. but as soon as you say pizza
*bleep* it’s like oh that’s bad. well you said it I didn’t
so if this video gets taken down so your fault
it’s on your back now. Don’t worry we have ways
of muting Ben for dropping the word he
wasn’t supposed to. we’re supposed to say donkey
gate or pizza fence that’s what we’ve been
sometimes calling it. well look guys as you know the scope of
these crimes is horrific and I get it. a lot of people it’s much much more fun
to attack the messenger than to accept that the
message might be true. so you kind of have to cut these
people a little bit of slack who are working for these
social media Giants in that they don’t want to believe that this stuff is true
they can’t fathom that this is true, and so in their mind perhaps they feel
that they are helping us by stopping the spread of this upsetting
information that radicalizes people and prevents us from really
understanding the truth but there’s a really big problem
with this which is how can we survive in a society where our Constitution guarantees
us the freedom to assemble the freedom of speech how can we legitimize corporate
giants who are only interested in profit and in furthering their brand and
in gathering all our information and surveilling everything that we do. how can we be okay with them completely
leapfrogging over the rule of law, elected government officials and
to start to decide that they are going to become
our censors that is fascism. that is a corporate controlled
dictatorship. and it’s not appropriate. do you wonder? yeah and I think part of the
problem is too is there on the other side people
are saying see your capitalism isn’t working and therefore we need to have something
like communism because you know because look
what’s happening to our society the companies are
gaining everything and we’re losing and one thing that
we’re really trying to clarify in our videos is that you know these are the
people lobbying in the government these big corporations and
they have their agenda right we covered like the committee of 300 and recently like on Jimmy Church
I heard you talking about various different corporations I mean they’re all
making this money off of the people it’s like on the surface they
look like they’re promoting capitalism but it seems when we start
really digging into this and doing our research their goal
is really to push communism they want people to think that
capitalism isn’t working or the whole plan of the deep state is
to really bring communism in our society I mean that’s what
they’ve been pushing. well and the ironic part of that is
that when you do that it is still the same group of people that
are benefiting at the end of the day because at the end of the day
there’s still someone on that throne that’s making choices with
all of these things and then everyone else is completely leveled out
so you’ve lost your property you’ve lost your personal freedoms
you’re fed you’re clothed you know and if they don’t like you that’s it it’s over pretty much right so it’s
there’s a very bizarre thing going on and to your point before with
these topics it’s like when you start censoring people like they’re
doing right on the surface like you said it looks like oh
they’re protecting us but you nailed it. it’s like we have to have a society
where when someone makes a claim as big as this that
we can talk about it I mean holy heck if this is true
if kids are being treated this way if people are being treated this way
and these social media apparatuses have censored that I mean
who’s going down? I mean really at the end of
this who’s going down I mean that’s like such a
serious thing right? absolutely and so when I’m referring
you guys back to this Kim Dotcom quote let’s be clear that
the entirety of that discussion that has led to all of these videos and all of these blogs and all of these
people speaking out about child trafficking, about human trafficking,
about Satanism okay. those things all were triggered
by a WikiLeaks dated dump of emails that happened
in the immediate weeks before the election actually happened. so Kim Dotcom is sitting on top
of the mountain of existing data they have looked at how the
entire world has responded to this he’s aware of the censorship
he’s aware of the information. he’s aware of what we have learned. so then when he actually says
here 2019 will reveal so much more. deep state exposed. fake news exposed. this is really really heavy. we’re not looking at anything that
you could play off as if it’s not a big deal he is prognosticating
data dumps and information leaks that will dwarf anything that
we’ve seen before which is why he says monumental stuff so
I really want to just underline that and bold that and make it clear that
as we head into this new year we are being promised a treasure
trove of new information. now the scope of that information
apparently includes this idea that tribunals are actually under way that
arrests have already been made that people are already on trial. the Intel includes the fact that
there are apparently several locations in the US where these sealed
indictments are already being unsealed where people are getting picked up
they’re getting brought in they’re being put on trial and they
are receiving their sentences and so we’re hearing inside reports about all
these boats that are going to Guantanamo. we have reports about Guantanamo
being completely overhauled. that they’re rebuilding it they’re
building all these new facilities there. so this is
really incredible stuff. So recently there is a bunch
of things where Trump approved I think it was
like 200 million dollars to add-on and fix and build up
Guantanamo Bay. and so that was that was this big question
like why you know if they were supposed to like I think Obama’s plan
was eventually to shut it down and not use it anymore but then it’s like why are we
putting all this money into it and fixing it up and doing and adding
adding more to it? if it’s not like who are they expecting to
bring in that that’s the question that I’m kind of raising I guess you know and
more for the audience out there to think about you know. all right so while we’re on this topic cause
there’s a lot of things that I’m hoping we can cover here. I want to read you the next Kim Dotcom
tweet which happened on the same day January 5th 2019 because these two really
need to be seen side-by-side so if you’re ready let’s hit
you with that one. January 5th 2019 Kim Dotcom. this year the criminals who run
the deep state will be exposed. the shareholders profiting from
war and chaos. the billionaires who turned
democracy into an illusion. they own politicians judges
and all your data. they are the biggest
pirates in history. do you want to know who they are?
yes we do. yes we do. and he said get ready it’s gonna
be monumental stuff. so this is super exciting. it’s anybody’s
guess what’s gonna happen. now let’s talk about the next thing. so knowing David Wilcock the next
thing could be anything. the movies or AI or both and more? Tune in for part 2 of more
unbelievable truth bombs dropped straight on you from the one
and only David Wilcock right here on the Edge of Wonder. radio say radio face says radio face
face face face face. sweet I like it when David drives
then I don’t miss anything hey you wanna hand me a soda
out of the cooler you seen my shades let’s roll van how’s
that huh how many bloopers in there

Glenn Chapman


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    Obvious That was SETH 😉

  58. Still waiting…………msm still runnin e'thing…politicians still corrupt. H Clinton still walking around, Obama' still around, all the Deep state criminals still there. No free energy. Nothin changed really.

  59. AMEN to David Wilcock. What an amazing man! I admire him so much!
    I admire you too guys. You bring information like this to us.
    Thank you!

  60. Up till now the DNA is getting away with their lawless endeavors they are still wagering war on President Trump, and reality practicly unchecked. There are investigations on the origins and bias of their Russian Hoax, Epstien is on jail, but other then that nothing has been done, the main stream media is out of controlling laying and lying with outrageous propaganda, and the tech companies are out of control centering. . It's Aug 2019, we pray to God that this justice gets going , ASAP.

  61. Great video! Thanks
    I'm wondering if this news being "so big" that this all could be to get us completely focused on politics and the "deep-state" so that they can drop the disclosure of ET contact on us right before the next election… Thoughts?….

  62. David…. You said it… dismantling of the Cabal has begun… Saudi Royal arrests Jeffrey Epstein, Alison Mac, next to fall is Billary tribe and more hits and heads will roll. Seen a video that Q posted re: Red Cross, 2 rooms stacked ceiling high with identifiable Red Cross tubs filled with humanitarian supplies you would think well how about stuffed with American Dollars every single tub. This action is only made possible when Trump signed exec order. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/
    Effectively enabling law enforcement agencies to target them world wide… the recent news has reinforced my beliefs.
    David when history rewrites itself you will get what is been long time waiting from an outsider to finally being recognised and accepted for all the work that you have done.

  63. We battle NOT against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers… That's the deceiver and his minions, aka Satan, the fallen angels that followed him, and the disembodied spirits of their offspring aka nephilim, aka demons. And no wonder, for Satan can make himself appear as an angel of light and his followers as ministers of light, but Jesus Christ is the ONLY true light. Satan is the god of this world and he controls this world system. This is just the hegelian dialectic at work and unfortunately SO many people are falling for it… We ALL need Christ and more than ever we need SPIRITUAL discernment.

  64. I like this Video. But I have a bone to pick with you guys. I went to another video you guys suggested. The TV videos you are posting off of you tube. I was appalled by what u asked for 19.99 month
    to watch the TV video's.
    You got to b kidding!!!
    I will never watch another video of yrs again! Who do u think u are asking people to pay
    that rediculous amount.
    Sorry yr utube video's are not that great…..👎👎👎

  65. Once again, david speaks from his arse. What a lying pos. Guy would tell on his own mom to get ahead. He's EVIL, folks. Nerdy, creepy, fake n fos.

  66. Just a heads up, Kim Dotcom's February 5th tweets have been either deleted or removed.

  67. Nearly September and we still are waiting to know. Will still be waiting next year at this time! Sure learned a lot from Epstein didn't we!

  68. Who is George & Alexander Soros?

    What connects DNC with Soros?
    Why world leader take pictures with Soros?
    Why Soros want Trump gone before or by 2020?
    Why the Globalist what to destroy America?
    Where is Assange?
    Where is Epstein?
    Who killed Princess Diana?

  69. Obama lied about Quantonmo since money has been to bump it up, Americans will fill these camps, Walmart is behind much of this too.

  70. Way to go WILCOCK. Like any of your prior pathetic predictions ever came of anything. Grifter!! Hack!! Liar!! Loser!!

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