DDRR 2.0 Layout Update: Building the Base.

hey everybody is teaming for the DIY and digital and today I've got another layout update for you guys welcome back everybody first of all you haven't already go ahead hit that subscribe button hit that like button and hit that Bell icon so that you don't miss any updates like this layout update video so today we're gonna be taking a look at how far I've gotten on my layout so far I've got a lot of projects that I've done that you'll be seeing separate videos of later on and I just want to show you how far along I've gotten so let's go ahead and take a look now the main thing that you're gonna notice is different on my layout a it's an absolute mess but what layout in progress isn't and B is that I've really started working on the base for the landscaping and the geography of the layout itself and I'm building the mountains and Hills out of extruded foam just like I did with the base and basically I'm cutting everything to size and I'm then gluing it in place using latex caulk if you want to see my process for doing this I've done a tutorial on this before in the past and I will link it up in the description below now one of the big things that I like to do is recycle foam and use as much of the foam sheets as possible which means that my pieces aren't going to be perfect but they'll work out and as you can see I'm using latex caulk to glue everything in place and you're gonna want to stack these and then put a weight on them and wait overnight the big difference between this and my previous tutorials and wouldn't be using a hot wire foam cutter and what this basically is is literally just a hot wire that will cut through foam like a knife through butter and it's really great for getting the basic shape of your Hills you can use different types different angles all sorts of stuff but it's basically really good for getting odd uneven natural-looking angles another way that you can shape out long hillsides is to use a hacksaw like I'm doing here so that is the beginning of building my mountains and hillsides that are on my layout as you can see it's it's really ugly right now but we're going to be changing that very very soon on my next tutorial I'm going to be showing you guys my DIY alternative to sculpt a mold I absolutely love sculpt a mold but it can get a little pricey when you're using a lot of it so I have a DIY alternative to that was very cost effective another thing that I've been working on is getting my track wired up and I'm gonna be showing you how I do this with Cotter you know track and installing Cotter you know track in an upcoming tutorial kind of going over the basics of it but I've been working a little with that I've also begun painting the layout and I know some of you are saying but you haven't protected the track I do plan on painting the track overall just to get it more weathered another thing that I've been working on is gained the DCC system hooked up and I've been connecting the bust lines and I have also begun doing some testing with J MRI I've run a few locomotives on DCC and as you can see I'm starting to be able to run trains so that is everything that I have had going on you can see that my layout is coming along I've got a lot of different things in place and I'm getting really close to the really fun part which is where you're gonna start seeing its scenery in place and we've got a lot of different things to do before we do that but that's where we are so far so if you haven't already go and hit that subscribe button hit that like button hit that Bell icon so that you don't miss any updates like this layout update video until next time I'm Jimmy from the DIY happy railroading you

Glenn Chapman


  1. These are great! I'm in the process of building my first layout, so I appreciate the chance to follow along and learn. Mine is taking a lot longer due to other demands on my time, but that's OK.

  2. Jimmy, looking good, but just a hint, use the white cheap foam for scenery, its light and cost a lot less, just a thought….thanks for sharing….Jack

  3. Hi Jimmy, it's coming along. Many interesting projects in the future. I look forward to watching them.

  4. Great progress Jimmy! Looking forward to more updates and your how to videos. Thanks for sharing. Randy

  5. An electric carving knife works well on foam. I picked one up at a garage sale for $5.

  6. Looking great jimmy. I’m looking forward to the sculptamold vid

  7. Inspirational! Coming right along. Can you tell us more about the hot tool you used to cut the foam "mountain" ?

  8. Looking good btw can you show how to set up the multi block system to use photo resistors instead of ir as I dont have easy access to the ir modules

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