Daddy Longlegs Risk Life … and Especially Limb … to Survive | Deep Look

The forest floor is a rough-and-tumble kind
of place. It’s best to stay above it all. This daddy longlegs does just that…on eight
flexible stilts. The end of each leg is multi-jointed. It works like a rope. And see the tip?…There’s a hook there. With every step, he’s grappling his way
over the obstacles in his path. Perfect for off-roading. Even better for climbing. This guy can handle just about anything you throw at him. Those front two legs are also used as feelers… For what’s around the next corner. So really, they only walk on six of their
legs, unlike spider, which daddy longlegs are NOT, by the way. Their closest cousins
are scorpions. Such precious tools require regular care and
grooming. But there’s a downside to having these long limbs. They’re easy for enemies to grab onto. And for that, this daddy longlegs has another
solution. He simply cuts his losses and walks away. We did not not pull that leg! Just the slightest grip, and he’ll drop it. He has a built-in mechanism to pinch it off
cleanly, losing only a drop of hemolymph. It’s called autotomy, the voluntary release
of a body part. That loose limb can create a life-saving distraction… But at a cost. Life without a leg is no cakewalk. Since the limb’s not coming back, the daddy
longlegs has to learn a new way to walk. Ignacio Escalante at UC Berkeley studies how
daddy longlegs do this. Here’s one that still has all eight legs. If it drops one of them… No problem. Escalante calls this movement “stotting.” If it drops a second leg, the daddy longlegs
starts “bobbing” to get around. Lose a third… and he still makes it happen. Don’t feel too bad for him. Even down to five legs, a daddy longlegs can
get back to its original speed in less than a day. In fact, most daddy longlegs deliberately
drop a couple legs in their lifetimes to escape certain death. No big deal — they just let it go. So really, there are second chances in life. And sometimes, a third and a fourth. Hey there, it’s Lauren. You know who’s afraid of creepy-crawly things
like daddy longlegs and spiders? Joe Hanson of It’s Okay to Be Smart. Hop over to his channel to see what happens
when you put a tarantula on his shoulder. And thanks for watching Deep Look.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Hi there…I'm Elliott and I produced this episode. Comment! Question! We read all. Thanks for watching DL.

  2. I had this guy in our 1st Grade classroom who would capture spiders and make them fight to the death and the Daddy Long Legs was one of them, I think another one was named The Jumpy Spder kinda like Pokemon.

  3. 2:55 me when I have jello legs.. (weak legs/can’t walk straight) I think I put three then edited it to 2:55 but okay!

  4. Who else cracked up when that first one started stumbling after losing a limb?
    Ah…. I'm bad. I feel like I've just made fun of the disabled.

  5. I'm now gonna pull the feelers off every daddy long leg I see just to watch em squirm lol

  6. Cellar spiders are often called daddy long legs. Opiliones/Harvest men are called daddy long legs. Crane flies are called daddy long legs. This video is showing Harvestmen, which are insects.

  7. don’t worry we only cut off 3 fingers, we gave them some time and they’ve managed to recover because humans have 10!

  8. God, imagine getting mugged, and the mugger grabs your wrist and you just…pop off your arm and book it.

  9. I love your your work I just think you should put a commercial in the middle that way you can get paid for it

  10. So everyone's OK with these guys tearing off an insect's legs off just for a video?

  11. I just wanted to say that a daddy long leg is basically a little dot with 8 pieces of black hair. Super cute and coolu could just grab it by their body ( if its not too small for you ) and scare people with it. >;3

  12. So what you're telling me is that there is a researcher out there deliberately pulling the legs of spiders. Which is a sign of sociopath…

  13. Better idea:. Lure them all to California during forest fire season

  14. On the video it says daddy long legs are related to scorpions but in the description it says they're related to spiders..

  15. Daddy longlegs: "exists"

  16. Who named them
    Person 1: look a spider
    Person 2: what shall we call it
    Person 1: Daddy long legs
    Person 2: why
    Person 1: he looks like my dad…..

  17. Feel sorry for him losing his wee legs but you have to admire their incredible adaptability skills.

  18. Their are two varieties of Daddy Long Legs, or "Harvestmen", one that's related to termites and eats plant matter, and then there's the ones we see infesting homes are more like spiders, if I remember correctly

  19. So what is a daddy long legs

    Not a spider but its not a scorpion

    Maybe its on its own

  20. This episode tickled me. I couldn't help but chuckle as I watched daddy long legs drop limbs. 😊

  21. I have been seeing this type of insect in our place . Now I know the reason why they wiggle when they walk .. they just lost a leg… 🙂

  22. …I mean, it shouldn't have to lost his legs in the first place. /Js

  23. I wish they would have specified which variety of daddy long legs this is. I believe it’s a harvestman.

  24. Nobody

    Not a single soul

    "When a beetle grabs on to a daddy long legs leg*
    "Let is Go,
    Let it Go, Can't hold it back anymore!

  25. Must be the spooky month fever, but I've been watching a few of these spider videos and hope this alleviates my arachnophobia.

  26. I’m here because I am friends with the spiders in my house, especially the Daddy Long Legs. A couple months ago I saved one from drowning in the shower, and watched over it as it grew up and had babies, unfortunately, before I moved it from the bathroom downstairs. So now I’m waiting until the babies are big enough to move downstairs. Fast forward to two minutes ago when one of the babies (Julian) started drowning and I scrambled to save him but he wasn’t moving and his leg was jacked up and I was sure he was dead. I was sobbing my eyes out and then I saw him twitch, and I rushed online to see what I could do to help and found this video. I’m so relieved to find out he’ll be okay. Definitely gonna check the shower for my little friends before jumping in 😅

  27. Can you PLEASE do the crane fly?! I’ve seen them do some really weird things

  28. The music in this series should win the Grammys! 🎷💽👏

  29. they kinda cute ngl. i feel bad for that one daddy long legs who got experimented on

  30. These little creatures are awesome. It makes me sad that they took off his legs. Not a very nice thing to do.

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