Dad, who do you like more? [The Return of Superman/2019.10.20]

(The Hammington family is taking a stroll.) (Should I react or not?) (Here is a reaction!) ♪ Freeze on the spot ♪ – He froze. / – The kids are playing along. (They start again.) Sam didn’t unfreeze him. Sam didn’t unfreeze him. He needs to unfreeze him. – He is just standing there. / – Sam didn’t see him. Ben. (Unfreeze) (This is the fun of it!) All right. He is so lovely. (I thought you forgot about me.) Hey, you startled me. Hot spring. (They set out again peacefully.) (What?) – Dad, it’s raining. / – Is it raining? It isn’t raining. What is it? (It’s tap water.) It’s a mist to cool people down. It’s raining! It creates a romantic atmosphere. (He tastes the water.) It’s raining! (Taking off his T-shirt) My belly is wet. What am I going to do? (He moisturizes his skin.) – What is it? / – See? You become that way. When mist falls on you, you become dazed. – Really? / – Yes. (Where is this rain coming from?) What is it? – You become that way. / – What is it? (My skin became moister!) How refreshing! (Let’s keep going with this moist feeling!) – He saw something. / – What did he see? – What is that? / – William saw something. What? What? (Ta-da!) It’s really long, right? Look at this suspension bridge. It’s the longest bridge – in Korea. / – This suspension bridge – is 402m long. / – I am ready, Dad. – Are you ready? / – Yes. Bentley must be scared. (Why would I be scared?) I can do it! Here I go! – Go! / – Ben. (Suspension bridge, wait for us! Here we come!) Oh, my gosh. – It’s so long. / – It’s bound to be scary. It’s a suspension bridge after all. Let’s go. Judging from how Ben went in a different direction… – Ben. / – He must be scared. Is Bentley scared? Sam goes to catch him! (Gosh, I can’t go.) (Sam blocks him.) Sam wouldn’t let him go. How cute! (Bentley runs as if he has a booster.) (Sam blocks his path.) (A sudden chase begins.) Baby, are you scared? His legs became weak. Excuse me. – Goodness. / – He laid on the ground. (I really don’t think I can go.) Are you scared? Baby is a coward. (What? A coward?) (William, that was out of line.) Two provocations make him stand up. (I will come to my senses.) You can do it. – Let’s go, okay? / – After much struggle, they finally set foot on the suspension bridge. Will William and Bentley be able to cross the bridge? (His hands show his nervousness.) (They arrive at the entrance of the bridge.) (I will go first!) Since they crossed a bridge in Singapore before, they might succeed though this bridge is bigger. (Bentley goes past Sam.) (He solemnly takes big steps.) Bye. (He even waves to the sky.) – In the beginning… / – He is relaxed so far. (What is this?) Look down. – There is water. / – If you step on it, it might collapse, and you will fall down the bridge. (What is wrong with this floor?) – It’s scary to see the bottom. / – I’m a good swimmer. You will fall because you are heavy. It’s okay. Dad, this is how you should walk. How? – Crab, crab. / – Should we walk sideways? Then you won’t fall. Copy your brother. (Like this?) (Bentley is cute.) – Don’t fall. / – They didn’t get very far. Don’t fall. – Dad, walk on this side. / – There is no space. Dad, come to the side. – He is worried. / – Then Bentley… Bentley, why did you go up there? Bentley. “What are you doing there?” (Screaming) He is scared. (I am scared, Dad.) What? William is alone. – He must be terrified. / – You said you’re not scared. – I’m not scared, but… / – Come here. How am I supposed to do that? Grab my hand. Grab my hand. – I can’t cross over. / – Really? (A sudden melodrama on the bridge) I’m not scared, – but I can’t cross over. / – What does that even mean? “I’m not scared, but I can’t cross over.” – There we go. / – Bentley. (Screaming) Goodness. (Why did you leave me behind?) All right. All right. The two of you are cowards. This exercise is bringing the brothers closer. You aren’t alone. You have each other. If you join forces, you won’t be scared. Hold hands and go. – Hold hands. / – Go. (Sticking) Hold hands. – I’m too scared to go. / – Go with Bentley. I can’t go with Bentley. This isn’t scary. (I can’t go either.) – What are they going to do? / – It’s a disaster. – I simply stood up. / – They are too scared. I simply stood up. What is going on? What’s with you two? (Bawling) All right. Hold on. Calm down. Hold on. (I can’t calm down.) All right. (A crying fit on the bridge) William, why did you come here? Are you going to live here? Do you want to live here? (Dad, how could you say that?) – Hello. / – My goodness. A friend is walking in the middle. Aren’t you scared? I’m five years old. I’m not scared. – Five years old? / – She is so brave. She is a year older than William. She is good. My goodness. – A hero appeared. / – It’s a newborn. A baby passed by. – My goodness. / – I bet he feels embarrassed. – A baby passed by. / – He cried so much. – You saw, right? / – “What did I do?” (They feel embarrassed.) A baby passed by. – Yes. William. / – Yes? You once passed a suspension bridge like this one. – Don’t you remember? / – I remember. – You remember, right? / – Yes. William used to cross any bridges bravely. Were you scared then? (Let me bring up my memories!) – Dad. / – Yes? I think I can do it. – Really? / – I think I can do it. – That’s right. You can do it. / – Really? (Careful) He is brave. Is this the same boy who cried earlier? (William is standing in the middle.) I think he realized that – there is nothing to be scared of. / – That’s right. Gosh, William. – He learned a big lesson. / – William. (My son is the best.) Dad, follow me. Okay. (William, I can’t do it. Go without me.) Baby, I will go first. He is shouting and everything to show his confidence. (William, stay safe.) I’m brave! (Let’s run!) – He’s so calm. / – William. (William has overcome his fear and is running.) That’s so cool. He’s so cool, but his pants keep coming down. (I’m a brave guy who can do this alone.) He’s running while holding his pants. Oh, gosh. (Are you watching me, Uncles and Aunties?) (Even if life waggles like a suspension bridge…) Even if your life is unstable, run until the end and you’ll feel happiness fill your heart. We learn about life from William today. Bentley! Can’t you do this? Where are they? An observatory? They came up so high. They’ve crossed the suspension bridge. This is nothing. – It’s easy. / – It’s a piece of cake. – Is he trying to see? / – He wants to but he can’t. Tall Uncle. Hold me up. I can’t see Bentley and Dad. (He gets to see far thanks to the tall uncle.) It’s so high. Dad is over there. – Where? / – They are still over there. Bentley! Hi. Come up here too. Bye. (I’m sorry, I can’t go.) (Okay, let’s come back when you’re bigger.) Can you see better from up there? It’s really big here. – You’re up there now. / – Yes? Don’t you have anything to say? – Dad. / – Yes. Do you like Bentley or me? Do you like Bentley – or me? / – This isn’t what Sam expected. But he’s with Bentley right now. (He’s looking super cool.) Bentley, keep your head here. (Cover your ears for now.) It’s you, William. What? I said it’s you. Look, he’s happy. Dad, I love you. (Dad, I love you too.) – It’s so childish but so cute. / – I agree. When I kiss you, don’t wipe your lips from now on. Can you promise? (Scoffing) I can’t. – He refuses. / – Dad loves you a lot. I love you too. That’s it. William and Bentley are overflowing with love again.

Glenn Chapman


  1. William's question is like the question that parents always ask xD
    "Do you like Mum or Dad more?"

  2. Appa:"When i kiss you don't wipe your lips from now on. Can you promise?"
    William: i can't

  3. This family is so dramatic 😂💛

    They always put some ‘drama scenes’ here and there in every their episodes 👨‍👦‍👦

  4. Awww. William is such a good baby. Although he is still young, he is setting a good example to his baby brother😍

  5. So chaotic on the bridge 😂😂… First time seeing bentley crying like that 😁😁 funny but cute

  6. 3:08 when ben hit his head as if to say, “come to your senses! You can do it,” hahahahaha

  7. these boys are so dramatic. when it comes to william's part, theres always a plot twist at the end. sometimes i thought william have a script that he need to follow hahah lol. and i think again that is impossible. how come it always end with a scene like a drama? hagahaha

  8. This episode reminds me of Daehan climving over a mountain before. Such a brave young boy William 😘😘😘

  9. Im sorry ben..but i laugh hard while you're crying 😂😂 so cute

    William so brave! 👍👍

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