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This is the first day we’re starting our schedule So we pretty much removed everything from the van And we are bringing some tools You don’t think but we have so much stuff It’s like mini studio apartment here Once you empty everything, after when you put it back, you think twice Ok, have we used this thing or not And we also brought tools here We take everything here and we start the work Yeah, let’s do that It took us more or less one hour to empty the van And to put the instruments back here So now we are ready for action pretty much Back to the game. Im very excited to start this refit Actually hands on now Yesterday what we’ve done? We bought some paint, we bought some small things So we went to Leroy Merlin just to buy some magnets, random stuff Everything cost money, ah This is not cheap stuff. Five pieces of wood were 90 euro You will see what we gonna to do with this So we better start now Yeah, lets do that Wow, this thing is a game changer I wish we had it at our build At the beginning we didn’t want to invest too much money But this thing is definitely increasing quality of the work Yeah, you see straight lines Straight cut, straight things and this rail is also cool thing High five! After five minutes of cutting van is completely dusty So remember to remove all your stuff from the van So we are using this [saw] to avoid to cut too far Be careful when you’re buying tool, our tool says it can cut 25 mm But if you are using this guide it’s basically “eating” 3 – 4 mm Nice! Action started, Maksym! We need to be really careful because we want to use this remaining wood From inside as a cupboard Here we are! The frame is ready Lets see if it fits perfectly or not It’s quite good Yeah, and those things will be the cupboard doors Pretty much It’s not a bad idea to buy the paint form the same supplier With a code number so you can always reorder the same colour Without buying paint maybe with discount from the big supermarket And after they don’t sell the same paint any more Or they change the brand and you don’t have the same colour The structure is ready. The foam and wooden panel are glued properly What’s next? Next one: we bought the Ikea curtain The textile is very nice, thick We think it’s not gonna stretch because it’s kind of blackout blinds We are doing it for the first time We will tell you if it’s easy now Very crucial moment here Yeah, we are testing if what we’ve done is working We are quite happy with the result It’s not perfect, you know, some lines not in line Probably you can do something with that Just to give you a bit feedback here I think we are like B- students here or C+ for this stuff Yeah, it’s not our best job First, you need to make sharp cut Because you feel like the foam will bend with textile, no, it’s not I feel like if we redo next time it will be properly done But now we invested too much time and some money Tip for you and lesson for us Use proper tools, cut proper lines, be precise Actually our first reaction: we were for 30 seconds laughing This van is our prototype so we kind of playing on it And next one will be much better And you know what Tell me Not many people watch till the end of the movie Let’s promote our Instagram, Facebook and things right now in the middle of the video So you don’t excuse after to not go and check them Yeah, like button, subscribe button. Easy, easy Ok, lets continue It’s much easier then making this things, you know This took us one day We’ve done small mistake when we were cutting away the holes We’ve done them exactly the same size as the cover It means that the cover goes completely on other side So to fix this thing We are making small wooden inserts You learn on your mistakes Exactly, next time we will do better We put a bit of paste and just will sand it so it looks nice It’s gonna be really cool lounge sofa here Ok, put the thing under so we can test Let’s see We need to work on this one Because I do care about my brother Check out his new bed Oh, happy man here You see… big smile on my face I really feel like this bed will be more comfortable then my bed there I would put some mattress on top, you know It’s a bit firm It’s missing mattress Thats new technique, ah So basically We want to add a bit of foam to make the mattress bigger We already cut the size we need And now we will just use the glue to glue all the pieces together And after we do the cover for it It has quite strong smell so just are aware of that And maybe keep your windows open If you are going to do the same I actually like the smell So we opened the hole in the middle here And now we cut away this piece from another mattress Which we don’t use anymore So it will be one nice mattress After couple of adjustments Basically here we are It’s pretty tight as it should be In our build video we’ve done the cover differently We used velcro to attach the cover So the cover has velcro and the mattress has velcro This time we did differently We will use some elastic To pull everything Because we have this funky corner We basically needed to add small piece of textile Yeah, originally it supposed to be my underwear It’s gonna be like that but… We decided: ok let’s use it for that part That’s the spirit! Basically we attached this nine hooks They will be pulled between themselves Happy? I think it’s good, the whole thing looks very nice Best of the best That was the final step of our sofa modification You see it here All this panel is just for adding this piece All that work But I feel like it will improve your sleep It will improve life quality here We are using this magnets as a stopper So here will be division between inside and outside So it’s on magnets so you can easily remove if you need to put something longer and bigger One-two, one-two, check, check, check We got all the stuff we need for the mirror Yeah, it wasn’t cheap, ah! No, they didn’t make any presents there even if its a Christmas time We have couple of metal rails, a bit of wood, a bit of silicone It looks alright, ah! Safety is priority! The main idea was to use this L shaped hooks To kind of hold all the mirror on the wall But then we found this rail for the kitchen cupboards This is holding now And the L will be just to make sure that this not going up off the rail Here we add the screw So now we only missing the silicone Mission is accomplished It took us maybe one hour inside here But it took us one hour or more thinking in the shop So we have nice result here Yeah, Im quite happy Because the walls are kind of inclining here So we needed to add thickness on the bottom So the mirror stays straight so when you sit down and you see straight reflection We have a nice straight line on top The nice thing that it’s kind of hanging in the air Without any hooks, without anything It is kind of suspended And as soon as we add LED light on the bottom Will be much better So you sit down there And you enjoy the slice of pizza Priceless! So what we’ve been doing now? We cut the cupboard doors, the underneath ones So we can fit the carpet after that So we removed, you see, like probably like one centimetre on each one Yeah, we also have done on top because we are adding that panel So we don’t want the cupboards scratching against the big panel And I’m sure that that panel will band a bit when you sit down So you need couple of millimetres away It looks really nice, it looks like in one line So my brother is measuring where to put the holes Yes I do On the wood And that would be our solution for the mold They are selling those mattresses Like a noodles mattress But we couldn’t find it I think much more economical solution is to make ventilation Instead of putting that thing Let’s make the van lighter Are you making a map? It’s the last couple of holes I wanna make it perfect! If you don’t know which present to make to your loved ones Check ExplorationBrothers.com for this beautiful necklace Really practical, hand-made Remember it’s hand-made, made in Italy as well It’s really cool, it makes the sound so you can hear when they are coming closer to you Where you can buy that stuff? Im sorry, yeah, I need to be serious That’s the site Can they choose the colour or its one colour only I mean we can paint for you if you want But the grey colour, you see inside it’s grey And here is like Original And nice smell of wood, as well, will follow you and your loved ones Remember Girlfriends, boyfriends. It’s unisex And remember, it can have different uses It’s very practical I’m testing half vinegar, half water If it will remove it [mold] Lets see I washed in the Laundromat but it didn’t work Yeah, vinegar doesn’t work at all So we try some bleach Professional gloves on Here is gonna be good example It’s almost gone Yeah, so definitely diluted bleach works really well Everything goes away It was all black, a lot of spots, but now it’s gone Important thing: do not use bleach on not white items Otherwise you will just completely ruin the stuff Important, ah! This thing is a game changer for driving around the cities And especially when you are parking This one is super fast for spinning when you come our of the street I would definitely recommend this one So now we have space for two backpacks and two jackets My idea didn’t work I was hoping to fix the problem because they falling down But it’s not strong enough to go through whole thing We need some mini nails So we can nail it By buying this small thing Which is LED controller And small remote You can basically control the brightness Of the whole thing And you can do even like this Wooohooo! Party! I don’t know how it does but check this out So now we can control every light in the van with this remote controller How cool is that! I think this overall thing is success with this magnets They are not holding things bumping inside The cupboard will still open but What it remove is the noice when you are driving on the road Yeah, you wouldn’t have this kind of thing Like a slightly bumping wood against wood This is the magnet with the screw And this is the stainless [washer] Very often when you parked somewhere And you would like to keep this door open Sometimes the wind is blowing Or maybe you are working somewhere here behind, you need to take the boxes So we decided to instal stoppers Basically we took aluminium rail We cut and put them on the doors And then we found this plate with a hole It’s kind of simple solution I guess I’m sure there are so many different ways to fix this problem But that’s our way. And we did this aluminium bars One screw here, another screw here I think this is a big improvement when you parked and you want to keep doors open Otherwise I was pissed off And we made four holes so you can keep different angles of the door You can completely open, straight, closed and shower mode One here The door is 90 degrees Mark And now minimum I cut my finger a little bit, you can see the blood here So we called an ambulance helicopter to help us It’s important, ah It’s very important Viruses, infections So we can carry on doing our refit It’s ok that they will spend like 5 thousand euros on fuel I don’t care about that Only this things deserve Like Deserve Likes Stop now, like now and then continue watching How cool is that Usually this magnet strips they need second magnet strip But in reality we have this stainless steel thing And check this out Goddamn it’s good Lets do second one Pretty much we can keep it this way but we can hide it behind This couple of hinges took us maybe 10 – 15 minutes just to adjust No, you made it. It works really nice Max adjusted the hight Yeah, but it pissed me off, this hinges are all the time a problem Practice makes it perfect We are closing this locker So it will be kind of sealed only for the gas And we will move the gas sensor Unfortunately underneath the gas tank there is an exhaust So we cannot drill down to make the air going down Yeah, that’s why we are moving the gas detector So we are moving it there and at night you just close it If you remember Probably we wouldn’t do that We are planning to instal two metal pieces here One will be connected to the door, another one will be to the bed And they will kind of just have the common hole here We spent two hours brainstorming Maybe even more It takes time to think behind When you have all tools and ideas what to do It’s actually very quick But to get to those ideas takes time Someone is calling me. I need to go, sorry! Why are dong this? I’m making like a small gap For this small metal panel So it doesn’t hit the wood So this will be our handle That’s how its gonna look like and we will put the rubber protector Lets try Lets try it on To add thickness, because we had small gap there We add second one or will see if we need third one We wanna instal the safety pin that will go from underneath Lock this door Invisibly I don’t wanna scratch my Casio watch The solution for the sliding door lock is quite simple We just decided to create this pin Drill the hole from underneath Exactly, lets try it Let’s do that! I will lock the door Like we do usually So you’re putting this small pin inside Right here And we have this door manual lock here So you can just lock it Lets say here And we have this lock Yeah, we took it without key, just with combination So you don’t need to worry about things So, yeah, if you fold it, it looks amazing No-one even see that it’s here Really low profile Try to open Yes, so that’s it Once we are happy with position and everything works We will just remove the possibility to unscrew this thing with a drill Side door solution is also pretty simple Drill through this part And after we put the pin [Will hit] with a hammer So we’ve done second hole And lets try it on Close it You put it in And literally you will break this handle before you open the door So this is the handle So this is the pin Which goes through the hole It’s not the best finish But I feel like we need to find some professional solution here If you have solution, write us a comment The lamp next to my bed wasn’t working properly Because it was connected to the car electrical system So we are putting new cables now Just to make it work, and… We decided just to hide it behind the wood While my brother is fixing the plug downstairs I’m fixing the light here Who is filming? I don’t know, our cousin It feels like a small modification But in reality is a big deal this lamp It’s so nice to have it working properly And now I will have it, so, nice Good job Because we couldn’t match the colour So we have to paint the whole section because of this small cut That’s why it’s important to use the same paint all the time with the code So you can buy any time the same colour Crucial moment When it’s raining or it was raining And you open the sliding door It’s quite annoying that we have a lot of drips here It drips on the wood and on the table So this thing will be one piece And we have additional piece Which we will silicone We send it a little bit for a better grip for silicone And we will just put it like this Yes, so that’s how it looks like Extended version So the action plan is to instal all of this on the panel So it’s kind of nice and tidy And we also instal three switches One for fridge, one for pump and one for everything else Nice So basically at the end it’s just simple electrical box It’s not that simple, it’s full of high-tech things Look at this! This is the final result of connecting this box Everything works Yeah, I was trying to connect this 12 volts iPhone charger I feel like I burned it This was the second try to instal the 5 volt charger And it’s success Now it’s working The problem was that sometimes you have marked cables And from internet it says [that] it’s positive But in reality I bought multimeter Which was 35 Euro investment So now it’s working and now we are not using inverter for the phones During our feedback video we mentioned about electrical updates we wanna do So first one was inverter 1500 watt Yeah, we wanted to change, we had 600 [watt] And we wanted to update so we have more power to… For Nespresso coffee because that machine takes 900 watts or something like that You can see already that they are paying attention for the box At least from outside But who cares about the box We definitely will need to make some modifications in the trunk That’s kind of blown up version of the one we have It has two plugs instead of one I’m happy that it supports the turn on, turn off switch The box is too big for just inverter Yeah, we just received the package from NDS Basically we had some questions how to instal things And we ended up with another cool device For charging the batteries The name of the device is NDS Power Service And you have three versions Yeah, we went for gold one because the gold one has a plug So you can charge your batteries from the plug It supports the solar panels, it supports alternator When you turn on the car the alternator see that the battery is maybe low So they start to charge faster But then after some time they [alternator] stop giving you the same amount of power So this device is gonna push all the time alternator To give you maximum power So you will be charging your batteries all the time 40 amps That’s impressive number, ah So we will test it out and we will let you know how it’s working I don’t know why I was expecting this to be big but not the other one Success? I would say so We are half way, inverter is installed, it’s all connected, it also works We needed to move to other location To save the space we put it on the bottom of the shelf And we fixed the shelf so we don’t touch it Now we need to connect to Power service Yeah, what is challenge We will call NDS and we will just like: -Hey, brothers, help us Yeah, we will need probably some assistance at least Ok Google, how to connect NDS Power Service Gold? Yes, Maksym One of the main reasons why we wanted to change inverter Is to use sometimes more powerful devices It’s not about computers and phones But sometimes you want proper coffee Nespresso What else, no!?! Yeah, it’s true I mean, it’s not gonna be Nespresso, it will be some cheaper version of it We have knockoff of Nespresso because they are cheap When we have more money we’ll buy real Nespresso We are not rich brothers Let’s test now Now it’s charging 2 amps from the solar panels I’m turning on the Nespresso [machine] – 50 amps each [battery] Now machine is ready and it’s not consuming anything Yes So lets make one espresso Ready Nice! Ok, two batteries are empty pretty much Yeah, it emptied the batteries Now, honestly, now it’s 4 degrees outside So the batteries are 4 degrees You want to keep your batteries warm Let us enjoy the coffee and we will just give you more feedback Success! And mission is accomplished Yeah, we changed the inverter from 600 to 1500 [watts] At the beginning when we started to use the machine it consumes a lot It consumes 100 amps You will get scared, you know, when you see the numbers Wow, it’s gonna drain my battery We had a bit of fighting with iManager because it was in automatic mode and when it’s in automatic its switching between one battery or another one That coffee machine will not be staying there It will be staying inside of this passage thing If we decide to keep it because I feel like it’s draining the batteries a lot Yeah, and you start thinking, oh maybe mokka is not that bad idea And it gives you this smell around the van all the way So it’s kind of Simplicity It’s too much talk about the coffee so lets move on to something more important Lets just enjoy a bit It’s getting cold I feel warm The sun is heating my soul I think this tool is definitely cool one But it took us 20 minutes for figuring out how to use this thing So many new tools It feels like you are buying tools for one time But in reality you never know how many time you will use them after I wasn’t expecting something perfect But in reality it’s not bad I’m sure the second one will be much better The plan is to make two sliding shelves And one openable shelf because you will not have enough space I might tell you, the second box was much faster and much easier Yeah, we’ve done it in 15 minutes pretty much Yeah, we knew how the tool works This is the system to check the water tanks, how full they are So it will be for fresh water This is kind of fancy stuff for me and for him I guess Oh, it’s very fancy We… I mean, I got used to fancy stuff, you know You have basically the bottom, you have the top and it will tell you How much water you have, more or less So we cut different heights As soon as you have contact between two of this It means full, it means 2/3, 1/3 and it means empty It’s definitely uncomfortable to work here We moved this heater exhaust So we can fit the water tank Again, we are having new toy Woohoo! It’s called rivet gun Basically you drill a hole in the metal or any structure You put one of this And then you just squeeze in and you can attach anything So we don’t use anymore normal screws, we are gonna use this fancy stuff And this is the first time I’m using it Exploration brothers here! If you have proper work space, don’t complain that the job is hard, ah! Because this is annoying No excuses! We’ve done six holes and we are attaching to the bottom of the car When it’s too much consumption the 600 watt inverter is not holding up It was quite challenging to instal water tanks, ah, yesterday It took us pretty much the whole day just to make the plate Just to remove the old tank To screw, to put back the new tank Our new tools were very helpful Today we connect the pipes Pass the pipes to the cabin So finally everything is finished We have all pipes connected And all pipes go to the hole there So after fighting for a long time We managed to bring the pipe here next to the seat Winners! It’s gonna be test run, we will just put some water inside Yeah, we made a hook for the funnel and we see if one person Can do this thing by himself Because it’s kind of fresh outside So the pipes are so rigid so we need to heat them up or I don’t know what to do!?! Or just be strong like Andriy Perfetto! I would say Perfetto! The nice thing of this system is that we don’t have any more two tanks As you can see, it’s quite rusty so we will need to work on it Sand it again What we need to do the first thing is just to cut the adge So we will have better grip Safety first This was 80 and this is 40 [grit] It’s better, its not that painful but still missing… Nothing to grip for, you know, so it’s very… I think you just need to exercise a bit more So your fingers become stronger Exercising After all the comments we received We decided to open and see what’s happening with our insulation We have fibreglass insulation, you can see this guys I removed one panel I can say that I didn’t find any humidity Even the metal structure is completely dry So I guess it’s a good news for us There are a lot of small factors that influence how much humidity or mold You will get, if you will get some mold but we have a heater, we have two vents One with the forced air So it helps us to circulate a lot of air, actually, around We still quite happy with that That’s it! This is the final speech of the video We will go through each modification we’ve done I would call it a farewell talk I’ve done three days trip in Tuscany So I tested just now this The biggest and most exciting modification for me was the sofa And it’s a game changer You have much more space By adding two cushions on the back it’s really much more comfortable to sit down It’s much bigger space to sleep I still need to test it You can even chill out, I was with the honey on the trip So we were chilling out watching… Which kind of honey was that? We were chilling out here and watching Netflix on the bottom Really cool because you have headspace It’s really cool thing Second biggest modification is the fresh water tank Big deal, we emptied so much space Put the new fridge and made some nice shelves It’s not even about how much space we recovered It’s about that we have bigger tank now And the fridge we took is different from most popular fridge on Youtube I guess Yeah, it’s more efficient to open like this Keep the cold and all that cool stuff but it’s always a mess inside This fridge is a standard fridge I think it’s much more easy, much more comfortable to use Even if it’s less efficient Honestly Let’s see how it goes At least it’s half price what other people pay for this normal Dometic fridges Yeah, Dometic is ridiculously expensive For me, still probably, one of the biggest things we accomplished was safety improvements True Because it’s not a small deal You want to leave your van without thinking about things I remember when we were traveling He was like: -Eh, that’s fine, what they can steal, everything in the backpacks or in the safebox!?! But people steal even small stuff Let us use the things Like for example we have this NDS Power Service Which we haven’t used, we just installed now And we need to use it during the trip We cannot tell you now if it’s good or not We need to see how fast it’s charging the batteries If you are curious about updates and new stuff Consider subscribing to the channel because we have intention of just continue making good stuff here Always good stuff! And new experiments Small comment about the [fresh] water Before it was inside of the van and it was the temperature of the van Now it stays outside And it’s temperature of outside The main point is that in the summer it will be warm, in the winter will be super cold And you have a new problem It might be freezing up Drawers We wanted to experiment to create one And it was success but you need the stopper, seriously As soon as you start driving those things are just sliding back Definitely on the list is to instal push-and-lock When you break fast things are not flying over off the cupboards When you are drifting, you know Don’t underestimate the stoppers for the back door It works really fine We used it couple of time just to keep the door still Yeah, some of the modifications doesn’t feel like they are big but in reality Small things that make you life better, no, more comfortable at least Check other video and maybe start from the first one If you haven’t seen the other ones It’s like a history of development We never had experience of camper van The story of success, I would say For now it’s not too much success but We started from not knowing anything and we just Each video we’re improving something So, me and my brother Real brother, the same mum, the same dad Like a family thing, you know We can maybe next time will bring our mum with us Family business And if you appreciate this video Please like it and please make a comment Say hey, thanks, or something like that It’s kind of your payment for this video quality because it takes a lot of hard drive space It takes a lot of time to edit the video If you have a spare hard drive just send to us That’s it for this video. Thanks for watching Next one is coming Soon… Subscribe, follow, like, and whatever Peace You know what to do

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