Crayon Pop members came to meet Jam Jam! [The Return of Superman/2019.12.29]

(Tapping) What is that sound? The person making that tapping sound is Jam Jam. (Jam Jam is enjoying an apple in the morning.) (I want to peel it.) She wants to peel it. – She is copying her mom. / – It’s a toy knife. What will Heejun show her? (He succeeds to split an apple!) What do you think? Thumbs up. (Maybe I can do it too.) How cute! My goodness. (I want to do it like Dad.) – Try it. / – You can’t. – Of course you can’t. / – You can’t, right? I did it! – You did it! / – You did it! – Did she? / – I did it! – You did it! / – You did it! A hole. – She succeeded to put a hole in it. / – She is strong. You put a hole. (She is in a good mood today.) Jam Jam, today, some pretty princesses will come. – You will get guests. / – Princesses? She will get guests? But I am a princess. That’s right. You are a princess. (She takes a bite of the apple.) Fainting. Fainting. Snow White. You are a princess all right. These princesses are from another kingdom. – The Jumping Kingdom. / – The Jumping Kingdom? – People in that kingdom jump. / – I think I know. – I get it! / – Your mom used to live there – Right, she did. / – before she came here. I used to live in the Jumping Kingdom before I moved here. There is no prince here. I am the only prince people need. How about the prince? I am the only prince people need. She pretended not to hear him. You aren’t a prince. Why do you say that? I am a prince. (For goodness’ sake.) They are here. The princesses of Jumping Kingdom. – They must be here! / – They must be here! – They must be here! / – She is excited. They are here. They must be here! – Hello. / – Welcome. – Hello. / – Jam Jam! – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – My goodness. The princesses of Crayon Pop are here. In 2013, – they made everyone in Korea jump. / – That’s right. The members of Crayon Pop have gathered once more together with their center, Soyul. (Crayon Pop’s Leader, Geummi) I see the leader, Geummi and the twins, Choa and Way. It has been a while. – We are here. / – They haven’t changed at all. – I know. / – Hello. We are here. – Jam Jam is so pretty. Hello. / – Hello. – You haven’t changed at all. / – Of course not. You lost a lot of weight. – I’ve lost some. / – That’s incredible. – He is incredible. / – I know. – You didn’t have to bring… / – They’re nothing big. We couldn’t come empty-handed. – What are those? / – What are those? – Jam Jam, open it. / – Ta-da. That’s… That’s incredible. It’s the best day for Jam Jam. – What is this? / – Let’s open it. Shall we open this? – She is excited. / – Jam Jam. – Jam Jam used to play with this. / – That’s right. – That’s why you brought it. / – Ta-da! Jam Jam, do you remember this? How cute! My goodness. I remember. I remember that. Jam Jam put the face cream all over herself. (Shocked) She finished up a jar of face cream. – You remember, right? / – Jam Jam grew up a lot. My goodness. She is happy. (Jam Jam is pretty.) Jam Jam, who am I? – Red. / – Red. – Red. / – Red. – How about me? / – Aunt Red. Navy. – Navy. / – How about me? – White. / – White. How cute! – Where is she going? / – Where is she going? Aunts, find Jam Jam. – Where is she? / – She is playing hide-and-seek. – That’s so sudden. / – Did she hide? – Where is she? / – Let’s look for Jam Jam! I can’t find her because she hid so well. – They are excellent actresses. / – I don’t see her. What is this? Is it a tree? – I am a tree. / – It’s a tree. – She is here! / – She is here! They must find Jam Jam so cute. There is a butterfly. – There is a butterfly. / – A butterfly. – You can be a butterfly. / – Why don’t you put it on – and dance with us? / – Do you want to put it on? – Jam Jam. / – She looks like a fairy! How cute! She really looks like a fairy. Jam Jam, let’s go out and dance like a butterfly. – Let’s do the butterfly dance. / – Shall we do that? – They play well with her. / – I know. (Dancing) (Tiger swallowtail butterfly, white butterfly) She is so cute. – ♪ Fly over to me ♪ / – ♪ Fly over to me ♪ Jam Jam can jump really well. – The topic of jumping came up. / – Jam Jam, jump. – They said jumping. / – Let’s see the original dance. (Shall we…) Do you want to see how well your mom can jump? Let’s see it! Will Soyul show her dance skills? I haven’t seen this dance in so long. (Her angles are perfect.) – She is good. / – Oh, my goodness. Let’s jump together, Jam Jam. – Jump! / – ♪ Jumping, jumping ♪ – ♪ Jumping, jumping ♪ / – ♪ Jumping, jumping ♪ (Together, jump, jump) She doesn’t just jump. She positions her torso well. (Soyul becomes excited as well.) Well done. (Her cheerfulness explodes!) She is showing off her dance skills. – The song was sensational. / – I miss those days. Years have passed, but their looks and dance skills are the same. Seriously. (They brought back Crayon Pop!) – Jam Jam should join the group. / – I know. It has been a while, right? Right, their stamina is probably not the same. – One thing is different. / – It’s been a while, right? – That warmed me up. / – Everyone is sweating. I guess Jam Jam isn’t tired. – Jam Jam is tireless. / – We need to jump again. That’s right. You can’t beat her stamina. Jam Jam isn’t tired yet. Her stamina is amazing. She got that from her mom. – You girls play with Jam Jam. / – Okay. – I’ll make something tasty. / – I’m hungry. He doesn’t disappoint. He is the best husband. – I am so hungry. / – We jumped too much. I will make you something tasty. – He is the best. / – Can we look forward to it? That would make your wife proud before her friends. – That’s right. / – Jam Jam, shall we serve the fruits we prepared earlier? I peeled them. – Thank you for the food. / – Thank you for the food. I want persimmon. Jam Jam, it’s so tasty. – Jam Jam, you’re the best. / – The best. – She gave a thumbs up. The best. / – Jam Jam. Among these aunts, who is most like a princess? – Who is like a princess? / – Who’s the princess? Pick one of them. – I wonder. This can make you competitive. / – Oh, my. – She chose Aunt Way. / – Is she most like a princess? – Jam Jam, Aunt Way is touched. / – Really? – Aunt Way is touched. / – I am touched. – Jam Jam, why? / – Why? – What’s the reason? / – What’s the reason? (Heejun is cooking.) What will he make? We jumped too diligently. It smells good. – I am hungry. / – It smells good. Are you hungry? Yes, I am hungry. I am so hungry. I will help you! I will help you! (I will save you from hunger!) She opens that drawer every day. (Jam Jam sneezes as well.) – How cute! / – Did you sneeze as well? – Is he making something spicy? / – It’s the dish. Go over there. It’s a rice snack. – Is that for me? / – She got them rice snack. – It’s so big. / – It’s so big. – She gives one to everyone. / – Thank you. She’s so nice to share her food. Jam Jam. She is nice. Do you hear the sound? – I hear the sound. / – Do you hear the sound? I hear the sound. – Jam Jam’s ASMR. / – ASMR. (Jam Jam TV) (Listen to the sound carefully.) (Crunching) Do you hear the sound? (Please subscribe and like!) Goodness. You’re hungry, right? (The sound of the snack makes them hungrier.) – She has a good nose. / – I’m hungry. What is he making? Tteokbokki. – It’s the perfect menu. / – I know. His face tells me the taste is a bit lacking. What, ketchup? Why would he add ketchup? My mom always adds ketchup to tteokbokki. – Really? / – Yes. (He adds ketchup and stirs.) It’s my first time to see someone add ketchup. What is that? Meat? Is that bulgogi? Wait, is he adding beef as a topping? (Heejun’s beef tteokbokki is complete!) – There is meat. / – This is what I make best. – I love tteokbokki. / – Me too. I love it. I love it. We ate tteokbokki the most often – in the dormitory. / – Seriously. It’s my first time to see meat on top of tteokbokki. – I know. / – Is it tasty? They look touched. How is the taste? Heejun, you could be a cook. – He got a pass. / – It’s so tasty. – If you open a restaurant, / – Is it that good? – it will be a hit. / – I’m curious about the taste. (Impressed) – Open it in my neighborhood. / – I guess it is tasty. The meat is delicious. It’s tasty. – I guess the combination works. / – It’s hot. – It’s so tasty. / – It’s really good. (Jam Jam eats soondae.) – She must have been hungry. / – I guess. – Is it tasty? / – Is it tasty? (The taste makes her dance!) We ate tasty food every day. – Jam Jam… / – She went to an uncle. (She checks this uncle’s face.) Is she looking for something? (She checks another uncle’s face.) She seems to be looking for something. (Jam Jam, what are you doing?) What is it? Jam Jam is looking for someone. Uncle, come on out. (Flustered) I will introduce you to the aunts. What? (I will help you.) – Jam Jam. / – Jam Jam. – Do you want Uncle to come out? / – He must be it. – What is this about? / – Come on out. – Will you introduce him to them? / – Why would she? How cute! – She is playing cupid. / – Is this a blind date? (The cameraman makes an unexpected appearance.) – There he is. / – No way. Say hello to the aunts. – My goodness. / – Hello. Hello. (Shy) My goodness. (This handsome cameraman resembles Kim Dongjun.) – He is handsome. / – Let’s have the World Cup of ideal types. Which member of Crayon Pop is – the closest to your ideal type? / – My goodness. (Who will it be?) (My ideal type is…) – One, two… / – Geummi. (The cameraman’s pick is Geummi.) Geummi. – She is his pick. / – She is so happy. – Why I am happy about this? / – How nice! – I am so happy. / – Jam Jam is good. – She is good. Jam Jam is like Cupid. / – How cute! How did she think of that? I am glad that everyone is doing well, but don’t you want to take the stage together? – We miss it at times. / – We miss it sometimes. We want to make our fans happy. We never officially disbanded. – I see. / – Our contract ended, but we never officially disbanded. I remember Soyul telling me that she is dating you. We were in my car. She said, “I have someone I love.” Did she tell you that – in the car? / – I didn’t want to hide it from them. We were open about everything. She married me out of the blue. You heard the news while the group was active. – That’s right. / – That’s right. It must have been – difficult for them. / – I’m sure you were surprised. – We were surprised. / – That’s right. – Since Soyul was in a group, / – We were very shocked. she had to think about the members. Don’t cry. It was really hard. We were open about everything. Then suddenly, I had a big secret. I feel bad that I couldn’t tell you – about it. / – She had no choice. Back then, we were very flustered. In any case, – it was a first for all of us. / – That’s right. I couldn’t find the courage to tell you. At first, I was determined to tell you. Even Heejun said that would be a good idea, but I suddenly had cold feet and couldn’t do it. “I can’t do this.” For some reason, I was scared. – I was scared. / – You were young. – You were scared. / – You didn’t have the courage. Since you couldn’t tell us, you must have suffered by yourself. It’s nice that the older members are understanding. It’s good that you met someone you love. – That’s right. / – It led you to Jam Jam. Jam Jam is so cute. – Mom, did you cry? / – What? Did you cry? – We never said anything, but / – Did you cry? – the article got published. / – I got dust in my eyes. – Goodness. / – I will wipe your eyes. Jam Jam. – She has Jam Jam. / – Thank you. – She’s even considerate. / – Thank you. Do it gently. She wants to wipe her mom’s eyes. – She is so cute. / – It’s so touching. – She is so cute. / – Seriously… How did you give birth to a girl like her? – She is so nice. / – I want a daughter like her. You became a mom first. Among us, you became a mom first – despite being the youngest. / – I know. In the future, we will get help – from Soyul. / – Seriously. I can babysit. – Soyul… / – I can babysit for an hour. – She can babysit for an hour. / – Just an hour? – Just an hour. / – Okay. – An hour. / – Will it be okay? I can babysit for an hour. – She is an expert at childcare. / – That’s right. Jam Jam. Jam Jam, shall we go out? Shall we go on a date? – Really? / – The women need to chat. – That’s right. / – Shall we go out? Talk among yourselves. Make yourselves at home. You look like Superman. Seriously. Jam Jam, let’s meet again. – Jam Jam, I love you. / – Bye. – Bye. / – Thanks to Jam Jam, Jumping Kingdom will always be filled with happiness.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Level of friendship is on another level when they clap and say HE'S THE BEST HUSBAND :")

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  3. I'm glad how the Crayon Pop members keep saying ''Our contract just ended but we never disbanded"
    You know any group that went through the most but can still overcome everything with their friendship is the most genuine group ever. I miss Crayon Pop too. Thanks Hee Jun for asking them whether they wanted to be on stage again :')

  4. This is lowkey the most beautiful aftermath of a group. The members still being close, despite controversy, and signs of new futures.

  5. Me interese en crayón pop después de ver que jam jam era hija de soyul, investigué sobre ellas y ahora me gusta mucho el grupo y me puso muy sensible este episodio las amo ❤️

  6. lmao i love that jam jam goes to that drawer so often they just put a camera there permanently

  7. jamjam is soo cutee. and it so funny with the cameramen. itso cute to see the interaction

  8. I like crayonpop since their debut and soyul is my bias. 😍 im very happy to see them again especially with jamjam. Yeeeeeeey 😍

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    Sorry for my bad English 😂😂

  10. It’s sad that Ellin isn’t there but I think she didn’t want to come on tv because of that BJ scandal.

  11. There must be something nice about that camera man because Jam-Jam was looking for him specifically. 🙂

  12. If Jam Jam becomes a famous pop star she should visit the Crayon Pop members when they are all older.

  13. I look at the mom and I always see Han chaeyoung hahah they look so similar !! Side note: jam jam is so cute!! I love watching this show just for her hahah

  14. Soyul is so lucky because her husband is very understanding. I mean he gets the cue all the time, without her needed to tell him things

  15. The way Jam Jam interacts with everyone around her is so cute! Can’t wait to see her vocabulary develop more.

  16. Jamjam is the first kid of ROS who play cupid between cameraman and the idol guest lol

    By the way, is that the cameraman who eat the tangerine's peel that jamjam gave?

  17. 11:40 The Most Important Message. Crayon Pop is not disbanded.
    We need Crayon Pop comeback

  18. 1:35 Jamjam resembles Manse and his mannerism. Holding his ears while eating 😍

  19. We (the international fans) have been waiting for this!!!😍🤗💕 We'll be waiting for the next episode of this, pleaseeee ❤️

  20. I know the show about the father and his kids, but I love when the mother is included such as this! I miss Crayon Pop and am super happy we got to see their little reunion!

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  23. The moment Jam Jam brought tissue to her mom I started crying too..
    It was indeed a hard time, for everyone, for Soyul & Heejun, for Crayon Pop members.
    But Jam Jam is too beautiful she was worth all the hardship. Please be happy, everyone! Happy New Year!

  24. How can jamjam think of that being a cupid? Wow! Just wow! These episode of jamjam and rawon giving me chills with those matured actions.

  25. i feel that heejun want them to have a comeback…
    maybe he plans to give them a beautiful song for it 😍
    and also, he's so sweet!

  26. Thank you for making this Crayon Pop reunion possible. Seeing the members together reminds me of the saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."
    For example, 12:14 where Way continues eating while someone is being emotional next to her. 😀
    Pop! Pop! Crayon Pop!

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  28. The real question is…. did that cameraman get her number or did she get his number lmao I need a follow up. Jam jam is literally the best wingwoman to ever exist.

  29. Tablo: Haru, here's the handsome guy shows Seungyoon
    Haru: Where???

    Heejun: I'm the only prince the people needs
    JamJam: pretends not to hear how about the prince?? . .

    Same energy. . .

  30. For some reasons, I feel so emotional for this episode. I knew Crayon Pop for the first time when they made an appearance on one of TV station in Indonesia and I became their fan afterwards. This video means a lot to me and all of Crayon Pop's fans all over the world. Thank you, KBS for make this reunion became true. I am also hoping for their comeback. Hopefully, their friendship will last forever. And, sorry for my bad English :). 크레용 팝, 문희준, 문희율 파이팅! ♡♡

  31. when jam jam came over to the camera man to set up blind dates for the uncles and aunts🥰

  32. Seeing this heartwarming moment, really makes me hope that in the future Snsd will have their own kids and the girls will come over to play and bond. They played so well with Sarang in TROS.

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