COMPLETE BODY HEALING Guided Meditation/Reprogramming

Make yourself comfortable, sit or lie down,
make sure you will not be interrupted. If you have time, make your space pleasing
to you, let in some fresh air, maybe use some essential oils to add another sensory experience. Grab a comfortable cushion or your favourite
blanket; you could even do this meditation while taking a hot, relaxing bath. If you tend to fall asleep during meditations
lying down and want to stay awake, I would recommend to sit up comfortably. The key to this meditational healing is to
indulge in relaxation, self-love and care. Everything in this world is energy, solid,
dense, invisible or light, perceived with eyes, skin or ears, it is all energy. Our thoughts and feelings are also energy. This Universe is an inclusion based Universe,
which means that like attracts like and all what we feel and think about gets included
into our reality. The more we feel and think about whether it
is good or bad the more evidence then we will find in our reality to confirm our feelings
and thoughts. As you sit or lie down start to relax your
legs and shoulders, focus on softening, getting as soft as you can and listen to the pull
and force of gravity which will help you bring so much ease into your body. The force of gravity is grounding you down
and this has such an amazing relaxing and strengthening effect on your body. Feeling gravity lets you fall into more parasympathetic
nervous system, therefore you can stay in a more calm state during this guided meditation. So take a big breath into your belly and try
to inflate the back of your waist as you breathe in. Feel the breath go down all the way to the
pelvic floor and relax your jaw and as you exhale, exhale out of your mouth, and as you
exhale completely at the end of your breath, drop your bones, make them even heavier. (breathe in and out)
Begin to just comb through your body with breath and put your focus primarily at the
end of each exhale and allow each exhale to make your body even more relaxed, really anchored
and more expanded, like a puddle growing bigger. (breathe in and out)
When you become really relaxed your quality of listening alters. It’s not a surface kind of listening, it’s
a whole body listening and this is what you want to tap into as we move through different
parts of body throughout this meditation. (breathe in and out)
Take another big breath into your belly, breathe into your organs and drench it with your breath. Breathe into the upper cavity of your chest,
breathe into the base of your shoulder blades, then your armpits and now a make a really
big breath out out of your mouth and drop all of your tissues heavy onto the Earth. Keep your jaw soft and face spacious, this
creates a space for potential and positive experience inside and outside of your body. (breathe in and out)
Please make the following intention for this meditation: ‘My intention is to be solution
orientated and appreciative human being who is aligned to all potential that is available
within me.’ Your body is like invariable chemical laboratory
and more than that it is like an electric circuit board; an electric circuit board of
thoughts which forms your body’s state of being and shape. Your body is a mirror of your thoughts, feelings
and inner dialogue. Thoughts and feelings you had in the past
and are having now are being reflected in your body. Whether you are pleased or not where this
momentum of your thoughts and feelings has brought you to, you can improve your health
and the image of your body, starting right now. (breathe in and out)
Your focus and positive intentions are the two most powerful tools in the entire Universe. Well-being and health is your natural state
of being. Well-being is the basis of this Universe. (breathe in and out)
Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has told you or you have permitted
yourself to believe. At least for the next short while please keep
an open mind and release any limiting beliefs you have about your body, your DNA, your genetics,
your bodies abilities and all that other people have told you about your body ’96 let go
of all of this, have your mind as a blank piece of paper. (breathe in and out)
So let’s begin to scan your body to release any tension and allow for the natural well-being
to flow to you. Starting with your eyes and eyelids. Relax your eyes, relax your eyelids and all
the little muscles around the eyes, soften them. Relax the eyes and the eyelids so that the
weave of them becomes even. Relax your forehead, make it light as if it
is no longer there. Sometimes when we visualise we tense our eyes
and our forehead, our frontal lobe, just for now try and relax and let go. (breathe in and out)
Start to feel the lightness and ease that exists when you let go, I want you to stay
with that feeling through this meditation. (breathe in and out)
Now place your attention to your feet, your ankles and your toes. Invite this sinking like feeling into each
of your toes, both of your feet, both heels and ankles. Try and let go even more in your ankles. When you start to relax and let go you can
start to feel the natural sensation of ease which is well-being flowing through you. (breathe in and out)
By this simple action of relaxing your body you instruct trillions of your body cells
to function perfectly and effortlessly. (breathe in and out)
Let’s feel gratitude for each toe by feeling grateful to have this part of the body for
the purpose of walking, jumping, balancing and having fun in a variety of your favourite
activities. With your focus go through your toes and feel
appreciation for each toe, then your ankles and your feet. Acknowledge the intelligence of this part
of your body that allows you to travel physically and helps you to experience your physical
life. (breathe in and out)
Let’s move your attention of well-being into your legs and hips. By moving your attention also move the feeling
of letting go of control and inviting more peace and trust within your body, your cells
know what to do. (breathe in and out)
Your cells are a collective consciousness in direct communication with Source which
only knows well-being. When you focus on vitality instead of disease
or weight-loss you introduce much less resistance into the equation, then your cells can communicate
with Source easier. Where is Source consciousness there is health
and improvement. From the smallest organisms, amebas in the
ocean to us, we all are connected directly to the Source, asking for improvement, evolving
through our asking, we just need to let go of how’s and when’s. Obsessive analysis perpetuates emotional paralysis
and there is nothing more important than that you feel good as in your good feeling is where
you let go and allow your health. With that in mind flood your legs with gratitude
and feeling of relaxation right up into your hips. (breathe in and out)
Send love to each blood vessel, tissue and each cell. Feel appreciation for the magnificent design
for this part of your body, time and ingenuity it took to become what it is and for serving
you so well. (breathe in and out)
Now let’s move up into your pelvic bowl and upper body. Observe your breath traveling into your belly,
your body rising and falling as you inhale and exhale. Feel yourself expand like a puddle, become
more at ease and insync with the intelligence of your body. (breathe in and out)
You are finding yourself in ease and in ease disease is not possible. Disease begins with a thought, then negative
emotion, which then becomes tension in a body. Some thoughts, that are being thought long
enough, become beliefs and these beliefs, become chronicle tension and disease in our
bodies. Any bodily condition is just an indicator
of a pattern of vibration. But it is no big deal at all because tension
or disease is just an indicator of the direction of thought you have been holding yourself
in, so let’92s change the direction of the thought. There is not a reason in the world for you
not to have full recovery or body that you desire. Your body has all the resources to heal itself
under all conditions. (breathe in and out)
Imagine a light from our Divine Source in billions of tiny light particles traveling
through your feet into your legs and hips, your pelvis, your chest all gathering into
one beaming light in your solar plexus. (breathe in and out)
Your solar plexus is a genius communication center between you and your inner being, your
non physical self that is directly connected to the Source. There is a huge value to your wellbeing to
learn this communication as your inner broader self knows all the fastest and best ways to
get you well and thriving in all areas of your life. (breathe in and out)
When your inner being is in agreement with you when you are thinking or speaking, you
feel a positive emotion and fully aligned to your true self. When you are thinking or speaking and feel
a negative emotion your inner being does not join you in whatever you are contemplating
as it is not true and you feel separated. Test this out, say to yourself – I believe
my body has the ability to heal – do you feel a positive emotion of hope, courage? It is so because your inner being agrees with
you. Now say – my body is useless, it will never
be what I want – do you feel the negative emotion in that? It’s because it’s not true and your emotional
guidance system confirms this. It is simple and simply genius. Let’s fill your torso, upper body and your
solar plexus with love and appreciation. (breathe in and out)
Let the appreciation flood in, let it bring you peace, let it to help you to turn towards
health and physical thriving. (breathe in and out)
Let’s now focus on your arms, neck and shoulders. Inhale through your arms, neck and shoulders
and allow the natural well-being and all of the cells will seize the resistance and will
become the well-being which is always here for you. (breathe in and out)
Exhale with the knowing that you are worthy of health and joy. Breathe with the knowing that there is nothing
easier than allowing all the health you can possibly acquire. Feel gratitude for having this part of the
body, feel thankful for the mobility and the ability that it has. (breathe in and out)
The truth is that there are far many more things that are functioning well in your body
than aren’t. Imagine a magnificent city where everything
flows and you can find everything you need easily but there is one small pothole that
you keep driving into, would you condemn the whole magnificent city for one pothole? Your body is the same, it is a work of art
with perfect functions and by focusing on a thing that we do not like about it, will
bring more tension and takes us away from the truth that there is far more well-being
‘a0within your body than not. Feel the gratitude for your arms, soothe yourself
with the feeling of appreciation, throughout your neck and shoulders. (breathe in and out)
It just feels good to allow yourself to feel well and perfect as you are. Change your vibration by making peace with
where you are. Make peace with where everyone is. Make peace with the world. Be alright with everything. (breathe in and out)
Now lets focus on your skin. Once again give yourself away to gravity. Let the skin drape over you like a blanket
and let the gravity pull you down as you relax the skin all over your body. (breathe in and out)
Think of the relaxing feeling whenever you are in the sun or water and how the warmth
feels on your skin, the relaxing sensation on your body and mind. Continue with this gentle and relaxing feeling. (breathe in and out)
Our each individual state of our bodies is either resistance to this natural flow of
health and well-being or we are in the alignment with this natural flow of vitality and thriving. Release any residue of resistance from your
body by breathing through tension held throughout your skin. (breathe in and out)
See the natural wellbeing take over each cell in your skin and positively affecting all
tissue as you relax and allow. (breathe in and out)
Appreciate the skin and its ability to feel things like soft bedsheets, warm cuddles,
loving kisses. Appreciate its multipurpose design keeping
our internal organs safely in place, allowing us to touch objects, people and animals, appreciate
that it allows you to feel sunshine, the wind, the water, all the Earthly elements of the
external environment. Skin makes our experience much more enhanced
although sometimes we don’think about it, but it’s one beautiful way to experience our
outside world. (breathe in and out)
With your inner vision scan through all of your skin while expressing gratitude to your
skin for giving you this wonderful sensory experience with our planet. (breathe in and out)
Let’s move your inner vision and love to your head. There is so much genius and amazing functions
in this part of your body, it’s like being in a favourite store and all the things are
your favourite. Let’s begin with your mouth, chin and cheeks. Inhale through the nose and mentally drench
this part of body with breath, let go of any tension there. (breathe in and out)
Inhale again and place your focus to your nose and ears, exhale with love and softness
across this area. (breathe in and out)
You are worthy of wellbeing and physical body you desire and you can move towards it right
now by letting go and knowing that wellbeing is your birthright and the most natural thing
to do just like breathing. (breathe in and out)
Breathe into your eyes, your forehead and your inner vision, let go of any gripping,
relax all the muscles, smile with your eyes and your inner vision, relax your temples. Shine the smile and the vision onto your brain,
relax any gripping and let it be heavy and yet blissful and still. (breathe in and out)
Appreciate this wonderful factory where smells, sounds, flavours, aha moments, delicious kisses,
beautiful outer and inner vision and so much more gets translated and created. (breathe in and out)
Bask in the appreciation for this part of your body, allow yourself to really appreciate
the love and amazing functionality that resides within you. (breathe in and out)
You are by far the most genius creation who is on the leading edge of evolution and expansion. (breathe in and out)
From now on, rather than criticizing your genius body when eating, moving, or at any
other time at all, praise your body, make positive intentions and observations which
will act as positive instructions to your cells, the body of trillions of consciousness
and this will serve you magnificently. (breathe in and out)
You must know and feel that you are doing just fine and help is on its way. (breathe in and out)
Be a conscious creator, be an allower of wellbeing, know that when you release tension and negative
emotion, your health and wellbeing improve immediately. (breathe in and out)
You do not need to analyse how this happens, trust the intelligence of your body, analysing
slows down the allowing of wellbeing process. When you drive your car, you do not decide
to open the bonnet and be part of the engine just in case your car needs you; you drive
your car and you drive your body so-to-speak best when you are calm and focused, when you
trust your body and its purpose and ability to be what it is – the vehicle of your soul. (breathe in and out)
Let the tension become the signal to move in the opposite direction towards ease as
this is your body, literally trying to communicate with you asking for relief. (breathe in and out)
Make it your dominant intention to be at ease with everything and to allow the effortless
manifestation of your health and wellbeing, to seek emotional relief no matter how small
or how big and eventually you will find yourself to be in perfect health and in the best shape
and version of you and if and when you will forget this intention kindly and lovingly
remind yourself of your true nature and intentions you had made. Say to yourself – I am practicing the vibration
of being well and feeling good and I flow into my best health. The more I appreciate the better I feel, the
better I feel the more I allow who I am to flow through me. The more I allow who I am to flow through
me the better I feel. Self love and worthiness is the equivalent
of health and I am going to practice these feelings often. My empowerment is in my individual alignment
to the energy of my Source. (breathe in and out)
When you are in alignment and ease about your body this ease will become a theme in all
areas of your life and you will soon find that you are exposed to a different reality
with different lifestyles, circumstances and people that are also in the same alignment
and you will be making better choices. (breathe in and out)
You are pure, just like a newborn baby, free of any resistance just like you were back
then you are right now. (breathe in and out)
Enjoy this wonderful journey. Open your eyes and say it with me – it is
good to feel good. Clarity is my natural state of being, healthy
is my natural state of being, I love being in this body, it serving me well.

Glenn Chapman


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