Coda.Br 2018 – Data journalism conference in Brazil

[Music] I guess I’m privileged because I’ve been participating since the first edition. For me, this congress is a moment
to share knowledge. And this year it’s much
more complete, with a lot more workshop options. I’m meeting a lot of friends there are plenty of people
from other states You’ve got this data journalism community which exchanges a lot outside of the event and during the breaks of the speeches I found the debate here
very well-informed The questions that the audience
asked me were very good Questions that really reach
the very boundaries of our knowledge This space has been gathering
people since 2016 who didn’t understand
so much about data journalism or were curious,
eager to know about digital methods And nowadays we see these same people
giving workshops in the Coda 2018 edition One of the features of
this new media ecosystem is precisely the multidisciplinarity. You’ve got this intersection
between engineering design, journalism,
political science and statistics So here is the place where
people can get to meet each other Big projects,
nice projects can begin here. The importance of CODA to journalism
is understanding the way that storytelling and data form the perfect
match to good journalism And CODA turned out to be this space where we can bring
people to have this training and to create a community bond It’s really different from a course
or some online tutorial (CODA) is this space where
people meet, exchange, learn and are interested in keeping in touch, So it give us this feeling about
how important it’s to stay connected. [Music]

Glenn Chapman

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