Hi if it looks like I was crying I I was so You guessed correctly Don’t worry guys. I’m totally good. I’m just on my period you know how it is I am so excited for today’s video for once I often am compared to a 12 year old boy Which is like respectable like it makes sense I mean There’s a lot of kind of reasons why one might compare me to a 12 year old boy for example um Everything about me so as you guys probably know if you’ve been watching me for a while or if you don’t and you’re just taking A wild guess I don’t really care about my appearance too much. I don’t get my nails done I don’t get my eyebrows done. I don’t get facials I don’t get my hair done very often my roots are always growing out. I wear sweats a lot I literally don’t know how to wear makeup like I don’t know how to put it on I’m not good at it, and when I do wear it. It looks like absolute ass, but at the end of the day It’s like I really just love sweats, and that’s how it’s always gonna be but today I wanted to Change that I wanted to see if there’s a way that I could make myself look a little bit more like kind of a normal 16 year old girl would I mean I have three orders of business number one? Getting my nails done number two getting my eyebrows done and number three getting my hair dyed Let me explain all of them my nails. Um they kind of are gross I mean like I wash my hands sometimes But like they still manage to get dirty next order of business Getting my eyebrows done you have no clue how much shit I get for not getting my eyebrows done. They’re a little bit messy I’ll show you you know they’re a little bit all over the place. I don’t even pluck them I don’t do anything to them I actually used to get them waxed But I stopped for some reason and probably shouldn’t stop us Sixteen-year-old girls love brows when they’re on that fleek last, but not least I’m gonna get my hair done I kind of want to take my hair to the next level. I’ve just been kind of being a pussy You know I get highlights and like it’s kind of like a little bit more blonde gross I want to go f*ckin blonde as hell . Why mm. I don’t know impulse. There’s really no reason I’ve been talking for a long time, and I haven’t done anything yet, which is not good You know what let’s just hop right into it. Let’s hop right into it. Let’s just go. Let’s just get started okay Let’s just go get started all the boys better be on my block trying You know what I’m trying to say all these boys were no credit You know what I’m trying to say all of these boys gonna be sliding into my DMS Cuz I’m not gonna be no more twelve-year-old boy I’m gonna be a 16 year old girl and all these whole binary my DMS right now, though No one’s in my goddamn the end But after this everybody’s gonna be my dance all because of the eyebrows guys don’t like girls with shitty eyebrows Just kidding if you decide that you don’t like a girl because her eyebrows suck. You literally are going straight to hell Okay, so I’m on my way to the nail place, which also happens to be the eyebrow place which is super convenient But I am stressed out about one thing and that is that I don’t know what color to get on my nails I’m getting acrylics by the way. I’m not just getting like gel nails like I am getting acrylics I’m gonna make those hose long you feel me I don’t know What color to get I’m thinking maybe yellow because I love yellow, and I also need a little bit of brightness in my life Right now because my mental health is struggling if they have a good yellow color I’m gonna choose yellow, but if they don’t then I’m gonna choose light pink okay I’m so glad that we’re making this decision together I also haven’t even made my hair appointment yet for tomorrow, so we will see how that goes this bitch Just jaywalked so bad and I almost hit her Doge a lot kids not good. You don’t want to get killed. Yeah, okay? We’re here. Can’t wait to be beautiful. See you in there Okay, just got my nails and my other rounds done while the lady was doing my nails She was definitely judging them. They are number one dirty and number two uneven and number three I bite them I don’t like them like really short like I bite them a little bit So they’re all uneven and jagged and she wasn’t a fan of them, so that was definitely something I think she’s a little bit like ah this girl needs some help the lady who’s doing my nails Also asked if I was in middle school. I was like no. I’m in high school like I’m 16 I’ve been out of middle school for like three years So that was flattering then the lady did my eyebrows And she told me that my eyebrows have no shape and that it’s going to be a lot of work to fix them so she Really went to town on them, but I think that they look pretty damn good. I mean I was like yes, bitch Yes, I was really impressed with her skillÄj– and I’m really happy I actually really like the eyebrows But I’m not gonna give my conclusions till the end so stay tuned see me up my nails are like yellow It’s kind of an ugly color, but like I kind of fuck with it So let’s give a little montage of my nails and my brows. Let’s do it So I’m literally sitting in front of the hair salon that I go to right now And I’m gonna call and see if they have an appointment even though. I think they don’t have to go in tomorrow Hi Hi, I would like to make an appointment for tomorrow If possible I want to get my hair dyed like completely blonde like full head blonde right now I have highlights that are like kind of grown out I don’t know like if I can still get my full head blonde if I have like sparsely grown out highlights. Is that like possible? Thank you, and I guess I will see you tomorrow at the hair salon See you guys, then peace out. See you tomorrow peace. See you tomorrow to get the hair done peace Guys it’s the next day, but I’m still wearing the same thing because I am literally discussing like that today’s a day We’re getting my hair extremely blonde. I am so excited. I could poop Hopefully they can do what I want them to do I mean I don’t think it’s too complex of a request won’t see if they can do that for me This morning when I was trying to leave my house I looked into my woman And I saw that my credit card was just not there nowhere to be found and I was like hmm that is very annoying so then I Called the nail salon that I was at yesterday and was on the phone if that for like 20 minutes And they were trying to look for my card because maybe I like left it there or whatever and they couldn’t find it then I finally decided that I would look in my car to see if I like lost it in my Car and it was just sitting on the seat next to me Just sitting on the passenger seat just chillin and the moral of that story is don’t be fucking stupid. I’m so hungry, too I literally didn’t eat or drink any coffee, and I could be here for like multiple hours, and I just like didn’t prepare myself So definitely not the smartest person actually I could get coffee right now Yeah, I don’t have time should I get coffee I’m gonna get coffee. Okay. It’s been decided I’m getting coffee I don’t know what this video is but you’re getting a nice coffee break, so enjoy I don’t even know if I’m allowed to park here. That’s the crazy thing. I’ll be right back. Let’s get some coffee Cheers I got my coffee from boba guys. It’s really good. I haven’t been here in a while though, but it’s really good I’ve never been disappointed and that’s all about it. This is literally the most random video I’m just doing everything we’re doing everyone don’t even have the key in the ignition. Okay, that’s something to consider oh Shit, I just kind of hit that car, but just a little bit anyways um I don’t cannot see shit Mmm Good coffee, and we’re here we’re at the salon. I cannot wait. I’m just hoping that she has a good job I don’t know We’ll see I’m gonna look like Hannah, Montana, and I cannot wait pretty excited to not be 12 year old boy anymore That’s gonna. Be nice. All right. I’m gonna go in. I’ll see you when I’m done What’s up, okay, so just finish getting my hair done. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out It’s not exactly as blond as I wanted but she said that she couldn’t give it to me as blonde as I wanted because my hair is already kind of partially damaged and If she bleaches my hair like that She said that part of my hair would fall out and I would go partially bald Which is not something that I want, but I do feel more blonde so far I’m not having more fun, but I don’t mind because I didn’t have high expectations, but the lady was super sweet We had some great conversations That’s what getting your hair is done is all about it’s all about having those great conversations With the hair ladies am I right ladies and gents She said that over time we can make my hair look as blonde as I want But we can’t do it all in one shot or else I’ll go bald like I get it okay, but we’ll see but admit it I look a little bit better when I’m blonde less ugly now that we’ve done the final makeover. It’s time for the conclusion right now Let’s talk about our experience, okay, so starting out with the nails I get to do shit like this hold on Which definitely makes me feel like less of a 12 year old boy because I’ve never seen a 12 year old boy do that so Fuck off then we have the brows okay the brows. Oh my god I mean they look ten times better my penis Fennel you know what I mean, and then last but least the blonde hair honestly I only that the blonde really adds to anything I think it’s just more fun for me And it’s just an excuse for me to ride off getting my hair done in my taxes Sorry, do I look more like a regular sixteen year old? I don’t know comment down below, if these three elements of me Make me look less like a 12 year old boy and more like a 16 year old girl comment down below your opinion Honestly, I think that I still if I get twelve-year-old boy but I think that it’s an improvement and I think that we’re getting there all I need to do is go through puberty and then I’ll look like a sixteen year old girl. That’s about it for today’s video. I think it was overall a great time I mean I think it’s fun. This is all you know fun stuff. I don’t need to do this shit I love me for me. You know what I mean. Love yourself when your eyebrows are done or when they’re not done Love yourself when your hair is at its natural color Or if it’s not love yourself when your nails look really bad who cares love yourself be yourself Let me know if I look more like a sixteen year old girl. I already know your answer is gonna be I still look But just spare my feelings and maybe tell me I look better. Okay. That’s it Love you guys peace out this video is confusing and really bad I don’t really know how this is gonna work and how to format it, and it’s really a stupid video overall But we’re working with what we have and I don’t have any ideas and sometimes. I’m just uninspired and right now I’m a little bit uninspired, so this is kind of the content You’re getting during this little period of time in between my creative idea boosts where I have ideas but right now I don’t have any so this is what you’re getting. Hope you don’t mind Do you mind let me know down below? Do I look like a 16 year old girl now, or do I still look like a 12 year old boy? Let me know down below in the comments. Okay. Bye. That’s all, bye. You

Glenn Chapman


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