Changing the future of rehabilitation with robotic technologies

Kirt innovation is using advanced robotic technologies to change the future of rehabilitation dr. Lee and his team of PhD students have created robotic prototypes which will one day help medical professionals the world over the team engineered this robotic legs exoskeleton to help people with spinal cord injuries regain movement this lightweight prototype is a small motor to control hip knee and ankle joints simultaneously it looks like something out of a Hollywood movie but it's actually simple to you first the leg is secured then the robot simulates walking we're introducing a range of motion to regain leg strength and function this robotic exoskeleton helps mobilize a patient's finger tendons after surgery speeding up recovery time constructed on a 3d printer if it's on to the patient's injured hand using a touchscreen a customized recovery program is delivered extending the injured tendons and improving the range of motion combining virtual reality with robotics is another exciting curtin project the our programs are being designed to help older patients regain balance and stability this robotic stability platform prototype guides patients through gentle balance exercises early studies suggests that immersing the mind at a virtual world can improve rehabilitation and movement it's just another example of curst innovation in action

Glenn Chapman

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