Cedar Ridge by Bonaventure

I walked down the hall one evening a caregiver it was leaving the room and she turned around and said and I love you too good night close the door why wouldn't you love it there's nothing not to love really the staff I mean all the people it just goes on and on and I made so many friends here too when we drove up that driveway with all those trees then came in a salt oh it was absolutely beautiful I mean right away I just are in love with it I suddenly like our apartment it's very comfortable reasonably quiet and just a nice location so we're very happy with that I think that people make a community what it is and that goes for residents and staff it's a great thing it's a family we really are family I think we are a family we work really well as a team people enjoy coming here to all the activities the events it's just a fill when you walk in the front door it's just home the staff just a part of this family here when I see new people coming in I always stop talk to them take them on a tour I'm a resident here what can I tell you it's my job this is my mission here to make these people feel welcome because they have a family people they can count on somebody that you come up and talk to a couple came in after I moved in and we're playing bingo somebody who is in need of something because as you know we're all a family here this is we're here to help each other and be kind to each other it's been a wonderful experience all the way you just feel that everyone cares the whole staff cares retirement perfected to me is providing a quality lifestyle for our residents one that is entertaining it's fun it's memorable fantastic dining safety friendships just security in general having so many supportive people around you I don't think it gets much better than that kind of here I just can't imagine going in grow more could I want

Glenn Chapman

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