Career counselling

often students feel bewildered because they're trying to choose a career for their whole life and I try to encourage them that they're not going to be like their parents with one career right through their whole life demographers are saying now that students who are going into university are going to have five or six careers so really you only have to think about the next five years the most important things that year 12 students can do when they're unsure is to do lots of research and another thing that they could do which would be very helpful is to look on this government website my future and it really helps you to establish whether you'd like to work with people or with data inside outside and gives you a number of job options at the end if you're feeling that you've persevered through a course in your heart isn't really in that course there are some other options you could go and do a work integrated learning program and then you're working on the job getting paid and it gives you an opportunity to see how the big world works the other thing that you could think about is doing some postgraduate study in an area where you're become a specialist the most important thing is to do it a course that taps into your skills and enjoy doing your course and do very very well at the end of every year many students feel disappointed they've got the year 12 results and but they don't get the University course that they had hoped for so I'd like to encourage students to not give up hope at that point first of all there's careers counseling available through Victoria University another idea is having a gap year and having a break doing some hospitality or customer service and then think carefully about what course they might want to do and then of course there's an opportunity to go into a mid year entry so no need to get discouraged or to give up stay strong and look towards the future

Glenn Chapman

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