Bros in an Airport Bakery [The Return of Superman Teaser/ENG]

Where are we heading to? We still have time.
What can we do? (I smelled something sweet.
It was somewhere here.) Which one? (Free tasting!) (Can I have this alone?) What is our family motto? It’s delicious when we eat together! (That’s right!) Bro… Baby, how could you… how… did you get it for free? You can’t just eat it. Ben, which one? THIS! (And this!) – You want this one, too?
– Yeah! Please ~ (I feel good ~) Which one do you want to try first? You can choose only one of them. This! THIS! (I love this~) What is this? Take a look! EMPTY! What’s not there? EMPTY! (((KBS WORLD TV is airing this episode
on November 3, 2019 (KST))))

Glenn Chapman


  1. Can’t wait until Bentley start to talk and claim for more food 😁😁♥️

  2. Haha he chooses the biggest one but got fooled poor Bentley 🤣🤣🤣😘

  3. his laugh is everything when he smells & see the food,,,,,,,goddd he's soooo adorable T_T

  4. I feel Bentley's pain, you get a nice fat pastry and either there's no more bread inside or it's not stuffed with anything. There is no need for a bread shell to be so plump! 🤣

  5. 본능이 먼저 냄새맡고 빵가게로 곧 가네용ㅋㅋ
    울 벤토리 갈수록 더 귀여우면
    이 아줌마 심장마비가 와용ㅋㅋ
    이쁘고 건강하게 크거랑~

  6. When his radar signal's active, it's the time for me to see his laugh and smile when he smeels food. Food is everything for triplet hammington, especially for Ben. His life only for food. And also, his smiles is my medicines. You're too adorable, my pillow baby ㅠㅠ. 사랑해 Ben-Will♡

  7. So sad bently, he was expecting something big inside but it was empty. His dream was shattered.

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