Brain Exercises – Weird Memory Games To Improve Your Memory

Hey, guys. In this video, I’m going to show
you some really cool brain exercises that you can do to help keep your brain strong
and young. Check this out. Hey, guys. It’s Ron White. I’m a two-time
USA Memory Champion. I used to hold the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards
in the United States. And maybe you saw me on the show, Brain Games, on the National
Geographic Channel. In this video I’m going to show you some really cool brain exercises
that I learned from a book called Keep Your Brain Alive by Lawrence Katz, a Ph.D., and
Manning Rubin. In this book, Lawrence and Manning talk about a term called “neurobics.”
And neurobics is something when you use all of your senses — smelling, sight, taste,
touch — and you use it in new and unexpected ways. And these new and unexpected ways wake
up your brain and stimulate brain growth. There’s a myth going around that if you play
brain games and you just do the same game over and over and over again, it’s going to
improve your brain function and your cognitive ability. Neurobics says that is absolutely
not true. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again, what you need to do is
new and unique things that involve all your senses. For example, here is a neurobic exercise.
Get some coins and put them in your pocket. And then reach in your pocket. Not being able
to see the coins, feel them. Feel the edges, feel the texture, the size of them, and try
to figure out what coins they are. Are they pennies? Are they nickels? Are they dimes?
Are they quarters? This is a neurobic exercise. You’re using your senses, your sense of touch,
and you’re trying to figure out what a coin is. That’s a neurobic exercise. It’s kind
of fun, and see how you do. Another neurobic exercise that’s going to
challenge your brain is to close your eyes when you walk in your house and walk around
your house with your eyes closed, trying to remember where the furniture is. Now do this
slowly. I don’t want anybody to get hurt. But by closing your eyes and changing up your
routine, you’re really testing your memory here and you’re making your memory work in
ways that it’s not used to working. And that’s what neurobics is about: making your brain
work in ways that it’s not used to working, challenging your brain. That’s a real fun
neurobic exercise. Here’s another neurobic exercise that you
can do with your friends. Watch the television but put it on mute. And then you and your
friends invent conversations with the characters talking. You don’t know what they’re saying
because it’s on mute, but invent the conversation. That’s a neurobic exercise. It’s going to
stimulate your brain. It’s something that you hardly ever do. And that is why it is
such a great brain exercise. Next, do things that get you out of your normal
thinking patterns. For example, if you always read magazines about motorcycles or camping,
pick up some magazines about something that you would never normally read about. That’s
going to stimulate your creativity and get your brain thinking in ways that it normally
wouldn’t work. You know what I really like to do? I think
we all know some news channels have a bias that lean politically one way or the other
way. You know what I often like to do? I like to watch the channels that I know are going
to lean the opposite direction than I normally think, because I want to stimulate my creativity,
and I want to start thinking in ways that I’ve never thought before. And that is a neurobic
exercise. Whenever you’re driving in your car, your
brain gets on autopilot. And you always just, “I’m going to go down this way. I’m going
to turn here. I’m going to go that way.” And that’s just getting into a habit and your
brain’s almost half asleep whenever you’re driving. I once drove through the entire city
of Houston and I didn’t realize that I had driven through it until I had driven through
it. And I had to turn around and go back because my brain was just on autopilot. When you’re
driving, take a new route home. This new route home will wake up your brain and engage your
brain, and that’s a neurobic exercise. Here’s one that’s really good. Write with
your nondominant hand, just for a day or two days or a week, tell yourself that every time
you write, you’re going to write with your nondominant hand. This is going to engage
parts of your brain that are normally not engaged. And it’s also fun. It’s fun to see
also how your handwriting improves. I was somewhat of a clumsy kid in high school when
I broke my arm twice in three years, my right arm. So I was having to write with my nondominant
hand often in high school. And my handwriting actually got pretty neat. Maybe that’s why
I became the USA Memory Champion 20 years later. All right. Another neurobic exercise is have
somebody get a bunch of spices, 10 or 15 spices. Close your eyes, take the lids off and smell
each one. And see if you can recognize the spices simply by smell. This is going to engage
your sense of smell in a new way and again, new ways of engaging our brain are what neurobic
exercises are all about. And involving your senses: touch, by touching a coin; smell,
by smelling spices. Involve all your senses in these neurobic exercises. All right, guys. If you want to get this book,
it’s on Amazon. It’s called Keep Your Brain Alive. Just click the link below and get this
book. You’re going to love it. Hopefully you enjoyed this video on neurobic brain exercises.
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Glenn Chapman


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