Beyond Survival: Voices of Healing – Drew

I’m Drew Stelter. It just the the
issue of having been abused came up in my therapy. And when it did come up it
was just as like a passing “by the way this happened to me”. And then it kind of
really took hold and whether I wanted to or not I had to look at it. Didn’t really
have a choice. It was kind of staring me right in the
face at that point. Parts of my healing has been learning to accept and feel and
tolerate the positive feelings. My abuse really robbed me of the experience of
feeling joy. I’ve always been one of those people
that there’s something I love I have to share it. And it’s been really great to
attend the Weekends of Recovery because there is a sense of brotherhood
and community there that I’ve not felt in many places. And being able to share my
story with those brothers and hearing their stories,
I still feel connected to them. You know, just that feeling of I’m not alone in
this and that healing isn’t – there’s no end destination, there’s no final
destination and healing is an ongoing process and integrating it into my
life has been really important a lot of self-care. I think I’m more me than I ever have
been and going through the healing process is absolutely vital to that. It’s
just a revelation to me and I’m continually surprised by how much I like
myself; and I didn’t always see see that. unintelligable off camera: “You’re about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.” unintelliglble – “I’m prepared. I’m still scared, but I can do this!” In January or (unintelligable)I told myself
“I’m gonna go skydiving by the end of June. June 29th or something I went
skydiving. And that felt so free. And I couldn’t help but think of the parallels
with with the healing process. I remember thinking gosh the minute I
tell somebody that I was abused like it’s just I’m just gonna fall right out
of the airplane without a parachute and just drop, crash.
So you’re on that precipice right; and jumping is the hardest part and then the
ride is actually kind of enjoyable sometimes. I think that’s and it’s
beautiful. And I think I would do it again.

Glenn Chapman

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