Best Program to Pay Off Debt & Regain Financial Stability I Americor Debt Relief I Michigan

I was struggling financially for quite some time, I didn’t know where to turn it had sent me into a deep depression and I felt like I had no hope. So then I went online and found Americor, found out what they were all about joined the program. So now it’s been two years, I am almost I’m halfway there. The peace that it’s brought me and contentment to know that I’m almost debt free is amazing and every interaction I’ve had with Americor has been nothing but good. They are quick in their response time I had been in such a depression that I had a hard time even picking up the phone to call and talk to people especially about my debt and what I was gonna do about it, and I even felt that way it’s beginning with Americor, but they are compassionate, they were always kind, they answered all my questions, got back to me quickly. I’ve never had a bad interaction with them. I can honestly say they have been a great lifeline for me and my family. Thank you Americor.

Glenn Chapman

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  1. Yeah I suffer from depression two. I've only known that for two weeks, so I'm in for quite a roller coaster. Glad you are doing better though.

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