Bentley is not afraid of touching mudfish [The Return of Superman/2019.10.20]

Dad, what’s that sound? I think it’s from the bird. Let’s go. Dad, what is that? – Did you see that? / – Yes. – Did you see that? / – Yes. – What was that? / – Bird. (Something unfolds before William and Bentley.) So storks can roam around there freely. (Chirp, chirp) Bye. Don’t say bye. Say hello. Hello. – Hello. / – “Hello”. He split that into two. – It’s a good bird. / – Right. Will it make my wish come true? Hello. I hope we can get along. Let’s get along. (Lee Dukhwa’s version) (Birdie.) Please make Ben’s wish come true too. Thank you. (Polite) Since you were very polite, it might come true. It’s impossible not to because he’s so cute. (Observing the storks) The bird is outside. – It’s outside now. / – Where is Bentley going? Right. (Excited) (What?) – He looks serious now. / – He saw something. (What’s that?) – What’s this? / – What’s inside the bucket? – What’s that? Something is inside. / – It moved. It’s scary. Scary. (No matter how many times he looks at it…) It’s scary. He’s running away. Snake. Snake? Hello. (Since he’s scared, he politely says hello first.) Snake. (Hissing) (The rude snake is…) – They’re loaches. / – I see. They do look like snakes. (Do you want to shake hands instead of saying hello?) He said he was scared, but he still wants to touch it. Mouse. Mouse. Mouse. (Let’s catch the mice.) (Sniffing) Food? (Is this food?) That’s for the storks. (Stopping) – That’s food for the storks. / – It’s for the storks. (I don’t know who you are, but…) These are loaches. Are you curious? – Do you want to touch them? / – Yes. – Ben wants to touch them. / – Right. He touched it. It’s scary. (Strangely, I can’t seem to stay away.) – He doesn’t scare easily. / – He’s not easily scared. – Do you want to do it again? / – Yes. (He felt the touch.) (I’ll catch you today no matter what!) Bentley is amazing. (You loach!) (I knew it wouldn’t be easy to catch you.) (I won’t give up.) (Gosh, this is so infuriating.) – What are you doing? / – What is that? – Hello. / – Hi. – What’s that? / – It’s food for the storks. (Let me see.) – Food for the storks? / – They look like snakes. – William is scared right now. / – Aren’t you scared? He thinks it’s food. You want to eat them, don’t you? (I’ll catch you no matter what!) Loach. Bentley doesn’t get scared at all. (My gosh, this is ridiculous.) Catch it. Catch it. I guess he doesn’t find it gross. You’re brave. (A chase after the loach) You got it. No, it got away. Catch it, catch it, catch it. You got it. Catch it. It’s on his shoe. You can do it. Catch it. Hurry. You’re almost there. You got it! (I got it.) (Yes, this is what I’m talking about!) – Weren’t you scared? / – No. Ben is brave. You’re not scared at all. Right. He figured out how to hold it. It’s time to feed the storks. Do you want to come inside and feed them with me? – Yes. / – That’s nice. Shall we go in with him? Go! – Do you want to touch it again? / – Yes. No. Touch it later. (Here’s your food.) If you release the loaches in the puddle over there, the storks will come and eat them. (Hurry up and give us food.) The birds will eat this? William and Bentley are having a great time with the storks. Will they make my wish come true? If you do a good job, they might. – Here. / – He won’t just release it. – He’ll touch it first. / – Into the puddle. That’s it. (Enjoy your food, storks.) Nice job. (Goodness!) Dad, the birds are coming. (Is our meal ready?) – Yes, they’re coming closer, right? / – No! They are coming. The storks are waiting for them to release the loaches and leave. William got pecked by an ostrich once. – Are you really not scared? / – No. I’m a bit scared. William isn’t running away, is he? – You’re scared? What should we do? / – Yes. Dad, shall I wait here? (What’s that sound?) What is this sound? – They make such sounds? / – What’s going on? (It means they are hungry.) He’s completely frozen. (I can’t wait any longer.) William, what’s wrong? Dad, I’ll be outside for a second. (Dashing) Right here. Dad, good work. Okay. I’m not scared. I’m just watching them from here. Bentley, the birds are coming. The storks won’t wait for them. They’re approaching. What about Bentley? (I need to hurry up.) – Is he the bird keeper? / – Hurry. (We were accompanied by an expert while filming.) Be careful, Ben. The small bird is coming again. Oh, no. Move back. Back, back. Ben, you should move to the side. But you can’t do that. – Bentley, the birds are coming. / – Come here. Hurry. Hold this. There you go. There you go. Lift it from the bag. (Eat a lot, storks.) Clap. Well done. Clap. Nice job. Bye. (Eat a lot.) Enjoy your meal. (They exit in a hurry.) (And the birds approach in a hurry.) – They’re approaching. / – They were waiting. My goodness. (It’s the long-awaited mealtime.) – How fascinating! / – It caught one. Look at that. Thanks to Bentley, the storks are having a party. Storks are very pretty. – Dad. / – Yes? Dad, I am proud. Why would you be proud? – Bentley should be proud. / – Enjoy the food. (I am proud.) Dad, everything is green here. Hello. Hello. Who are you saying hello to? Hello. (Welcome, William and Bentley.) It’s nice to sightsee during a trip. Food. – Do you want food? / – Yes. We need to sightsee. I smell something delicious. There is food to eat. There is a food truck. It will be delicious. Bird. (There is a bird.) Hello. Parrots talk that way. “Hello.” Hello. Hello. Hello. Does it move? (Unresponsive) (Is it shy?) (The owner of the parrot) If you give it a snack and say hello, it will say hello back. Hello. You need to give it a snack – Hello. / – to hear it speak. Gosh, he dropped it. (The snack falls to the ground.) Do it again. (I call dibs!) Hey, hey. You’re unbelievable. Come here. Don’t eat it. You shouldn’t eat food that was on the ground. Dad, I am hungry. Let’s go inside. What can we get here? – Let’s take a look. / – Food. Dad, this looks sweet. (Sweet and chewy hotteok) – Hotteok. / – It’s tasty. It’s sweet. Dad, why is that hotteok long? I don’t know. It’s my first time to see a long hotteok. – Is this hotteok? / – Yes. Which one do you want? – All. / – Do you want all? – All. / – This one contains cheese. Dad, it looks delicious. I will eat the one with cheese. It’s my first time seeing this kind of hotteok. (Bentley got the sweet honey hotteok.) – Ben. / – It must be very tasty. Is it tasty? (Eating) Bentley can eat with his hands. It suits him better. Is it okay? (It’s sweet.) It’s tasty, right? (He presses his lips against it.) It’s like an eating show. It must be very tasty. (Biting) (It’s Hotteok Day today.) – You are enjoying the food. / – Yes. Stay here. I will get something for myself. Get something for yourself. Okay. (Baby, is it tasty?) – It’s a bug. / – It’s a fly. A fly approached the food. Bug, go away. Fly, go away. (Stop bothering Bentley and go away!) I hope it doesn’t bite Bentley. It’s sitting right next to the food. (What should I do?) Excuse me, may I use that? Go ahead. Thank you. There is a fly swatter. William is so dependable. Although he gets scared easily, he is dependable. Bentley, keep eating. I will protect you. (William is the best.) (Trust me.) Where is the mosquito? It’s on the table. (Swatting) It needs to be spanked. (Swatting) (Touched) A mosquito! (I will protect the baby.) A mosquito! Bentley, are you enjoying your food? (Thanks to William, the food tastes even better.) William, what are you doing? I was catching a mosquito. A mosquito? Is there a mosquito? (Take this.) Who ate all the food? Did he have to ask? Of course, it was Bentley. Dad, what did you get? I got kkwabaegi. Gosh, what is that? Dad, I want to eat it as well. You have your food. Give me a small piece. (Give it to me!) (I will give it to you.) – They eat with gusto. / – I know. They are so cute. I want kkwabaegi. It’s tasty, right? (Yes!) It’s the best. Give me all of it. – Give me. / – What? This? How am I supposed to divide it? Dad, I will divide it. Then divide it. Divide it evenly. I will divide it. (His eyes are full of suspicion.) How will he divide it? He is untwisting the doughnut. (He untwists the doughnut and cuts it in half.) He is precise. – He is like King Solomon. / – I cut it in half. How did you know what to do? It’s twisted. Baby, eat up. (Thank you, William.) What am I supposed to eat if you finish my kkwabaegi? – They eat everything Sam buys. / – The chicken skewer. Sam should get two of each. – I will eat this. / – I want… I want to eat it. What am I supposed to eat? (He got a chicken skewer after he lost his kkwabaegi.) – Dad! Dad! / – Do you even know what this is? (Dad,) (I haven’t had protein today.) That’s true. He only had carbohydrates today. Dad. Dad. (I will give you one bite.) (Dad is the best.) Dad, this is it. It’s tasty, right? (I want another bite.) Of course, it’s tasty. I bet it’s really tasty. (I will get my food taken away at this rate.) (I am still hungry.) Bentley is worried that Sam will finish the skewer. (I really want to eat it.) (Hold on.) (Sam opens his eyes wide.) (You are a meanie!) (I won’t share this!) (My hands move faster than my eyes.) – He is incredible. / – He stole it in the end. Is today the last day you are going to eat? Aren’t you going to eat tomorrow? He is going to eat tomorrow as well. He is going to eat more food tomorrow. (I am going to eat more food tomorrow.) My goodness. (The food of the day shouldn’t be saved for tomorrow.) I won’t eat with you anymore. My goodness. – That! / – What? That! (I can’t believe he isn’t full yet.) Ben, go and choose what you want to eat. Choose what you want to eat. (He gets to choose food freely.) (Happy) He is happy. (What should I eat this time?) – What? / – That. (Is the menu board moving?) What is going on? What is going on? (This is my choice.) Hey, what are you doing? (Buy me everything on the menu.) Hold on. Hey. Do you want everything? This is a menu board. This is a menu board. What do you want? – What do you want to eat? / – All. What? You can’t eat all the food on this. I can’t wait to see what will happen on William and Bentley’s tasty trip.

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  1. snake -> mouse -> food 😂 what's on earth, bennnnn? what's wrong with youuuuu😂😂😂

  2. Bentley so cute here hehe brave baby

    William also cute. He got traumatic with big birds so he got scared. The way he talk is so comedic haha

  3. 2:01 when a cameraman interferes bentley when he wants to hold an eel..i like it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. William is so attentive to his little brother. He is so caring to Bentley. Really great big brother

  5. Bentley shoving the parrot food into his mouth is faster than my internet😁

  6. "Bentley is a good eater !.please put him in a food commercial !showing him enjoying his food 🍤🍉🌯🌭🍗🍜❤️🌏"

  7. crying rn cause Ko Seungjae and Lee Sian had already bid their goodbyes on TROS just this year. I feel so sad!!! :(((


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  9. Beeeen… I'm excited that he'll b able to speak words anytime soon. So cute…
    William… You look cool with that hair (・´з`・)

  10. Ben only scare for a big thing i guess.. he's so brave 👏 and will getting smart day by day 😍

  11. 'Oh,no'.. Bentley is so cuteee.. he is so traumatized with the ostrich hahahahah

  12. Bentley needs more protein hahahaha I love the commenters 🤣🤣🤣 yea Sam you’ve been feeding Ben carbohydrates he needs Protein 🤣🤣🤣

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