Ben Cousins vs. His Drug Counsellor (Wil Anderson)

just on my way to my drug counselors office I have a couple of sessions a week with him as part of my rehab and he's great uh he's a lot of fun mate he really wants to help me he truly does but I still find myself using regularly and I just feel like I'm letting him down a bit you know I can't have been left he's my only celebrity client he brings money he brings girls I have to keep him addicted to drugs until his body breaks down all right then I got to say straight up you are doing great how many days off the drugs now 14 days 14 days daddy's great would make you must be starting to crave it a little bit yeah well yeah yeah I get some new shit I've got some UPN's this is rehab though here I'll get you ten back right now no trouble money who's your guy 15 year old Mary key he's at school right now but it's almost recess we'd go down meet him in the car car fuck I'll Drive we can too and when the weekend um at one point had a breakdown stolen the counselors prescription pads I mean all he fuckin wants is made a big claim there I am stealing his pads he be so ashamed Oh check the third drawer down low I exchanged my five these birds really only I've been a very passionate drug and alcohol counselor for eight years now and I've got to say Ben Cousins is my favorite client because you can just fuck with his head so easily just cover the questions Ben ah what you want ad Tokyo's fantastic any allergies neurologist came would you rather fuck c-3po or r2d2 probably the one dildo how can we come back to now well I guess so date of birth it's not really real date of birth to be honest the biggest challenge is just being to get them to simply cut back on his drug use yeah what drugs used to be every weekend for me but nowadays only ever get off tap on special occasion attentions like my birthday or national holiday or we're gonna have listed Daisy check it out Wednesday yeah fucking Wayne's dad scarf I let's see the shit that we consume and when the we can do

Glenn Chapman


  1. Ada

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  2. @PowderMountains and @ThatBloodyAussieCunt
    You're arguing about how to smoke meth on a youtube comments thread?

    Grow up and get your shit together.

  3. You toke a joint. Unless you're smoking meth in a joint you don't "toke" meth. I know a lot of people. I've chased meth here. It's really hard to come by. I live in a mining town.

  4. You've obviously never been where I live. It's fucking impossible to get shard up here hey. Plus you don't 'toke' methamphetamine.

  5. I'm sad to say that this actually happens at my school… Except with weed not ice…

  6. i love Wil Anderson its great how you got him on this video:)

  7. Wil Anderson is gonna be pretty devo when Alex is Australia's most famous comedian

  8. See bro, that's where I just beat you. You claim too be a true Maori, yet you fail to acknowledge a joke when you see one. Everything that |YOU| ever post on here is meaningless and has absolutely no worth at all in my life or anyone elses. Just get on happily with life bro have a cone and quit being negative.

    So not even OWWWW you're not a "true maori". So you best hop to the kitchen and cook THE MAN some fuckin eggs.

  9. Owww, kus owwww. I'd fucking waste you owwww, I'm the king of the ring owwww. Tell me where you live owwww, we'll scrap it out in the nearest park owww…
    typical pakeha…

  10. Not even owww, I will smash you with one punch and have you try offer me ghost chips.

  11. Don't want to embarrass you in front of your Mum/girlfriend.

  12. It's Maoris like-… Rumbles then? Where abouts? Meet me at the park?!

  13. It's Maoris like you that make us look like idiots, asking for rumbles on YouTube and shit. Get a life bro.

  14. So am I… Just accept the joke yah soppy fucker.

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