Bedding in your Residential Assisted Living Home Pt1

oh I should have – you know anyway hey I do Robert gene founder of assisted living University and today in the bowl we're going to talk about baby and how you can change bedding too brightly place up I have all these ladies that work for me like Wanda who say it looks like a hospital is it the king it's a Bari so now you how to add some color because we have ladies in this room so we're gonna show you this trick video I'd be good there you can explicitly but it goes a long way so this is the beginning or this how the room looks now the town looks and this is the really gonna apply to it so this is just this is video part 1 we're gonna start your video part 2 when it's actually completed and nothing that we did was even though they don't remember it really doesn't matter to them we included the resident who actually lives here – pink which means you won't know obviously it already bought it better I made our decision but we include them but they can be included and feel them needed that's very important everybody says that you can make you try to add them in it if you can because it helps them feel more needed than just been around doing this all right one two bidding and we're gonna show part two and you'll see them at the picture thank you for coming to the fall see you

Glenn Chapman

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