Basketball Rebounding & Defense : How to Use Pivot Foot for Basketball Defense

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about footwork
in relation to defense. And, specifically, pivoting. Pivoting, as in offense — there’s
just a little bit of difference, because in offense, once you establish a pivot foot,
a base for which you can move around, you’ve got to stick to that particular foot. Well,
on defense, obviously, we don’t have to do that. Pivoting — if you get a shot of my
feet here — you can see all pivoting is, is establishing a base foot and then moving
around, keeping that base foot in one spot and moving your body around in any direction
off of that base. So that’s your pivot. Left foot or right foot, whichever one you want
to use. The way that we want to think about it when we’re playing defense, and fronting
up our man, and getting in good position to box them out to get a rebound — footwork
is key. You don’t want to be shuffling your feet, one off of the other and trying to figure
out your footwork. You want to have that stuff be automatic and not have to think about it.
So the best thing that you can do is to either step into your man with one foot when you’re
finding him — whether it’s your right foot or your left foot, depending on which side
they’re on, more to your right or more to your left. You can step in and then pivot
back and put your back side to them. If it’s your left foot, left foot forward and then
pivot around, so you’re always keeping them on your backside. But establishing that pivot
foot by stepping into your opponent, and giving a quick pivot so you put them on your backside.
So, that’s what we say by pivot foot. Always use a pivot foot, whether it’s your right
or your left. Practice both of them because you’re going to use both of them.

Glenn Chapman


  1. wtf…
    when you play defence you gotta keep moving
    why the fuck would you want to pivot?

  2. if your rebounding you have to turn around and box out not pivot cuz then your not gunn garuntee your boxing him out effectively
    watch some hubie brown defensive vids you'll see what i mean

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