Basketball Rebounding & Defense : How to Tip Rebounds in Basketball

Okay, another important part of rebounding
is tipping. Tipping the ball to ourselves. Let’s talk about tipping in rebounding. Tipping
in rebounding means just that — tipping the ball. If you’re not able — in a position
to be able to grab the ball two hands like we talked about, for that powerful rebound,
where you can grab it, bring it in, and look for that outlet pass for one of your teammates
running down the court, you might want to tip it. So, when you want to consider tipping
it is when and your opponent have about equal position and the ball is coming off in the
direction towards both of you, and you’re not able to grab it with two hands or one
hand, and so you just need to keep it alive by tipping it, hopefully in your direction,
so that you can get access to the ball with both hands, grab it, and change direction
so that you’re on the offense. So, you’re just keeping that ball, if it’s coming off
the rim, maybe you’ve just got to tip it out to yourself, maybe you’re tipping it out to
a teammate, back to the side, or wherever you can tip it to direction wise so that you’re
able to gain access to the ball solely by yourself.

Glenn Chapman


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