Basketball Rebounding & Defense : How to Rebound in Basketball

Hi this is Travis on behalf of Expert Village
and we are going to talk about rebounding. And rebounding is simply when you are grabbing
the ball whether it’s offensive, your team is shooting at the basket, and they shoot
and miss and you actually are able to grab the ball as it comes off of the rim, that’s
an offensive rebound. Likewise on the other end, if you’re on defense and the other
team shoots and misses and you grab the ball after the missed shot, that’s a defensive
rebound. So rebounding is simply on a missed shot getting the ball off of the rim and we
are going to talk about all kinds of different ways to rebound in drills and how to best
do it. So rebounding grabbing the ball, whether it’s offensive of defensive off of the missed
shot, that’s going to be a rebound.

Glenn Chapman


  1. yea an inacurate discription of rebounding and horrible examples i give it 1 star.

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