Basketball Rebounding & Defense : How to Position Hands for Basketball Defense

Okay, some more of the good ingredients that
go into rebounding are: hands up, watch your position, and want the ball. We might have
talked previously in another clip a little bit about the position of our body in relation
to the offensive player or offensive team — somebody that we’re picking up and boxing
out. But we want our hands up. You don’t want to keep your hands down here, because you’re
going to have farther to go to reach for the ball. If you can keep your hands up — in
an up position, somewhere even with your head, a little bit above your head, you’ve got less
room to actually completely extend from your elbow, and when you’re jumping or tipping,
if you’re unable to grab a rebound with one hand or two hands, and you’re able to keep
tipping, when you jump with your hands almost fully extended, you give yourself a better
likelihood of getting that rebound. So, keep your hands up, hands up when you’re boxing
out, and watch your position — and just your position, by that what we mean is your position
in relation to the person you’re boxing out and the trajectory of where the ball is on
the floor and the path that it’s coming into the rim. So, keep your opponent on your backside,
arms up, you’ve got contact with them, you’re at an angle, you’ve got your rear into their
stomach or into their waste or their upper thighs, and you’re pushing them back and you’re
also sliding across so that they can’t come around you. You’ve got your arms up and watch
your position, and keep your hands up.

Glenn Chapman

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  1. Actually, he is right, your hands need to be up.

    If people are getting around you with your hands up, it is because your stance is incorrect.

    If you stay low and slide your feet, with arms out (and your triceps parallel to the floor) and your hands up, no one will get around you, plus you are in a ready position to jump more quickly and your hands are ready to grab the ball more quickly.

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