Basketball Rebounding & Defense : How to Do Defensive Slide in Basketball

Okay, let’s talk about the defensive slide
and half a man ahead. Defensive slide is — in relation to our footwork — anytime
that we’re moving on the floor, in relation to our feet, what we don’t want to do with
our feet is cross them over like this — we don’t want to be crossing our feet. What
we want to do is basically like a push. Whichever direction we’re going, following our offensive
opponent, we’re going to be pushing off either one of our legs depending on which direction
we’re going, so it’s almost like skating. You’re pushing off and you’re getting that
explosive push left or right, and you’re bringing your push off foot, sliding it over, and then
pushing again. So you’re moving in a step direction, but sideways, and you’re keeping
on the balls of your feet. And you want to be on the balls — on the front balls of your
feet. Okay, so back and forth, sliding. The defensive slide.

Glenn Chapman

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