Baalveer Returns – Ep 56 – Full Episode – 26th November, 2019

Shaurya, I miss mother a lot. The one who taught me the difference
between right and wrong is unknowingly supporting
the wrong side today. Shaurya, without mother I feel very lonely. Until I have brought her back I shall not be at peace. I know, Baalveer. Every son feels lonely without his mother. So, while you were returning
from the Blue Crystal City I went to planet Sumer. Planet Sumer? Isn’t it billions of light years
away from brave realm? Why did you go there? To bring this miraculous seed. As soon as this seed sprouts positive rays will emanated
from it which will break the spell
Timnasa has put on Dark Fairy. Then, Shaurya, make this seed
blossom quickly. We will have to cure mother. It is not that easy, Baalveer. In order to make
this seed sprout you will have to meditate
for seven days. For seven days,
you must circumambulate around Brave Realm
without stopping. Why only seven days? In order to save my mother I would meditate for seven years
of I had to. But what if while doing this Timnasa attacks the Earth? We are there to take care
of that, Baalveer. Do not worry. We will all take care
of Vivaan together And we all will keep an eye
on Earth as well as Timnasa’s every move. And then, Shaurya
is here to help us. You all are right. If you all are with me then I need not
be afraid. Shaurya, during this
process what verse shall I have
to chant? The words of this verse
are jumbled right now. As you near the end
of your meditation the words will fall
in the correct order. And this verse will help
the seed sprout. Stay happy, Shaurya. Stay happy, Fairies. Stay happy, Baalveer.
Stay happy. The Queen of Fear seems to
be on to something big. While I was
performing meditation I received
some invincible powers. One of which was this. The black weapon. What was that? Now you have all got the powers
of black weapon in you. The way Baalveer has a symbol
of goodness on his hand you will receive the symbol
of evil. But what will
this black weapon do? Now you will all go to Earth and spread the evil
of black weapon on teachers. And then the teachers will teach lessons
on evil to the kids. Evil will spread
in the whole world. Why did you stop me, Timnasa? On Earth, the powers
of Dark Realm do not work. But your powers will. Is that why you want me to give my powers of
Fairy Land to the black weapon so that you may use
those powers on Earth. Yes, you are right. Children of planet earth get ready to welcome
your Queen of Fear. Fun Fairy.. I think she’s not around.
Let me still confirm once. Fly fairy. Fly fairy. She didn’t respond
to this either. That means she’s definitely
not here. This is a good opportunity to
try the transportation spell. But whom should I try it on? Listen to me. Why are your
vegetables so expensive, mister? Onions.. Rs. 100 for
a kilogram of onions? Rs. 80 for a kilogram
of Tomatoes? Ma’am, buy if you want,
or find another vendor. Mister, why are you
being so rude? Ma’am, I’m not being rude.
I’m just quoting current rates. How come? I just
bought vegetables yesterday. Ma’am, how can I help it?
– Are you new here? I should try the spell
on this vegetable vendor. I’ll get some practice
and teach him a lesson too. Teach the crook a lesson,
may his vegetables go missing. Deliver a sack of rice
to Mishra’s.. Where’s the sack? Mister, onions..
– Oh! Where’s my pumpkin?
It was right here. ‘I was trying
the transportation spell’ ‘but cast the
exchange spell instead.’ ‘What do I do now?’ Hey, vegetable seller! Why did you steal
this sack of rice? Hey, grocer.
– What! You stole a pumpkin from my cart
and kept it in your shop and you’re calling me a thief.
– Don’t call me a grocer. It’s a general store. And are you calling me
a thief! Hey..
Please listen. Why are you people fighting? How dare you steal
in our neighbourhood? Silence!
What’s going on here? Silence. We investigate and find out
whose goods have been stolen. Jasmine scented incense
is my favourite. What.. No..
Those are two different things. But you both have to come
with me to the police station. Police station?
– Yes. No, sir..
Let’s do one thing. What? – Let’s end
this matter here itself. How?
– Just a minute. What are you giving?
Onions? Sir, they’re worth Rs. 100 per
kilogram. – Then why just two? Give me one kilogram.
– Hey! – Hey.. What’s this! Are you trying
to bribe me! Arrest him..
– Come! Not me, arrest him.
– Oh, sorry.. Come on! No, sir..
– Come on! What a mess I’ve made! Before Fun Fairy gets to know,
I should get out of here. Vivaan, what have you done? Whatever you’ve done,
just rectify it. Okay. Sir..
Just a minute. Sir, wait.. I’ll tell you
what happened here. I brought this sack from there.
– What! And I took that pumpkin as well
from here. Hey.. But why did you do that? Ms. Megha will tell you
about it. She asked me to do it,
so I did it. I am getting late for school.
Bye. Hey, listen!
– Hey! ‘He put me in a tight spot.
Naughty boy.’ Let go, Jabdali!
This book is mine! You let go!
I swear by my little finger lead the teachers
on the evil path. Now let go.
– Hey.. – Just leave it! Jabdali, let go!
– You let go. Let go. It’s mine!
– Hey.. Leave it.
– Let go! It’s not a book, it’s the
security guard’s register. It doesn’t matter whether
it’s a register or a book. This is just a means
to create distraction. The actual task is to affect
the teachers here with the black weapon. so that they start teaching
children about evil. Okay..
– He’s here! Oh, no! I tried to make a move,
but I failed! Shut up.
Just look, what I do now. Oh.. I am tired of trying
to make this move. But I couldn’t touch
even a single teacher. Tauba Tauba, I swear,
Queen Timnasa is right. You’re just good
for entertainment. Give me the register. Idiots. It is not your cup of tea.
Move. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. How are you? Welcome to the world
of evil. Go on. Spread evil among the children,
instead of knowledge. Excuse me. Hold on. Yes, tell me. – Which way
is the principal’s office? Over there.
Go straight. Yes, tell me.
– Excuse me! You teach the students not
to use phone in the school. and you’re glued to one
yourself. – I am sorry. No problem. I want the students
to learn the wrong values. Go and instill evil values
in every student so that they forget
what is good. ‘I’m feeling eager to try
the transportation spell.’ ‘But who do I try it on?’ ‘My old enemies.’ ‘Let them just
give me a chance.’ Chintu, Chinti,
you stole my lunch? Aren’t you ashamed? Khushi, haven’t you heard that every morsel bears the name
of the one it will feed? If it’s on every morsel,
it would be on the sandwich too. Chintu.
– Chinti. Chintu.
– Chinti. They are troubling Khushi. I’ll teach them a lesson..
– Gopu, hold on. They will reap
the fruits of their bad deeds. You mean,
they are eating sandwich they’ll be having
the fruit as well? This is not fair! For their mischief,
make them pay by working
the transportation spell. Brother, I think I broke
a tooth. Eat some more stolen sandwiches. Vivaan, was this your trick?
– I see.. Enough is enough. Silence!
What’s going on here? Sir, Chintu and Chinti stole
my lunchbox. When Vivaan asked them to return
it, they started fighting. Yes.
– He didn’t do anything wrong. The poor guy was hungry.
So, he took your lunchbox. And while having lunch,
if you take it back obviously, he’ll fight. Sir, but why are you
taking their side? Vivaan, do you want
to misbehave with me? No, sir..
– No, it’s fine. ‘What’s wrong with the teacher?’ ‘Let me go complain
to our principal.’ Ma’am. Who are you? – I am the new
principal of this school. Tilottama Kale. You’re our new principal?
– Yes. The new principal of this school
who is here to lead this school to a new path of progress. You tell me.
What do you need? I don’t need anything.
I am here to complain. Chintu and Chinti snatched
my sister’s lunchbox. When I tried to take it back,
they started fighting with me. And the teacher.. Why are you still standing,
Vivaan? Come sit.
– How do you know my name? It’s my job to find out the
names of my talented students. And you are the most talented
student of this school. Why wouldn’t I know
your name? – Thank you, ma’am. As such, everyone says
that I am talented. But you are the first principal
to recognise my talent at our first meeting. I’m here to groom your talents. But when will you take action
on my complaint? After I take the action
that I’ve come here for no one will complain. The next period has started. I am leaving, ma’am.
Thank you. ‘Go, Vivaan.’ ‘But for how long
will you escape?’ ‘For how long can the prey
evade the predator?’ Vivaan hasn’t played
any prank yet! That’s a good thing, right? But still, let’s go to his class
and check. Our new principal
is slightly weird. When I complained to her about my teacher,
Chintu and Chinti she didn’t even get angry. She told me
that I’m a promising student. No principal
has told me that till now. Good morning, Teacher..
– Good morning! Please sit down.
– Thank you, Teacher.. I’m the new principal
of this school. Let’s come straight
to the point, okay? This is the time
to study. Your exams
are just around the corner. I want all of you
to score 100 per cent marks. I’m sorry, ma’am.
But how is that possible? Why?
Why is it not possible, Vivaan? You should have
only one motive now. To win..
To win in the exams by scoring 100 per cent marks.
Isn’t it? No matter what you do! I can come first if you allow me
to cheat in the exams. I told you, didn’t I?
Your only aim should be to win. No matter you choose the right
or the wrong path. It doesn’t matter. We just have to score
100 per cent marks. But, Ma’am,
that’s cheating, right? Yes!
Okay, tell me something. We help our friends
in real life, don’t we? When they face problems,
we help them, don’t we? Then, why can’t we help them
during an exam? Of course, we can. That’s called help,
and not cheating. ‘She’s teaching us
the wrong thing.’ And you, Vivaan.. ‘Why is she coming towards me?’ ‘I must teach her a lesson.’ ‘Teach the arrogant teacher
a lesson.’ ‘Work on her
the transportation spell.’ ‘Hey, how did she know
that the chair moved?’ ‘Vivaan, if you have
magical powers’ ‘taught by Baalveer’ ‘even I have the powers
given by Dark Fairy.’ I won’t go to earth
to get beaten up every time. This time, I’ll go there
with more powers. But how?
How will I.. Why not steal some powers
from Dark Fairy and wreak havoc
on the earth! It’s more fun
to work miracles with my fingers
than arguing. We must stop her
even before she does something. Yes. Those meddling fairies
must be taught a lesson. What is happening? ‘Why is my magic
not working?’ ‘Could this be one of
Baalveer’s new tricks!’

Glenn Chapman


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