Baalveer Returns – Ep 49 – Full Episode – 15th November, 2019

Don’t feel bad
about what he said, Tress Fairy. Not Tress Fairy call me Dark Fairy. Dark Fairy? Your new name new identity and new clothes
suits you. Welcome to the Dark Realm. Being a Dark Fairy you have only one duty to kill every person who follows the teachings
of Tress Fairy’s Kindness and humanity. Be it Baalveer or the Fairies
of Brave Realm. To destroy the Earth
and that successor this weapon will help you it is the impervious
power weapon which I have invented. There is such a power
hiding inside Dark Realm which is desperate
to come out. By using the power equivalent
to thousand of volcanoes I will destroy the whole world. I can feel the presence
of a very strong evil power around me. Has Timnasa come back? Where are you, Brother? How will I get Chintu back? For the first time I am worried for Chintu. Don’t joke with me, Brother. Where are you? I can hear your voice but I can’t see you. Abracadabra Chintu is useless but he should come back. Hey, I am right here, Chinti. Why are you joking? My brother has dissolved in water like sugar. I can hear his voice but I can’t see him. Where did he go? Where did you go? Hey, Chinti, stop crying. I have been standing
in front you all the while. Yes, you’re right in front
of me. But where were you earlier? Chinti and Chintu. What happened, Chinti? Chintu was right here. Yes. Did you not see him? You do something. You start eating carrots. Carrots help in increasing
eye power. Brother, let’s go
and have carrots. Yes, let’s go. Vivaan, what was that? Mr. Shaurya had asked me
to practice and that’s what I was doing. He did not ask you
to make a person vanish. If you want to practice then do it in front of us. Okay? All right. Come on. Timnasa. Mother. My intuition was right. But whatever may come I will not let anything
happen to mother. I will take her back
from here. The power born
from my rigorous meditation please come out
and settle in my weapon. I will have to stop
Timnasa from receiving this power. But before that I will have to free
my mother from Timnasa’s spell. The way a magnet
attracts iron the same way
this black energy will attract
the black magic inside mother. Baalveer! Bhaymar, finish him. Mother you may have forgotten
I’m your son. But I didn’t forget
you’re my mother. So, no matter what happens I won’t let you be dominated
by the evil powers. Just some more time. You can only see darkness,
thereafter. Bhaymar use your powers and not your speech. Finish this boy! ‘I’m here to abstract
mother’s evil powers’ ‘and not to attack her.’ Baalveer is alone
against his three enemies. That’s not fair, Jabdali.
– I swear up on my little finger his countdown has begun. Five. Four. ‘On one hand, I have to take
my mother safely’ ‘and on the other,
I have to destroy’ ‘Timnasa’s essential weapon.’ ‘It’s time I execute my plan.’ Three! Two! Two.. Two.. Why did you stop at two,
Jabdali? Two is preceded by one.
Say, one. Hey, there are two Baalveers
at a time? I got you at the right time. Come.
Here you go. Drink this.
– What’s this? It’s ‘Neem Karela’ juice.
– ‘Neem Karela’? But why are you giving me?
What wrong did I do? I read it in today’s newspaper that pollution has raised
and it’s leaving a bad effect on the kids. That’s why, I made this for you. This will purify your blood
and it will keep you fit. Mom, we should plant trees
to save from pollution whereas, you want to plant
these into my stomach. Hey, stop talking and listen.
Just drink it quietly. Come on, drink it.
I’ll be right back. – Okay. Fine. ‘I just can’t drink this juice.’ I drank it. Now my health is getting better. It was very bitter. Now are you happy? Don’t try to act clever, Vivaan. You can’t drink milk
in such short time span so how did you drink
Bitter gourd juice? I understand everything.
Here you go. Second glass. Now drink this. ‘Mom won’t leave without
me drinking this juice.’ ‘Now what to do?’ What are you thinking?
Drink it. I’m drinking. Yeah. Great. I’m watching you. Yeah, I’m drinking. ‘By casting magic,
I will make her forget’ ‘about me drinking this juice.’ What’s this? What? It’s a juice! ‘What’s this?’ ‘Along with making her
forget about the juice’ ‘I made her head disappear.’ Mom, are you fine? What will happen to me? Don’t try to change
the topic, Vivaan. Drink the juice. Yeah, I’m drinking. ‘Thank you, God.’ ‘Mom’s head is fine.’ Vivaan,
now even if you chant to God you will have to drink this. Yeah. ‘I made a mistake’ ‘make mom’s head
visible again.’ Where did she go? Ms. Megha! Ms. Megha.. I was searching for you. Where were you? Why was I searching for you? Oh, yes! Here.. No.. Have a look. How am I looking? Oh, wow!
You are looking great.. Looking great.
That’s what I was about to say but we don’t know how to lie. What?
– Yes. What do you mean? I mean, we don’t like guys with moustache. What?
– Yes. Your face looks like,
a fly on jaggery. A fly on jaggery? No.. That’s not the case. You are looking good. A lion also has moustache. It’s more of a pride.
– Yes. Listen to her. Not pride.
It’s a mark of old age. What? I think, you have gotten old. Right?
– Old? Yeah. Old. Come, Megha. Come! Don’t run. Stop! ‘Mom, can see.’ ‘If grandfather sees this’ ‘then I don’t know,
what will happen to him’ What are you looking at? What are you doing, Vivaan? Wow, Vivaan. Using an umbrella even
when it’s not raining that too inside the house! Father-in-law,
he’s doing all this in order to not drink the juice. It was raining. I mean, it’s going to rain. Yeah, I had heard in the news that there’s going to be heavy
rainfall in the next 24 hours. Yeah, that was the case. Wow.. That’s great. There’s a saying,
once we stop getting cautious then there are chances
of mishaps occurring. It already occurred,
Grandfather. What did you say? Nothing, I was saying
that this umbrella is broken so please get it repaired later. But don’t talk
just listen. How is it broken?
Show me. No, Mom, but please
do not close it. Hey!
– Please don’t close it. Hey, it’s fine. Please don’t close it. Hey, stop it.
– No. Please don’t close it.
– Vivaan. No!
– Leave it. Vivaan. ‘I am doomed.’ Oh, God! It’s 11:30. I am late. The prayers must have begun. Hey, Vivaan, don’t trouble
your mom. Yes, Grandpa.
I will not. Thank God. No matter what
but you’ll have to drink the juice. Drink it. Mom! It’s my ear
not a key. Drink it.
Take it. Yes, I will. Drink it.
What are you looking at? Ms. Karuna. Are you at home? Yes, Ms. Padmini. Please come in. Obviously you will find me
at my house. Oh, God! What sort
of a test is this? Finally when Grandpa left,
Ms. Padmini is here. What do I do? ‘I wish Fun Fairy
and Wind Fairy’ ‘were with me.’ Sir.
– Yes, tell me. Have you seen Vivaan? What are you saying? I have absolutely
seen him. Every time he comes
near me I see him. Because my eyes
are quite good when it comes
to seeing. Ask me, how? ‘If we ask him’ he’ll take a lot of time.’ It’s okay.
We will ask you some other time. Right now..
– Why later? A very famous
person has said.. Do the work that needs
to be done now. There is no other time
better than now. Hey, where did they go? All right, I will go
to the temple. ‘In Bharat Nagar’ ‘the water does not come
on time ‘then how will
the fairies come?’ ‘Now, I’ll have use
some trick.’ Hey, Vivaan. Drinking half glass
of juice will not be helpful. Finish the whole thing. Vivaan. Where are you going? What are you doing? What is this, Vivaan? Since it’s going
to rain today so I am drying the clothes
inside the house. Ms. Karuna, look
I have got ‘Pedha’ for you. I have a good news. I got a job
in the factory. Wow, congratulations! This is a good news. Where are you? And why have you hanged
a bed sheet in here? I have not hung this Vivaan did it. Vivaan. By the way,
when are you going for work? It starts from today. It seems like
we are playing hide and seek. Please open your mouth. I want to feed you
this ‘Pedha’. Yes. I will go from here. Hey, Ms. Padmini,
be careful. Vivaan!
– Yes, Mom. You will.. You will trip
and get injured. You do something. Give these sweets to me. I will give this to mom.
Please don’t worry. Hey, Ms. Padmini. What’s wrong?
Are you not going – to give sweets to me?
– Hey, even I want to have. Mom, please.
– Padmini Mom, stop.
It’s her first day. You got a job. I’ll give you sweets as well as serve you tea. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Let’s go.
Ms. Karuna, we are leaving. You make me drink
bitter gourd juice. There is still some left.
Think about my health. Hey! You sit here. Sit down and have this ‘Pedha’. And until then,
I’ll finish my juice. I will sweep the floor too. Okay. Baalveer, where are you?

Glenn Chapman


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