Baalveer Returns – Ep 44 – Full Episode – 8th November, 2019

Greetings.. We’ve come from
‘Kaun Banega Kirorimal?’ show. Your name was selected
in the lucky draw. I haven’t understood. mean, your name was selected
in the lucky draw. I am not interested
in any lucky draw. Actually, we’re having a streak
of bad luck for a while now. We haven’t registered anywhere.
– No.. Wait.. Y-You’re Ms. Padmini, right?
– Yes, I am Padmini. Yes. And that’s
your daughter, Sutli. Yes, but what do you want?
– I don’t want anything. We’ll ask you three questions.
If you answer them correctly then we’ll give you
a huge reward. Oh! Is it same as the show
that comes on TV? Yes.. Just like that..
– Yes. – Please come. Ask away. Yes.. So, let’s start.
Give the answers quickly. Yes.
– Quick.. Here’s the first question.
Tell me the name of a city
which includes a fruit. I couldn’t get you. I mean, the one with the name
of a fruit. A city which includes
a fruit’s name. Answer quickly..
– Pondicherry! Wow! Very good.. Second question. I am a room..
I mean, not me. A room without windows
and doors. How will the people come in?
– Just give the answer. How will they..
– Mushroom. Wow..
– Wow.. Very nice..
– Your daughter is very smart. Third question.
– Yes. Green stick with red weapon,
people scream after they eat. People scream after they eat..
Chilli! Oh, wow..
You answered all questions. Hey.. Keep the camera on.
– Yes.. Perfect.
Very good.. What do you mean?
We’ve answered three questions. Do we need to answer more?
– No.. You’re right. You answered them correctly. Here’s your reward.
Take it. No.. Just a minute.
Sign here first. Sign here. Yes.
Okay.. Here you go. Look there. Yes, nice.. Very good..
– Wow.. Okay, we shall go now. Bye..
– Okay.. Do you want to say anything?
– Thank you from both of us. He is quite good at acting but he doesn’t have
the X factor like Salman. Mom, open it and check
what it contains. It has Rs. 5,000!
– See, Mom. You won’t have to sell
your bangles anymore. God has answered our prayers.
I am so happy. Even I am very happy,
my dear. ‘That means, Vivaan has
passed the third test as well.’ ‘This is a 500-rupee note.’ Sorry, dear. Sir, do you have a lot of money that you’re throwing money
all around? ‘I didn’t even have Rs. 100
in my pocket.’ Has it fallen from my pocket
if not yours? Three, four, two,
five, five, one. It’s the serial number
of my note. Wow, sir. You remember
the serial number of your note. Dear, I am a businessman. I keep my money
and everything safely. Thank you. ‘Even I am generous
like Salman Khan.’ ‘I did a good job.’ Why are you guys staring at me
as if I am Salman’s new movie? Why did you send us
to give money to Sutli’s mom? Because had I gone there,
her mom wouldn’t accept it. And my mom says that
happiness increases by sharing. You won’t understand.
– Really? And why did you give Rs. 500
to Mr. Chheda? Because my mom also said that we should return
what doesn’t belong to us. That means, Vivaan has
passed the selfishness test. And he also returned
Mr. Chheda’s money. That means, he has also
cleared the greed test. What are you both murmuring?
– N-Nothing, Vivaan. We were just saying that whatever Ms. Karuna says
is absolutely right. Vivaan, haven’t you told Dev that we’ll send food to their
house for the next one week. They don’t need to cook. ‘You have to do
something for me.’ ‘If you do that, then you’ll get
food prepared by my mom.’ ‘That too, for two days.
Absolutely free.’ Mom, I was about to tell them,
but you told them yourself. Don’t cook food for one week. ‘He’s not selfish,
but naughty.’ ‘It is time to meet Shaurya.’ ‘Because Vivaan has passed’ ‘greed test, truth test
and selfishness test.’ That means, Vivaan
has passed the Ultimate test. So, we can perform
his anointing ceremony. Nothing can be done
until Tress Fairy gets normal. It’s not possible
to perform the ceremony without her weapon. We shall perform
Vivaan’s anointing ceremony even if I have to
confront mother for this. No, Baalveer. Tress Fairy is not
in her senses. She is being controlled
by Timnasa. And she can do anything
to protect that weapon from you. I know, Aqua Fairy. It’s very risky. But I also know
that I had promised mother that we shall perform
Vivaan’s ceremony no matter what. I can never
leave the promise unfulfilled. I am ready
to confront mother. Let this special guest
come forward. Baalveer! I have been waiting for you. I hope,
you bade a final goodbye to your dear fairies. Baalveer.
Why are you standing here? Go fight your mother. And snatch the weapon which will complete
the anointing ceremony. Come back to your senses. Timnasa has hypnotised you. You cannot be with the evil. Come back to your senses. The people on earth
had celebrated Diwali because Lord Ram
had fulfilled the promise that He had made
to His mother. Here, we will celebrate
because Baalveer is here to get killed by his mother. Wow.. Wow, Ms. Khushi! If Vivaan can look like
a superstar in that sherwani then even you are looking
like a princess. Gopu, even you are looking
very handsome. Thank you. Now, we have to see
if Chintu and Chinti can defeat us or not. Chinti.. Chinti, why did the tailor
sew such a dress? It’s so loose.
My sleeves are so long. See this.
It’s looking like a canopy. Chinti, I wonder
if we have lost weight. Brother, it’s not
because we have lost weight. You know what?
Vivaan was present at the shop when we were giving
our measurements. ‘Look, Chinti, even jokers come
here to get their clothes sewn.’ ‘Yes. First you get
your tent stitched.’ ‘I will give
my measurements later.’ I am sure, he has done this. I am unable to breathe in this. I won’t spare Vivaan. Easy. But first, we must get
our costumes fixed. Let’s hurry up, Brother. Come on. Vivaan, come soon.
Everybody is waiting for you. Hey, Vivaan, you took so long to wear the new sherwani that now it looks old. No, Gopu, it’s not new. This is the same one
he wore the last year on Diwali. Vivaan, why didn’t you wear
your new sherwani? Because, Sister,
nobody can become a hero by wearing a hero’s clothes. And the real hero is the one
who can make a fashion statement even if he wears old clothes. Am I right, Gopu? Yes, Vivaan,
you’re absolutely right. Hey, Ms. Karuna best wishes for Diwali. Wish you a very happy Diwali. Happy Diwali! Happy Diwali to you too. Come here. Mom, why are you showering me
with so much love? Because the tailor told me that you did not get
the sherwani stitched and got the money back. I was wondering
since morning as to what mischief
you have planned for today. But now I understood that my son is not only
mischievous but also a kind person. But nobody should find out
about this. Just keep it to yourself. Now don’t wait here.
You leave. Go to the tailor
and get your new sherwani. Go. I have paid him. Really, Mom? Thank you! Chinti, Vivaan
ruined our clothes, right? Now, we will ruin
his clothes. Vivaan’s sherwani
should be destroyed. Suggest me something quickly,
Chinti. Brother, you have already
come up with a plan. Let’s throw trash
on his sherwani. Attack me as much as you want but I will never attack you. Seems like Baalveer
has strong legs. Break them. So that he can beg us for
his life after getting tortured. You have always shown me
the right path to walk on. And you want to break
my legs today? ‘Will I be able to fly’ ‘like all the other fairies?’ Break his legs. Tress Fairy,
make an example of him for anyone who thinks of attacking Dark Realm again. Right. Break his hands. You held these hands and taught them to protect
the good and punish the evil. These are the same hands,
Mother. How could you strike your child? Come out of Timnasa’s spell. I am your son. Mother! The one who could
not bear to see me cry is shedding my blood now! Of course. I am injured now, Mother. Are you not
experiencing my pain? Enough! Enough of this drama! Behead him! And put an end to Baalveer’s
heroic tales! Mother,
do you intend to kill me? Fine then. I would rather choose to die
at your hands a thousand times than dying at Timnasa’s hands. Mother! ‘Once the ultimate test begins’ ‘you should not stop,
come what may.’ ‘No matter
who comes in your way’ ‘be it the evil powers,
fairies, or me’ ‘or even if it is Shaurya’ ‘you should not give up.’ ‘Promise me.’ For now, I had come here to
fulfil only Baalveer’s duties. But only
when I take you with me will my duties towards you
as your son will be fulfilled.
I will come back, Mother. Baalveer! I had never imagined
that I will have to pay such a price
for becoming Baalveer. That I will have to
fight with my mother! Baalveer, this battle is
to uphold righteousness. It is your duty to fight
to uphold righteousness. This battle is not easy.
I know it. But I am proud that
you fought this battle. Even we are proud of you,
Baalveer. I can understand how painful
it would have been for you to battle with your mother. Without wasting
any further time we should make
Vivaan undergo the ceremony. ‘Now, the world will get
another Baalveer at any cost.’

Glenn Chapman


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