Baalveer Returns – Ep 23 – Full Episode – 10th October, 2019

I am the fear queen
of the Dark Realm, Udhvanshak. I order you to leave me. Are you okay? Yes. ‘I never thought
that I would need’ ‘Baalveer’s help.’ ‘Once anybody sees you’ ‘then don’t hide,
just attack the successor’ ‘without thinking.’ Where did he go, Baalveer? He must have gone
to the same place where my successor
is present. That is Bharat Nagar. We will have to stop him
immediately. Come on. Such a huge snake! Where did it come from
suddenly? Oh, God! I have never
seen such a huge snake ever in my life. Yes, I am seeing it
for the first time too. Baalveer, save us. Baalveer, save us! Baalveer, save us. Baalveer, save us. Where are you, Baalveer? All the kids are in danger here. Where are you? Tress Fairy is losing
her powers, Shaurya. Do something. She can lose her life
like this. Through the Tress Fairy’s powers
the fairy star will activate. Tress Fairy’s sacrifice
won’t be wasted. Fairy star will find out
about the successor anytime soon. We don’t have much time. We will have to quickly
disclose our real identity and save all of them. Yes. Hold on, Fairies.
On the count of three you all throw your power
to the sky. I have made all your powers
invisible. One.. Two.. Three. Baalveer, we have made
Udhvanshak helpless only for a short while. But our powers will not
be able to stop him for long. I know Wind Fairy, but all of
you can’t show your real forms. I will fight him all alone. But Baalveer, how will you
handle him all alone? You are weak now and Udhvanshak
is very dangerous. To protect the Earth I am ready to die
not once, but time and again. You don’t worry, Fun Fairy only Baalveer can
defeat Udhvanshak. This serpent is very dangerous you all will have to
hide somewhere. Is there any safe place?
– Yes, my house. It is nearby and safe.
Because it is my house. Fine, you all go to his house.
Be safe. Go quickly. Vivaan, come on.
– Come on, quick. Khushi! Vivaan.
– Come on soon. Kids, come on, quick. Go quickly. – You really like to
save everyone’s lives, isn’t it? Partner, this is my area.
I will take care of everything. ‘This boy won’t understand.’ Everyone, come this side. Not that side, this side. ‘Seems like I will have to
bring everyone’ ‘in this direction with magic.’ Come on, everyone. Come on. Come on..
– Go quickly. Mom! – Come on, quick. Such a scared child can
never be Baalveer. For now, damn Baalveer,
let me just save my life. Vivaan, you also go inside
the house. You will be safe there.
Go. – Sorry. More than being safe, I like
protecting everyone. Anything that destroys this
area is my enemy. Whether it is a human or
such a huge serpent. There is no need,
come on inside. Mom, but.. – Don’t speak, just
listen to me. Come on inside. Come on. Dev, you come too.
– No. I will handle the serpent,
you leave. You take Vivaan and leave.
Please leave. ‘He is mischievous, but he
has the guts.’ Baalveer! Vision Fairy, what are you
doing here? You go inside with the other
fairies. You are weak, I can’t let
you fight, you go. You are also weak, if we are
together, we will be stronger. No, Vision Fairy,
I can’t let you fight. You go and protect the people
and children. Go! Please go inside the house. Leave! ‘To have such a big body
gives him a disadvantage.’ ‘He can’t be as swift as me.’ Hey, serpent!
I am here. Come on, everyone come inside.
– Come on. Come on, quick.
– Now no one will go outside. Come on everyone,
come this side. Come on, move quickly. Come on quickly inside. Mom, let me go.
Nothing will happen to me. I said, no.
Just be here. You won’t go anywhere. Are you all fine? ‘My motive is not
to safeguard mankind.’ ‘I want to make them
my slaves.’ ‘For that, I have to captivate
Baalveer’s successor.’ ‘I have to go out
somehow and kill Udhvanshak.’ Mom, sister.. What!
– Where is sister? Khushi! Khushi! Khushi!
– Sister.. Khushi? Khushi! Father-in-law,
where is Khushi? I thought, she was
with you. What! Khushi! I have to find sister. No, Vivaan.
You will not go anywhere. I will look for her.
– Mom.. It’s my responsibility
to take care of my family. Sister is in trouble
and you want me to hide here. This is impossible. No, Vivaan.
Vivaan.. You be here.
I will bring him back. Vivaan!
Vivaan.. Let me go.
Please. Let me go.
Both my children are outside. I want to save them. Ms. Karuna..
Ms. Karuna, calm down. Don’t worry. The new boy
in our society, Dev.. He is outside. He will bring Khushi
and Vivaan back. Please let me go. No.. Khushi! Sister! Goddess, the powers
that You have blessed me with are not enough today. I need Your powers today. I need Your blessing. Tress Fairy! Tress Fairy. Tress Fairy..
Get up. Get up, Tress Fairy. Open your eyes. Shaurya, Tress Fairy is not
opening her eyes. She failed to awaken the fairy star, Shaurya. Get up, Tress Fairy. We didn’t fail, Fire Fairy. He is Baalveer’s successor. ‘You don’t need a cycle.
You need a psychiatrist.’ ‘You have gone crazy.’ ‘Go home and change.’ ‘And stop thinking
about Baalveer.’ ‘There is no such thing
as Baalveer.’ ‘By the way, tell me.’ ‘When you want to pee
in this costume’ ‘how do you go
to the washroom?’ ‘It’s free?’ ‘I only take offertory
for free.’ ‘I will also take Salman’s
autograph.’ ‘I don’t want.
– I don’t want your money.’ ‘Spare me.’ ‘Excuse me.
Just like Mr. Salman’ ‘I’m allergic to favours.’ ‘And don’t you dare
do me a favour.’ ‘Otherwise I will teach you
a severe lesson.’ ‘Let’s go.’ ‘That means’ ‘the boy who has troubled
me the most’ ‘is my successor.’

Glenn Chapman


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