Avengers 5 – “The Return Of Thanos” | Kids Parody with Exost Toys!

– [Thanos] Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it’s here. Or should I say I am. This video is sponsored by Silver Lit. (rain) (sombre music) (groans) (keyboard clicks) (dramatic music) (drill noise) (dramatic superhero music) (drill noise) (keyboard clicks) – [News Reporter] As
result of the outbreak, the city or entire region may be in danger by a lethal agent. If conditions at your location make this a possibility, you need to consider staying in place, until the threat has subsided. (keyboard clicks) (rock music) – Guy’s what are you all doing? Come on you’re Avengers, we need to have an
urgent meeting right now. Everyone come. Right now. Hurry up War Machine. What are you doing come on. Falcon you’re looking good in your new Captain America outfit. – To be honest; I preferred the other Captain America. – Well to be honest I preferred the other Hawkeye. – Whatever – Guys we got a problem. There seems to be an
Evil Ironman going around terrorising innocent people. – Are you sure; It might be Tony Stark. It might actually be him. – Peter; Tony is gone. (sad solemn music) – Okay guys I’ve got a plan. We going to go to where
he was last sighted, and we’re going to try
to capture him okay. You okay with that? – Growl – But we can’t take on Ironman, he has all the best tech in his suit. – Don’t worry guys Suri
has been working on two new devices that will help us defeat this new Ironman. – This is the Fury Cross, and this is the Aqua Jet. – This is an amazing two in one. Fury car and a mini flip, and this Aqua Jet transforms into a boat or four by four. – So what’s the plan Mr. Fury? (doorbell) – That’s my special guest. – I wonder who it is. – It could be Thanos back from the dead. (group laughter) – I brought Captain
America back from the past. – Hey guys. Oh Falcon; is it okay if I could have my shield back? – No. – Why not? – Well; you gave it to me. – I don’t remember giving it to you. – Um this is awkward. – I’m Captain America now, you can be Falcon. – I can’t be Falcon;
I’m Captain America man. – No I’m Captain America now. – Steve why don’t you be Falcon. – I’m not being Falcon; you be Falcon, I’ll be Thor. (dramatic music) – Give me back my hammer. – Enough of this nonsense. Everybody sit down;
get ready for the plan. (dramatic music) All right guys here’s the plan. The two Captains, Spiderman and Ironman, are going to take the
cars to Evil Ironman. Is that clear? – [Group] Yes sir. – Steve? – Yes sir. – Why the rest of us just gonna sit around and do nothing? – In case Evil Ironman turns up here. – [Group] Ahhh – Wait where is Ironman? – I’m here. – You scared the life out of me Ironman. (dramatic music) – Good luck to you. Good luck. (dramatic music) – [Captain America] Whoa this is awesome. – There he is. – [Captain America 2] This is crazy. – Ahh why you chasing me? – [Captain America] Whoa. – [Spiderman] Whoa. – [Evil Ironman] What is going on? See you later. (rocket sound) – [Captain America] Turn into Aqua Jet. This is awesome. (dramatic music) (toy car motor) – [Spiderman] How we going so fast? Deploy the mini flip. Hey fake Ironman; don’t move. (laughter) – You and who’s army. – I’m an Avenger; now take off that mask. – Okay I’ll take off my mask. – Ahhh – Yes Spiderman; it is me Thanos, and I’ve been looking
forward to seeing you again. (dramatic music) You better run faster than that Spiderman. (Keyboard clicks) – Guys Ironman is Thanos. (group gasp) – But Thanos is dead. – That’s what I thought
but it was definitely him. – Where’s Spiderman and Antman. – Well; they might have gone missing. – They’ve gone missing? Two Captain Americas and you can’t look after Spiderman or Antman? – Well I’m not Captain America, he’s Captain America so its his fault. – But you got all the experience being Captain America this is like my first day. (doorbell) – Everyone stay here. – Growl – Spiderman! – Ironman is Thanos. – Yeah I know. Where have you been? – Ironman Thanos guy just
started chasing me here. – He chased you here? Does that mean he knows where we are? – Oh; Oops. – Guys Thanos is coming right now. Get prepared. – [Group] Avengers Assemble. – I will strike down upon thee, with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to destroy my brothers. – Growl. (suspenseful music) – Where’s my shield? – Take this. – Why is mine smaller than his? Oh this is embarrassing. (dramatic music) – [Evil Ironman] Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now its here, or should I say I am. (dramatic battle music) (yelling) – Thor; your smaller than I remember. Oh hello War Machine. Hahahaha Oh Hulk; get down. Oh Spiderman. (dramatic suspenseful music) – Thanos calm down. (dramatic battle music) – Got him – Fun isn’t something one considers when terrorising the Avengers, but Spiderman on the floor does put a smile on my face. (keyboard clicks) – Ugh ugh What’s happening? What is happening? What’s happening to me? Ah get off. Ugh ugh. This suit ugh. – I’ve taken control of the suit. – Make him dance; make him dance. (keyboard clicks) (pop music) (laughter) – Don’t watch me dancing. Click one of these other videos. Watch one of them. Watch Infinity War. Watch End Game. Ugh!

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