Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns | New Champion Teaser – League of Legends

No matter what planet. No matter what galaxy. They always look up in wonder Some fall to their knees and worship Others hide behind walls and towers But the thing they do best… is beg for mercy It’s just adorable.

Glenn Chapman


  1. The most disapointing kit in all the game for a theme with such potential… He just spits on you with his ult and rotate 3 little balls that are not even that flashy. Only his Q from afar is impressive.

  2. Aurelion sol strongest champion in league of legends by the lore but ingame that's another story

  3. Can make star crush another star
    But only some wind wall can stop

  4. In the cinematic he's a god but in game…He can be easily killed by Yasuo Master Yi Tryndamere and any other assasins

  5. Gorgeous lore, beautiful look but such a replaceable champion. Why… Just why??????

  6. Realizes he destroyed a planet: .000000001 seconds later… Me: This is dark af

  7. No matter what planet, no matter what galaxy, they always look up in wonder…

    Some fall to their knees and worship

    Others hide behind walls and towers

    But the thing they do best, is beg for mercy

    It's just.. Adorable.

  8. He can conjure a SUN in his hand at will!
    And then crush it.
    Can someone explain how some bunch of tribesmen managed to subdue this Celestial being and force him to do their bidding? wtf?? that's the worst piece of fan fiction ever.

  9. Aurelion, bard and kindred are the 3 most powerful beings lorewise and the 3 most "everyone does what we do and better". Reversed gameplay and lore integration.

  10. a dragon made of the sky who creates stars is too cool to be the lackluster champion he is

  11. They should remake him into a real god not a usless mid laner who gets destroyed by all champions

  12. *Did Bard summoned Aurelion Sol and Zoe when he used that energy egg that fired those three light beams into space?

  13. the best cinematic they've ever done. The goosebumps are real every second of the video

  14. Would be a shame if he floated over a teemo mushroom…… Real shame.

  15. 3 years later, it still gives goosebumps like the first one watched

  16. Still the best teaser ever ^^

  17. they should have given him an ult where everything on the map just plops dead and destroy the rift……… >Draw<

  18. I had just finished watching Guardians of the Galaxy after I saw the trailer for Aurelion when he first came out, because of how dark the backround was I though 0_0 "THEIR ADDING THANOS TO THE GAME?!"

  19. Aurelion Sol: Hello my children
    Soraka: Are you my father?
    Zoe: Yehey Daddy is home

  20. no matter what plannet !! no matter what galaxy !!! OMG RCU

  21. He is one of the most breathtaking champs when it comes to visuals! And his voice is so satisfying 😍

  22. Feared by millions of living organisms
    But gets wreck by a child aspect with a ball

  23. I always loved Aurelion, and i always will, whenever im out of the city, i look up into the stars and see the only one i truly love, maybe im not good at the game, but Aurelion, is the one that makes my life keep on going, maybe im not showing off how much i love that character, but trust me, my feelings dont hide behind the towers, or walls.

  24. funny how a champ be really cool and hyped, and then forgotten about in the span of a year or less and remain in a terrible state. its really saddening when i think about it

  25. i really want aurelion sol to be reworked he has the potentiel to be a mush better champion then he is now

  26. Me : i already saw talon and katarina
    Youtube : watch it
    Me : but-
    Youtube: WATCH IT

  27. I'm honestly so sad he turned out the way he is. He is not nearly as epic as he first appeared to be.

  28. Aurelion sol:exists
    Panteon: closed this gate of testicles.
    Teemo: existed

  29. whos strongest super smash bros ultimate!?!?

    Aurelion Sol or galeem and dharkon

  30. I like how zoe calls him space dragon and wants to tame him to be her own dog, he fits that character more than an Almighty being

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