ASMR~ Euterpe the Liberal Arts Guidance Counselor {Greek Muses Series}

hello I am Euterpe you are at liberal arts guidance counselor I know people have to look at the glasses and the question why they're so unique in their frames but you know something I love geometry so if anyone wants to complain about how ugly my glasses are like me I know guidance counselor's are just a fabulous aren't we we're not professors so we're not in charge of teaching a bunch of children how to read and me are just chillin in our room telling people how to live their lives I mean perfect job for me I particularly love the liberal arts little did you know that I actually inspire phillipa arts I'm actually a musician I love music and my love for it inspired the entire branch of the parts with an aggression Society no let me pull up your folder I like staying old-school I don't like technology so I'm just going to load my notes on your file I'm going for at school because I like keeping things ancient you know living in antiquity anyone who's all like oh let's modernize um excuse me you did that with the Greek language and look what you got a less fabulous Greek language maybe if we stayed with ancient Greek you would be fabulous so did you see I mean just check out the ruins the temple ruins in Acropolis in Athens I mean people don't go to Greece to see the newest restaurants there they go there to see the ruins that my old world is in imagine if they were there at its peak just goes to show you that even when my world is destroyed it's still better than everyone else's world I am going to see what you're studying right now we have a classic student on her hand I adored the class tell me what attracts you to the classics some people read it for Middle Eastern history and mythology other people are attracted to it through Egyptian fascination they learned about the Egyptian mythology in Egyptian culture antiquity other people are attracted to the Romans but I'm like I'm excuse me the Romans are like that illiterate kid in class who can't barely read a sentence and copies off the smartest kid in class and passes it off as their own homework like I'm excuse me source your notes credit me credit me they're all like oh we're gonna create our own cards have you guys ever heard of Jupiter no cuz I've only heard of his Zeus last time I checked I heard your sample before brah this is not new this is not original keep it fresh so the Romans didn't inspire did they good I'm glad to hear it so was it the Greek culture Greek history so tell me what's going on with you what do you need counselling I'm feeling that I'm feeling that so you just want me to get your classes in order to make sure that you're going to graduate on time have you I'm not seeing a minor here have you given any thought to what you would like to minor again okay and we do require a foreign language I've been given any thought to which language you would prefer well in that case I highly suggest you of course pursue ancient Greek but if that is knowing much that you would want to learn even though of course my pose to the Romans I would suggest learning Latin because it's just a beautiful language I mean the Romans might have you know copy and pasted but Latin is still your romantic language and I'm all about romance not as much as my sister or Erato she's a a matchmaker now kind of know but I would highly suggest in there I think it'll give you a fuller understanding of your studies it's not it pay attention to your minor I think the minor might make your education a little fuller if you don't mind my sayings I would highly suggest you minor and perhaps will tell me what are your interests what drives you towards classics okay would you say you commanded with classics on a historical level would you see you connect with it on an artistic level would you see connect with it on a psychological level like what is your angle it comes to it perhaps even a collection of all three motives okay and the historical angle I would say you could take um a minor in neuroscience and I would say psychology because you know one psychology smartest taking it's more creative and it's more fun but neuroscience might give you a little more in depth feel for the field and if you would ever pursue you know the more artistic forms of science the true science my opinion like alchemy witchcraft or anything of this sort and divination clairvoyance II then I think neuroscience might give you the rough build of it and you can decorate that rough build on your own it's like neuroscience gives you this structure very base structure to a house and it's up to you to decorate it with the beautiful arts of alchemy and witchcraft and divination and worship and everything else have you ever heard of the vestal virgin they weren't for me but let them you've got to let them so I highly recommend you take off a minor in neuroscience yeah you are sticking with so let me just add on a couple of notes here then you do have a nice rough fill out of your classes that I've already filled out prior to the meeting I'm just going to amend a certain points and then fill them up with specific greet clauses and then there's these lots of that left I left specifically for the possibility of a minor and I was over foreign language Greek art philosophy I'll give you a copy of that list in the mail send you a letter where it's more filled out and properly organized and once you get it in the mail please don't hesitate to come back if you have any questions it's Greek philosophy and mythology and arts in general and propose your questions Oh sweetie no no no I have no idea what's going on in stem I mean neuroscience belongs to stem technically but if you have any doubts about neuroscience do not hesitate to ask me as well because frankly neuroscience is um I'm just not a big fan of stem I'm a liberal arts sort of cow that's why I started liberal arts and I'm just gonna stick with it because it's fabulous I mean how fashionable can 2+2 be not that much but how fashionable is Greek mythology um just ask Alexander McQueen honey we have it down so once again if you have any questions or quandary please visit back if not enjoy your classes this semester and don't fear ring again

Glenn Chapman


  1. Angelica getting triggered over the Romans copying the Greek mythology is a mood

  2. I honestly didnโ€™t notice the glasses until she mentioned them ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Is it bad I didnโ€™t notice her glasses till she said something?

  4. 'My alien telling me about his home planet after I rescued him from Area 51' ASMR pleaseeee

  5. Honestly forgot I had this video loaded up. It took me by surprise and I felt all sorts of feelings XD it's 5:30, I was not ready for asmr!!

  6. I've never seen angelica interact with her fans. Does anyone know why? It makes me really sad ๐Ÿ™

  7. Like how she gets quieter saying โ€œfucking readโ€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. You should do a โ€œgetting you out of Area 51 (youโ€™re an alien)โ€ lol

  9. Can you do a roleplay of you being alien in area51 and just bullying us little humans lol please
    Edit: I love her mean roleplays๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ

  10. YESSS!!!! WE'RE BACK WITH THE "um excuse me." LUV THAT DUDE

  11. "um excuse me, the Romans are like that illiterate kid in class who can barely read a sentence and copies the smartest kid in case and passes it off as their own homework"
    Preach Queen Euterpe! Preach!


  13. cute as this is, the school counselor roles hasn't been "guidance" titled or pointless in over a decade. School counselors are para-counselors, highly educated in mental health and career/life counseling. Schools counselors do insane amounts of tireless work for students.

  14. This idea is from another comment but I want people to see it "preparing to storm area 51"

  15. Can you do an ASMR making your will or preparing your funeral video?

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