April Fool’s surprise: Jiyong hired Seungjae LOL [The Return of Superman/2018.04.08]

In a city filled with buildings, what is this place where employees are busily working? Good morning. – Hello. / – Hello. I have an announcement to make. A new intern has joined the company. It’s his first day here. Intern, please come on in. Hop, hop, hop. I am reporting to work. We give you Ko Seungjae, intern of the day. It’s morning. Let’s start the meeting. Go, go. The employees like and miss Seungjae. It’s April Fool’s Day today too. As a surprise, I hired Seungjae as an intern to give him an experience. – Good morning. / – Good morning. – “I am under your care.” / – I am under your care. All right. Here. I will give you an employee card. – An employee card. / – Say, “I will work hard.” I will work hard. Introduce yourself. I am five-year-old Ko Seungjae. Please take good care of me. (Clapping) He is here for a social experience. – Ask him to do anything. / – Okay. Intern, your seat is here. Come. (His desk is right next to the director’s.) (It’s a special seat for the intern.) Take off your glasses. I will put them here. Will you put them there? I will put this here. Then I will push in the chair and put my sticker here. (He finishes arranging his dinosaur stickers.) What is this? Seungjae. (He is satisfied with his employee card.) Seungjae. (He is excited.) (Jiyong gets started on work.) (Let’s see.) I will work on my computer too. (What?) (He pretends to work.) Okay. (Jiyong leans forward.) (Staring) (He copies Jiyong.) Intern, what are you doing? I am working. I am getting my computer ready, shutting it and putting a mouse on top of it. That’s what I am doing. Your computer should be open like mine. – It should be closed. / – No. That means you are going home. ♪ I won’t open it ♪ Seungjae, you can’t go home yet. ♪ I will open it ♪ It’s my sticker. – Dad. / – Intern. Dad. There’s no Dad. Call me Director Ko. Director. (I will play a prank.) Answer the phone. (He answers his first work-related phone call.) Intern Ko, are you working? – Yes, I am. / – Is it fun to work? Yes. Which is better, kindergarten or company? Company. Do I look cool when I work? I am hanging up. (Director Ko receives a counter-attack.) (He makes a call again.) Do I look cool when I work? I am hanging up. (Laughing) (This is fun.) Please give this to Ms. Jo Yunah. – Ms. Jo Yunah. / – Ms. Jo Yunah. Ms. Jo Yunah! (Looking around) Seungjae. Here. (Ms. Jo Yunah is here.) (He goes straight to her.) Thank you. Thank you for your hard work. – She gave this to me. / – What? – This. / – What is it? This. – Is that a jelly? / – Yes. A company is a good place. That’s right. A company is a good place. You even got a jelly, right? Yes. (Working is very fun.) (Coughing) Intern Ko. Please get me a cup of water. (His second errand is to get a cup of water.) (Here comes Intern Ko.) (He opens the bottle.) (Pouring) (He prepares a cup of water.) (His dad’s office is this way.) (Smiling) Thank you. Intern Ko knows how to take care of his senior coworkers. Thank you. Another one. (He pours a cup of water diligently.) (When is it coming?) This one is for Dad. I will take a sip. (Sipping) (Finally!) Director, here it is. Thank you. (He is proud of his son.) (Proud) – Did you get this? / – Yes. The water tastes a bit funny. (I drank some.) I will go out. (Intern Ko adjusted to the company perfectly.) (Is there something fun to do?) This time, he spots a copy machine. What will he do? (He heads straight to the copy machine.) I will put this here. Then close it. (He presses the button.) (Whirring) (He takes his precious employee card.) (He finished making a copy.) (Wow.) Done. It’s nice, right? It looks the same. – It looks the same. / – It’s a copy. – I will put it here. / – Seungjae. (You did a good job.) Intern Ko. Please make a copy of this. – I need a copy of that. / – Okay. (His third mission is to make a copy.) (He is good at making copies.) (Concentrating) (Whirring) (He succeeded to make a copy.) You are the best. – You are the best. / – I know. All right. Seungjae, I don’t have sticky notes. Go to a stationery store. Say, “Sticky notes”. Sticky no. Say, “Sticky notes”. Sticky no. Notes for attaching. Sticky notes. – Ask for them. / – Okay. After you buy that, you can keep the change. Buy whatever you want with that. – Okay? / – Okay. (He gets an incentive.) – The change? / – Yes. (He goes out to buy sticky notes.) Have a safe trip. Where is it? (Intern Ko comes out to run an errand.) It’s that way. Here comes Seungjae! Here comes Seungjae! (Where is the confident Intern Ko headed to?) All right. (Is that a stationery store?) All right. (It’s a convenience store.) Dad… Dad asked me to get what he needs. Did he? What did he ask you to get? Pastry. – Past? / – Yes. What could it be? You can attach it. That’s not sold at a convenience store. You need to go to a stationery store. Do you need directions? I will buy my snacks first. All right. I received five dollars. Put your change here. Where is the stationery store? The stationery store? Go up this way. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. What did Dad ask me to buy? What did Dad ask me to buy? Sticky notes. Chaps? It’s for attaching. Where is the store? Where can I buy it? Gosh, I can smell ramyeon. (He calms his hunger with the smell of chocolate.) Where is stationary store? Where’s the sign? It’s right there. Let’s go. Go. (He arrives at the stationary store.) Where can I find a chaps? Is that it? No, what are you looking for? It sticks. – It sticks? / – Yes. Do you mean stickers? – No, it’s sticky. / – Sticky notes? – Sticky notes. / – Sticky notes. – This way. Is this it? / – Yes. (He finally finds sticky notes.) That’s right. Here’s your change. No. I can’t drop it. It’s expensive. Goodbye. – Goodbye. / – Bye. I’m Intern Ko. Here comes Intern Ko. (Let me tell you about Ko, he can run errands too) (He can’t stop humming as he feels proud.) Director Ko, wait for me! Here comes Intern Ko. Don’t you worry. (Running) – I bought the chaps. / – Hi, Seungjae. – Did you get it? / – Yes. I even bought snacks for myself. What? What did you buy? Ta-da. – You bought chocolates? / – Yes. You even brought the receipts. (Good job, Intern Ko.) Since you’re back, take off your jacket. You need to get back to work now. Go to your desk and turn on the computer. – Computer? / – Yes. (He replenishes sugar as soon as he sits down.) My gosh, the chocolate looks very delicious. (Munching) (Chocolates taste better during work.) Seungjae, can we stop eating and have a meeting now? No. You must know what your tasks are. – How about a meeting now? / – Okay. Seungjae, put the grape drink at each seat. Place a can in front of each seat. Again. On that side too. (He sets the table with drinks.) Place this packet for each seat too. (He places each copy on the table too.) You should place them on this side too. You should do that. (He’s straightforward.) (In the end, his dad distributes the copies.) (Intern Ko is sitting down.) We’ll start the meeting. Please come in. – Okay. / – Okay. (His seniors come in one by one.) There’s a drink for you. Have… (Coughing) – Have the drink. / – Thank you. When are you going to Shanghai? To Shanghai? If the schedule works out, the meeting will be on Sunday. – On the same day? / – Yes. Why aren’t you drinking it? Please have your drink. Don’t forget to drink while working. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (He’s thoughtful.) Try to have a follow-up meeting – with the people we met. / – Okay. (He finishes the drink like a serious intern.) (He drinks his second straight from the bottle.) (The long meeting was his last task.) Seungjae, let’s get ready to go home. Turn off the computer. Turn it off. Push in the chair. There you go. How was your day? – It was hard. / – Wasn’t it? That’s why you must be good to me. Okay? You saw how hard I was working today, right? – I did. / – Right? I will be a good son. – Let’s go. / – We’re going home now. Thank you for your help today. Good job today. I was worried a little. But I think my employees liked my son. I think when Seungjae came… When my kid came to the office, everyone seemed to enjoy his company. Seungjae also seemed proud that he worked for a day. (Seungjae’s first day of work was a success.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. When seungjae rests his face he look like his mom but whenever he smiles and laughs he looks like his dad

  2. When jiyong says “sticky notes” I hear “beeeeeppp”
    The reason I edited is because I didn’t mean to put emojis next to sticky notes

  3. Omg i cant believe he knows how to work the copy machine. Not a lot of adults know how

  4. Tbh! All those M&M are lucky they go in seungae’s tummy, IWISH I WAS A M&M abut lucky m&m

  5. Want like bing your son to work with you keep Rick and god bless make me smile 😊🇯🇵

  6. I can get bored n enough of seungjae i watch every epi 5to10 time😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  7. "Kindergarten or company?"
    "Do I look cool while working?"

  8. Omg Sungjae can use the photocopier better than me. It literally took me a whole 5 mins to figure put where the paper goes and another minute how to photocopy.


  10. Woah he is so clever … he even knows which face of paper to face down in printer

  11. He knows how to use a photocopy machine at the age of 5 lol

  12. Don't touch me ya'll Seungjae is leaving

  13. Why the computer is white and pink not white and blue or something…

  14. lol, i was s impressed when seungjae's photocopy was in colour. I was like

    Also, how did Seungjae open that bag of chocolate that way without dropping a single M&M?

  15. Ah!!! Seungjae is so cute 😘😍💜😇😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  16. Amazing kid..so smart..Sarangheyo Seungjae 💖😘😘😘

  17. Strong girl bong soon vibes in a fsther-son way. This was so cute~

  18. Im proud of someone else's son 😂😂😂😂😂 really really smart kid

  19. This kid is so smart and funny😊😁 when I was this age I don't do command cause I Love playing 🤣🤣

  20. He is smart to have worked a photocopying machine on his own

  21. I love you seungjae and ko family…see you soon and ill support you no matter what😭❤

  22. really jiyong never get old. the older he gets, the better his face too. he is so handsome and his wife tho, that's why seungjae is hella freakin' handsome and gorgeous😅😅💖

  23. 7:08 why is it bleeping? why are they bleeping the word sticky notes

  24. Video: Post * bleep *

    Wow, I’ll never know what sticky note brand Mr. Ko is talking about.

  25. I'm 16 but I have no idea how to use a photocopy machine,,and there sungjae is straight up photocopying his ID 😂😂🙂

  26. He knows how to use photocopying machine better than me HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  27. Iomg seungjae is so cute! i died when he bowed 120 degress to the store cashier.

  28. I wished I had that family! Btw he is so so smart he can use the copy machine I don’t even know how

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