Amputee Rehabilitation Exercises for Glutes

hi guys I'm gonna go through a glute exercise which is eight minutes long so it's four minutes on each side they're eight seconds sorry eight different exercises and each side is each exercise is thirty seconds long so that's thirty seconds of each exercise eight exercises four minutes each side so the first thing you can do it with the weight you can do it with band either way so the first thing we're going to do is the clam so now on your site we're going to do is keep your ankles together this can be done with or without a prosthetic doesn't matter if you're an amputee or not and then you're going to put your weight on your knee so but further towards you need that it goes the harder it gets so if it's getting really tough put it towards your hip or just take the weight off completely I personally got a 5 but you can do it with with anybody at all so keeping your ankles together make sure you've got a stopwatch ready for 30 seconds okay and then what you're gonna do is keep your ankles together and you're just gonna come up so it's really important with this exercise that you don't shift your hips so you keep your hips in one position and we're just coming up and scuba clown these exercises actually look really easy but when you start doing them and they get pretty difficult and as I said you can make it harder or easier on yourself depending on what you fancy okay the next exercise is staying in this position just separate your angles and hold it there so you can pick the weight if you really want on your knee but I find it works better if I just hold it there so keeping this up and again making sure that you're not your your hips forwards and backwards a lot of people try and hold it there that's not what you want to just your ankles apart okay the next exercise you're going to straighten that bottom leg and the top leg is going to come behind your leg and all you're doing is raising it if you can try and point your toes towards the floor if you've got a prosthetic 'el and this actually can be quite difficult because the way it is down the end so just keep it we might need to get rid of the weight completely okay and the next one you're just going to hold it up try and put your toes down if you can you've got toast matter is when it gets sucked to get really tricky okay so the next one you gonna move forward a bit make sure you're not hitting a wall gonna touch your ankle behind and kick up you're gonna put your ankles or your knee and come down be able to pronounce my exercises actually lift you out by so you know ankle off and hold it there and really feel it in a great especially moving on to the last exercise in the last one I've actually got enough space in front of you put your leg out in front of you and come around in circles so I tend to do five one way and five that's it then just switch over the other side today

Glenn Chapman


  1. Excellent and very helpful video but very poor sound quality. Could you show us some exercises without using your prosthesis ?

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