Ambassador restoration cost how much i spend for painting and spare parts

In this video am talking about my total restoration expense my car painting expense around 65000 they removed all paint and applied black color . for that Onroad painting shop charged 65000 rupees this is only for total buffing and painting if your car having good paint then we dont want to pay that much in my case car almost rusted so i tell them to remove all paint also .some parts they painted . but this is average only. i was tell them to paint chrome finish and also they did polishing & inertial cleaning modification,this was in grand type this parts are newly rebuild from baletan’s shop for this total 25000 modification patch work and car fittings mirror stand making then cash spent for spare parts mainly door down side metal piece then .head light ring glass park .lights break lights this all spare 20000 thousand for that inside beeding also then main cash spend for grill and bumper front and back bumper plus grill back front monogram ambassador letter and this two back break light nickle part this all total 15000 then i did nickling for that second hand parts i removed grill and all bumper and did nickilng around 6000 rs but they do not give any warranty this all nickled interior fro interior i only add door pad sheet this was early maid from Coimbatore koyas inside wooden piece totaly damage so i add a new wooden board so i change 4 door pads wood arround 2500 . including they did some upholstery work ,which i removed for painting only electrical fittings and arround 2500 my car motor also complaint this all old koyas seat just i cleaned it

Glenn Chapman


  1. 👍👍👍😍😍യഥാർത്ഥ അംബാസഡർ പ്രേമി

  2. Cheatta eante oru suggestions parayam. Engine cabin paint cheyyamayirunu. Pine rear view mirror paint cheyyandayirunu. Ith eante suggestions aane.

  3. number plate metal vanghie stencil font use chaytha old model hand brushil, arts chayunavaraekonda number ashuthiyal korachukudie vintage aayanae.. if u dont like avoid th suggestion..

  4. I need a fully working mark 2 white colour . Please if anyone own and wants to sell. Please ping me.

  5. dilishetta njanum pazhaya vahanangal especially cars ambassador enikk valareyere ishttamanu. ente fatherinum athupolethanne valare craze ulla aalanu. enikk ettante videos valare ishttamanu. nalla vandikal undenkil ariyikkanam tto.

  6. pinne ettante vadiyil front glassinte mukalil varunna guard undallo, athu vechal valare nannayirikkum. ente oru opinion aanu.

  7. vadakkumnathan cinimayil lalettante ambassador ille… athupoleyanu njn udheshichad..

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