AM I THE MONSTER?! | The Inpatient, the Until Dawn Prequel (Ending)

I'm tripping out oh wait did it did just like load a new section I guess yeah sometimes come on touch your chest you know laps out for a minute yeah the laboratory you don't want to go through the security station no I totally want to go to gun everybody in the pool Oh angry panicked I'm a patient I wish I knew I'm a patient [Applause] hey guys and welcome to GT live GT live a very special GT live where today we'd like to ask the question if you're truly late every day then are you really starting on time basically this is the prequel to until dawn and we are locked in an asylum during all the weird psychological experiments that were going on that eventually led the way to the Windigo outbreak that we played through and until dawn it is becoming very clear through our horrific nightmares that we are one trapped in a wind to go infest the place and two that either we ourselves or our roommate is going to turn into a Windigo yeah sure mo foreign says on Twitter says oh no oh no syringes are my biggest phobia oh no oh no we're back to this oh it's right there you are gonna crush it can i crush it okay here we go this is just to catch you guys up this is our cell yeah this is our room oh we had a roommate she is questionably dead at this point there's all sorts of stuff roaming around in the dark we've been sort of abandoned at this point we're in some sort of sanatorium or asylum where we've been abandoned by all the doctors all the nurses and our roommates disappeared but there are a lot of other creepy things kind of walking around like cockroaches and big spiders and maybe a man-eating Windigo this guy's did we think that what's going on is that this is the hospital where or the institution where they were running experiments on the lost miners not miners as in under 18 miners as in pickaxes and dwarves in Snow White those kinds of miners hi-ho hi-ho we're underage you know what what jump-scare do you have for me uh Gee well 365 says I says I have to take a shower while this sucks showers suck it's just another person who escaped doesn't win to go apparently no just kidding showers are awesome you go take a shower we'll be here when you get back unless it's a very long shower in which case we will not be but remember conserving water is okay it's okay but also long showers are even better have you got a steam out those Titus's man right oh and here's a solution for for our shower friend REM says whenever I take a shower and there's less you may just take the shower and listen to what you guys are saying during the live stream just set that up your phone right outside but outside the shower no no oh I thought he had said cat I got a cat yeah so he's so so what's happening I predict is that they are giving him human flesh or or they're starving him until he eats the human flesh yeah at which point then they're trying to see how quickly you lose memories and how much humanity you keep this shadow does not match up at all to what I'm shining my light on like look it's deer antlers except not even close do you see that like the branches in no way shape or form line up to create those deer and maybe this is a whole shadow game no look here this is not true this is false news the laboratory you don't want to go through the security station no I totally want to go to gun everybody in the pool Oh angry panicked I'm a patient I wish I knew I'm a patient Hey oh my god no you weren't one of those things nice but that what Dad stop that it's less scary to look at then the Wars of the xylem you and your male gaze that's what that's what's horrifying hey I'm a female I guess that's it yeah I heard is it okay pearl is it okay for me to objectify men Stephanie it's not okay for women to objectify men either whoa boo giggles Tori me there were other survivors they're not far hey other survivors hey no way come on aah oh come on now come on buddy you got your eye on me with your male gaze check it out my jiggly Pat's keep your male gaze somewhere else yeah David his eyes are up here under this mask someone buy my eyes are here okay I am more than just a piece of meat for windigos to flesh on to flesh on oh hey remember me remember me like a trap I'm glad you're okay hey guys as am i we thought you'd well suffered the same fate as the others mmm hey uh you deceived me you left me to die angry or is that oh yeah I think you just go with angry yes yes and for that no amount of remorse will ever be enough but you must understand no harm was intended in it this incident of blindsided all of us you need to work on your apologies Jefferson I'm staying here we can't leave you behind it's not safe please you know we all have to go everyone Bragg included yeah no let's go yeah I think you should come with us whoa huh this place belongs to me all right the hell out of here mr. Brett she's in stop come on he's made up his mind no no I don't trust him now why we still can right yeah Ana you're looking pretty rough right now right I don't know about her good hey now Riddle don't get highly responsible for all this what's that mean him dare you turn apples into sand slow walk slow dramatic walk great again if this was like a threatening situation I feel like I would try to sprint I wouldn't want to come with us I know some some kind of hates maybe maybe a light jog even yeah I think this a gentle trot I mean slow methodical pace Stef is the way to go oh god it's awful Christ what happened here Wendigos what do you think look at that look at that look no we were roomies remember our time together remember I tried that cockroach sharing that cockroach sharing that sandwich I let you have the last piece of bread oh that's rough no that's hey moisturizer I here is a wonderful thing there's any number of veggies a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube who can help you out with a lot of what's going on over there all of that stuff that's going on up there plenty of people on YouTube eager to help I hope we don't get into a running race because I am literally unable to walk faster than like a half mile per hour wait you don't know what's out there there was nothing out there before let's just go one at a time oh no that's nothing shows up move a muscle okay don't move don't do this don't waggle like Anna's gone oMG no she's back she's right there no she's right there who is Anna the one with the really dirty face who looks like she's definitely transforming into a Wendigo right now go first Oh Anna's going first oh oh no Anna she have Wendigo super-hearing might know she's running broaden right where's she going where'd she go this is off it away okay next are you gonna get to the other side I'll give the signal uh who someone's gonna die here it's you you're the one who's good nose goes oh no I can't reach my nose the mines that prevents me from hitting my dog I cannot go without my nose there's no goes without the nose you wait here you wait here you're both assertive what is it about following and one it's a befall of eating right put there okay if I hear a Wendigo I should stop oh wait I guess I feel like I'm in fun fun time Foxy's chamber again I'm like did I hear something am I having to be silent and still Peppa Laura no you told me stop moving oh my gosh it's your face too well that sucks oh this is just your controller this sucks hey we're good yeah don't flinch man right yeah this is this is the don't flinch challenge ah poop this is not a disease this is not a virus this is a curse they're more survivors holed up in the administration offices they still think it's an infection they have no idea what they're up against yeah they need our help oh you know spirit when I was a missionary interacting with the native people I'd hear these stories told his great conviction but of course back then I only trusted in my own faith so I dismissed them as may a superstition whoa whoa oh my god stop hitting he's a holy man sorry oh no what happened no oh well Oh what whoops thought out what get mo mo move your body oh my gosh what right that was sorry someone's shooting at me let me just uh do my slow mole wallow along come on oh no of the law no wait what happened why would they just open fire like that police other minor what he'd become and they reacted reacted yeah people are dead man that's a pretty big reaction I think we all need right believe me I kind of agree with that sentiment what happened man police react – where's it go miners we just need to explain it to them we should go back that's stupid you're stupid confident yes I think you're right no oh we think confident wait where are we going do we go back and tell the police or now yeah they're totally gonna kill you at least know we saw what they did that makes us witnesses do you really not hear all these voice oh no she's totally she's a goner man she's a complete goner they won't stop can we get rid of her come on right you got it you gotta make the sacrifice man oh this is like zombie apocalypse you can't have people acting weird ah ah ah Anna better list yeah let her go Hey look hey here's tools and weapons look at all Julie Wow a hammer that might be useful let me reach it right maybe we need to pry a door off its hinges or something guys well have you have heavy wrenches heavy pipe wrenches man wouldn't it be great to have more than zero weapons because not even has a stick right all right yeah we'll be fine as long as we don't move we're okay M Garver says when in doubt you gotta shank it out if we had something to shank with you would totally be shrinking we'd wanna go right I would love to shank some things that they're like I would like to at least have the option of shanking right now no shanking is open to me Wow hey you'd even take an optional shank you know normally I like I prefer the shank and a half but I take a quarter shank at this point like whatever it's amazing yeah give me whatever shank you're willing to spare it really just kind of oh geez oh no what you did we're gonna have to tell her is my god I'm so so sorry for pushing you I don't know what came over me I do Windigo jeans yeah I'm struck toys says that would be the biggest plot twist of matpat as the protagonist turns into a Wendigo oh man I hope we get out get out of my way you make a better door than a window hey stop objectifying her but not my fashion someone's mom she's rough yeah she's rubbing her butt in my face not my fault look look she's like hey did you check it out great I can't I can't help it sorry Victor we just can't be worried about Uranus really emphasized no oh nice so wait so was I who was I oh that that must be it right so I'm slipping in disguised as a doctor why yeah I think you're right oh my gosh what floor do we go to the one without eyes oh yeah I know I'm working on it yo hey hey oh no oh well oh no David oh no David no no no not David he was the only one I liked it's gonna be okay just push down keep pressure on it to have a child Anna meanwhile is really eager for that blood yeah eat him look at her look at her right and it's looking even teeth are starting to get bigger No oh look a little peckish oh no whoa no no what Oh Wendigos Oh No well yeah no no duh thanks Captain Obvious holy cow what do you think we've been trying to do oh I can use this now again ah use activate activate good one master enemy Archer said let David's death not be in vain actually yeah yeah active Oh a math you can't press the button on this training thing I was Ted I was doing my part it's not my fault but finger did realize I needed to extend from I am thank you for all the weenus emoji in in the chat hey hey Victor what's going on I put shots hey buddy oh no way look who's here it's the police it's a cable car if we don't leave they will execute every single one of us they can find ya to be some mistake can you get the door open from your side think so yeah Victor efforts like that subtitle just ed doing caitli panel says please save David sweet booty right I'm working on it I'm trying guys I'm trying hey Baker hello go touch it button I hit the second floor I don't know what it is I don't know what floor I was supposed to hit but I hit the second one cuz it was the only one my hand was active for no David Janna hey oh that is that is a face only Noxzema could love no David no David no oh no I'll never let go David will never forget will always matter will always have your rear end no oh no man oh sorry I cannot allow you to leave this mountain you should have had this conversation with her no no I suppose that's wise never should have listened to brag we knew we were playing with fire what well I law at the cable car you need to get a spark oh oh okay she's self-aware right I mean they actually really impressed with that oh poor Anna kind of deal I'm sure she'll come out and attack us before this whole thing's over sure but whatever bye Anna she's got David to the keeper bowl for a while hi Anna you will not be missed right thank goodness we are getting away from you I'll always cherish that moment that we shared a cockroach stuff I'm very emotional about it okay we had that time together it was very nice okay hey Victor Oh 100% yeah let's trust the Windigo to operate this thing and you whoa oh this is actually if this feels like a real car ride that's what the snow you daddy me I'm story you've got I got it definitely worth it was it worth it huh how many ways do you say no if it's boys I'm carry that to your last breath I'm I tried to get that I tried to operate I was trying you were flailing wildly at that thing man way to make a girl feel special no Wendigo Wow everyone just just rip hands it was that not scripted as part of the game like could we have prevented that oh right it seems like I probably could have prevented it guys I tried okay hashtag blamed the cops look there's cops down here oh that doesn't believe well PR controls right did you see me just tick Y elating right so much testicular what wait do we not what what what I whoa what the heck are you are you kidding me right now or what are you kidding me right now I take umbrage umbrage has been taken we get to see the game tax accountants Matthew thank goodness what how many bags are there to this thing come on you know how many endings I'm assuming there's more than one there's got to be more than one how how do you have all this build-up to like Windigo battles and and don't move like they have them it's not like they didn't have the game play or eat like implemented it's right there you're gonna kill me give me I'm a reasonable man yeah so let's get down to business you say you saw all sorts of bad stuff up on Blackwood Mountain but I say you broke into a reputable institution under false pretenses I mean that's true idea who do you think people are going to believe oh wow hey I just want to go home not you murdered them I just want to go home yeah oh sure you'll be free to go soon enough I just need assurance you're not going to go and do something self-destructive like published a cockamamie story about what you think went down up there Wow yeah that's right Wow I know all about you your editors been worried sick what the cops much as I'd like to see you just are the actual villain of the game this puts me in a bit of a squeeze and I don't like to be squeezed well what story we're gonna tell our editor threatening I'll say nothing do we say nothing get out of there get out of here see reasonable just like me now let's get you home huh hey just remember I'll be watching wow what wow oh my gosh oh no wait well what was that what what I see it now it's so simple it's so easy hey guys thank you so much for watching this episode of GT live disappointing no if you want some less disappointing and definitely scarier VR word check out your room it's the box green water not green wood not to be clean no don't confuse those two and don't forget to subscribe that's the box to the right

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  1. “It’s not okay for women to objectify men either” we love two woke people

  2. There's a way to become a Wendigo. If you do, it's revealed you're the one who chased Hannah and Beth.

  3. You guys should have attempted to get the Wendigo ending. It's much more interesting.

  4. its hard to get invested in this when so much was cut, i barely put together what was going on. is there an unedited cut?

  5. When she said its so simple its so easy shes saying its so easy to get food as she realized due to the windigo spirit that infected her when she ate the sandwich. Then she kills you as the true end of the game. Also did anyone. Notice that when you got out of your cell later to meet david and the other to escape it started as a vision and never stops until Anna eats you

  6. at 6:50, the man in the chair is the same one that they find as a corpse in until dawn when you were walking around the asylum but you thought it was dr. Hill.

  7. This game was alright. Could have been better. I'm glad these guys made it enjoyable and funny!

  8. OMG 7:36 Bragg is inside his suicide room that mike found in the sanitarium

  9. I don't see why they were blaming you. It's not your fault her boyfriend died

  10. is braggs the one who we found in Until Dawn as the skeleton sitting near a table?

  11. Is it possible to play this game through PS4 Remote Play and the HTC Vive on your computer? Because I'd like to only have one expensive VR headset if I can get away with it

  12. Did anyone else notice how the guy to their right in the cable car, victor, I think, looked like the old guy in until dawn with the flamethrower

  13. You are my favorite person to watch and some things that you do are just creepy

  14. Can you make some theories on this game? Like, for an example, what Anna meant by “I see it now. It’s so simple, so easy.” Just before she turned into a Wendigo.

  15. I couldn't finish watching only because he was pronouncing Windego wrong; its pronounced like Wind-eego

  16. Solution to the shower; shower with your clothes on and watch the vid in the shower! That….is wrong….on so many levels…..

  17. I am liking this video because it has a link to the full stream.

  18. Your in luck! I have arachnid phobia! Yay!!!!!! I'm Ganna lose my mind.

  19. "[…] and the police reacted."
    "REACTED? People are dead, man!"

    And suddenly, I realize that this game takes indeed place in the USA.

  20. It would be cool if you went back and got some of the other endings too. It would probably take too long, but after watching an all endings video, you got like the worst one and it would be fun to watch you do the others.

  21. This game is terrible just like every Until Dawn spinoff they try to make. It feels like 0 effort went into this game and like it's just a bunch of random bs.

  22. Mat: How would a melee weapon help you in this situation? Unless you use it to open something, or those weapons some how shoots fire.

  23. 8:19
    Mat: If this was a threatening situation, I would sprint.
    Me: But isn't it better to stand still or walk even more slowly? Because the Wendigos can only sense movements and sounds and that they may be faster than you.

  24. I can't heard Stephanie without having a jump scare of matpat talking, please fix that 🙁

  25. 3:39 i thought he said please please i gotta cat!
    but then it said eat and now im thinking im gonna be an old cat lady maybe

  26. Hey guys!

    This game is probably on G2A for an awesome price!

    Typically around 60-90% off the original price.


  27. Are these uploads supposed to be a collection of random moments during gameplay? I am always very dissappointed when I watch the uploads on the live-channel, because they are cut in a way, so I cannot follow anything, because the snippets are too random. =/

  28. Victor definitely isn't the flamethrower guy from Until dawn. Victor is Asian and the guy was a hillbilly. Also David looks just like the bald prisoner from Hidden Agenda.

  29. … am I crazy but does Stephanie kind of look like Joseph's wife from Dream Daddy… like from what shes wearing…

  30. did anyone else notice that at 8:35 they say god, christ and jesus, without mentioning any sort of religion

  31. You guys thought about trying Sally Face? It's a really fun game

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