All Jerma985 Scared Moments (The Inpatient)

I don't know don't you now okay here we go let's go ahead and leave oh but I just what I didn't mean to make that much noise I told you it's good fucking you know I was there he was he was watching the stream and he heard me bump the mic there we go [Applause] just follow me come on okay hi stupid took your fucking long enough just like drive the car in case this guy had any doubt he's like holy shit man I'm gonna get out of here but this guy this guy fucking belongs here here a guy he's gonna be right my face okay oh I was like I got it I gotta use comedy here till they get myself over this there we go it's gotta use comedy that's like that's a you've solved every fucking problem there he comes she's gonna turn and he's gonna have a face everybody knows where it is everybody knows what it is he's standing behind him are you one of those guys that doesn't like will stand behind you when you work you need to calm down you need to calm down they'd had to get a little kidding what the hell is wrong with you are you trying to get us killed which is this the other guy from the first game the guys did everything Peter Peter Peter Krampus right Peter Krampus he's in like everything that easy stay stay well you lost a shoe that's all what happened they faked me calm down calm down calm down calm down stop moving all right I did I made it I'm good fucking completely forgot about this come on you know he's gonna put him in when you see in this video that like holy Mack makes he's gonna add a bunch of likes washes wicked just pull bolsters I'm like on edge tonight so you got scared look that jumps around look at the stream or the bigs a lot of fucking noise and a monster comes in and he's got like a face cam on he's screwing this doesn't feel right I fix it we're good we're no longer anymore no challenge is going well so far all right I gotta put the CD in the CD player there we go no I just have to we just gotta go alright now here's the bath this is the bath station I'm a patient but then I just get shot oh where are we going guys this is a great tour you know I heard yeah I heard the lobby 2001 this is too loud [Applause]

Glenn Chapman

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