hey guys it's Gretchen and welcome back to my channel alright so for today's video I thought I would talk about my most recent Pearson I've gotten a lot of questions here on YouTube asking me if I've gotten a new one recently and if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know that I did and I think I may have mentioned it in a video yes I did get a left forward helix Pearson a few weeks ago and so I thought I would do one of my traditional all about my blah blah blah Pearson videos so I didn't get it done Thursday July 27th I went to my typical piercer that has done most of the pre reasons that I have if she didn't do him then someone else from the same tattoo shop did them I've primarily gotten almost all of my piercings from this one specific place aside from two of them so at the time of this video going up the Pearson is roughly four weeks old so definitely not completely healed yet but we have gotten past quite a hurdle which I will get to in a moment so when I was deciding on jewelry you all know that I am very partial to titanium and wasn't that until several piercings in before I realized I could specifically be like hey I wanted this type of jewelry I didn't have to settle for the standard yes you do have to pay a little bit extra for the nicer quality jewelry but you know that's that's just something I'm willing to pay for especially since my ears are sensitive to certain metals it really seems to like titanium so I stick with that so when I was pinging what kind of stone I wanted a opted for something a little bit more different compared to the rest of my you know just standard stones I did a little triple stone right there it's it's a tiny little triple stone I'll insert a picture over here so you can see it up close image of it and I just thought that was kind of the perfect stone to put in such a tiny space all my other ones are a little bit bigger whereas this little triple one is a little bit smaller and dainty looking so I thought it would look good now I will say I do eventually want a double forward helix but I opted to only get one done at a time for two reasons number one when I was talking about one in that this Pearson a lot of people on Instagram DM Denise ant oh my god it hurts so bad definitely only get one done at a time so I did he'd that and number two it's such a tight smaller space that I wanted to give at least the ear enough time to heal one before I decided to throw to of it so we started off by having the apprentice piercer I think that's the proper title I'm not entirely sure but she did give me two markings on my ear and let me pick which one I would want at that time I did tell them upfront that I would be coming back for a second one so they made sure that it looked good by itself but also left room for that second one of the two markets I did end up picking the higher of the two so when I go back to my second one it will be a little bit lower down in here after this the piercer herself came in she inspected the mark made sure that everything was looking good for her to actually you know Pierce the site and then we went from there she then proceeded to get ready which included but is not limited to or in the correct order because yo girl was not really paying attention but she did it wash her hands you know took the jewelry out of it sterilized packaging put on some gloves all that good jazz that you would expect from a good sterilized Pearson area spa facility whatever oh no she don't think she's supposed to eat that so my piercer did use a clamp to make sure that everything was even everything was steady it wasn't like any accidental movement that would cause the needle or slip or anything like that it is a tighter space so I guess it's a little bit more difficult to get a clamp in there I don't know I didn't feel any discomfort or anything like that but I know it's a smaller area so it's like less surface space for the clamp to actually grab on to but I know one was used so as for the piercing itself I'd give it maybe a three out of ten possibly just the two it honestly was not painful I know when it was actually done I think I I think I believe I said the words oh fuck that didn't hurt at all I always build it up in my head that piercings are gonna hurt because either I've read something on or people have told me that it's gonna hurt I got all these divas on Instagram saying oh my god it was probably the most painful one I've gotten it was so painful to get done you know be prepared for the pain yada yada and so I had build it up in my head that it was gonna be super painful it wasn't it hardly hurt at all it was probably one of the least painful piercings I've ever gotten if I'm being honest no healing wise has been a different story like I said as of this video uploading it is a little over four weeks old so obviously it is still in the healing process and will be for a long time six weeks is it's like that bare minimum and that's when I'll start looking at getting the second one ya could take six months for it to completely heal what I will say for the healing process roughly two weeks after I got the Pearson done it became horribly swollen I have no idea what happened it kind of was a similar situation to my double helix if you remember that story I'll post it up over there but something happened and all of a sudden that was super swollen and it was super painful and I could feel it throbbing in my ear and after you know 48 hours 72 hours it went away similar situation with this forward helix I honestly have no idea what happened all I know is that literally almost two weeks to the day after I had gotten it done it became very swollen I could feel it pressing up against the drawee and there's a it's a long enough post that was supposed to account for potential swelling but this was swollen like no other it was excruciating my ear was just constantly throbbing so I had to take tylenol I had to take an ice pack to hold it on there to either none of the pain or help with the swelling it was bad and it stayed that way for roughly 72 hours I have no idea what happened what could have gotten in there because up until that point I hadn't had any problems now I'll say I have hit it accidentally a few times mostly because those first two weeks I kept forgetting it was there it didn't hurt at all you know I'd clean it like normal a ch2 ocean get up and they're just clean around it and everything like that but it never truly hurt or gave me any problems until that right over the two-week threshold mark that's when it got really bad and again it lasts in about 72 hours it was that entire weekend that I had issues finally it subsided now we'll say since then it has bled a little bit each day and it's gotten a little crusty every day but it's nothing like it was it's no swelling now it's just a lot of that crusty stuff that comes along with the healing process I have continued with my cleaning regimen so I do my h2o strengthen once in the morning once in the evening but I've also started to incorporate that probe on lotion soap that I really like I only use it once every other day because like I mentioned in the video it's not the best thing to use for a brand new person it's more suited for once the person is been around for a while and has not necessarily completely healed but healed enough because it can still be harsh even though it's a lotion so it can still be too harsh for a brand new piercing however I found that cleaning with it once a day or actually once every other day just kind of helps getting any of that build-up nasty nearby that may be the h2 ocean hasn't gotten it's kind of helped keep that down keep everything flushed out keep everything clean and it just makes it feel better so I have incorporated that but when you do clean your piercings you got to make sure that you know you still flush everything get out any residue because you can have build up from your cleaning products and that's not always a good thing either so even though the actual piercing itself was only about a three out of ten I will say the healing was a six out of ten or has been it's still healing so far is a six out of ten just because that whole after the two week mark thing with the swelling and the bleeding that was excruciating it was up there with the double-helix so that was not something I was looking forward to not looking forward to that potentially happening again when I get the second forward helix but it's something I'm prepare for now because I hadn't happy because that hadn't had with any of my other Pearson's aside from my double helix I wasn't necessarily prepared for it this time but when I go get the second one I'll be at least anticipating that it could happen not looking forward to it though so like I said it's still healing it's only four weeks old as the time this video goes up so it's got a long way to go but when I do get to that six week mark that's when I'll start looking at going back to get the second one and don't think I can do a triple one in there but that's fine I had originally only wanted a double so I am excited to get that one let me know in the comments below if you yourself have a forward helix also let us know you know if you do have one how the actual piercing pain was for you and how the healing process was for you everyone's body is different everyone reacts differently to it you know everyone was saying that the actual pierson itself was super painful I didn't find that but the healing process has been a baker for sure if you have any questions regarding my forward helix or any of my other piercings leave them in the comments below myself and others in the comment section will happily answer anything we can for you again we're not experts we're just enthusiasts but that is it for this video if you enjoyed it please give it a big ol thumbs up going down there and hit that subscribe button wherever it might be cuz I don't know even though I do this is just mystic now also hit that notification bell in case you want to know when output and in case YouTube wants to let you know when I upload because I would really appreciate it until next time bye guys [Applause]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Did you mean to say June 27th,? I love that jewellery you have it pierced with, looks gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜

  2. I have a double forward Helix, I got them both at the same time and I would have to agree that the initial piercing itself didn't hurt much but let me tell you, the healing process has been a pain ๐Ÿ˜– 7 months later and they still hurt. I been wanting to downsize to a smaller post but the balls are so tight and messing with them too much makes them irritated. The top one is a lil more of a pain to me than the lower one and it still has a small bump on it, but I absolutely love them if they would just heal already ๐Ÿฅด

  3. I have a triple FH and that hurt. 3 at once, so sore… And they were a fucker to heal. The top 1 especially…

  4. I have triple forward helix done all at once, and the healing process was a nightmare! The middle piercing ended up breaking and they had to replace it after a week because the swelling was so bad. It took forever to heal, definitely worth it to get one at a time.

  5. I have a triple forward helix in my right ear. It only hurt getting it done because I did all 3 in the same day. Itโ€™s tricky to clean the back of mine especially since my rook is also pierced in this ear.

  6. I had mine done too it didn't hurt and the healing wasn't painful either but it ended up migrating and rejecting I guess bc I slept on it too much idk but I miss it so much it was one of my favs

  7. I had a double forward helix and finally took them both out. I have 16 piercings and these were not healing well at all. Three weeks after taking them out I still have scabs. My piercer told me they are the worst to heal. Good luck!

  8. I've had my forward helix done for about two months now and to be honest it hasn't been a bad healing process so far. The initial piercing was probably a 3 or 4 out of ten; really not that bad (and certainly a lot less painful than my rook!) I think I was probably very lucky because it didn't swell that much, but was quite sore in the first month. I also got some jaw pain on that side, like I did with my tragus, that lasted about a week. It still sometimes hurts a bit when I clean it, but there's rarely any gunky stuff now. The oddest moment was when I think I slept on it by accident, about two weeks ago and the bar had pushed forward without me knowing (I was pierced with a curved bar). It must have been like that for a while because, after giving it a clean, it took me a good five minutes to push it back in again and I felt a sharp pain in doing so. Obviously I don't faff around with my jewellery usually, but if I'd left it like that it might have got caught on something. Has anyone had a similar experience? Xx

  9. When I got my tragus done. It was swollen for a few days. I had to put a ice pack and take some ibuprofen. I'm thinking about getting my forward helix done. It looks really good on you.

  10. I had a forward helix on both ears. They both hurt but it wasn't that bad. Sadly I had to remove them both because the headset I use for work would sit right on both of them making them uncomfortable and not heal completely :(.

  11. Out of my 21 piercings my triple forward helix was by far the worst pain out of them all ๐Ÿ˜ซ plus they were a pain to heal! One of my favourite piercings tho ๐Ÿค—

  12. My forward helix was a bitch to heal too. It was sore for weeks and I would get irritation bumps every so often. Itโ€™s now been 4 months since I got it and I can officially say Iโ€™m out of the woods!

  13. Helix piercings are just a pain in the butt to heal ๐Ÿ™„ I had a forward helix piercing but had to remove it so I am going to get another one with my new, more experienced piercer who has done my faux rook, my tragus, my conch and my daith which I have absolutely NO issues with. She is AMAZING ๐Ÿ˜

  14. I have a forward helix which was also too bad and swelled up (then again nearly all my piercings swell for like a month at least ๐Ÿ˜ช)

  15. Loving the dark lipstick ๐Ÿ˜ also the hoops through the stretchers look so cuteee โค๏ธ

  16. Yes I hav my right forward helix it was 1 on the pain scale and my healed with no problem and it's 2 years old much love

  17. Love your videos! I got a double forward helix about 3 weeks ago and the pain afterwards has finally stopped! Iโ€™m glad I got them done at the same time as I donโ€™t think I would have been brave enough to go back again for the second one!! The two piercings plus the healing Tragus that was done the week before knocked my system for 6 and I felt poorly for a few days but Iโ€™m now feeling a lot better and thinking about what else to get pierced!!

  18. My double forward helix was definitely one of my easiest piercings to date. As far as pain and healing.

  19. Hi Gretchen! I love your piercing videos! Don't you ever get scared that you'll get a bad infection? I did my helix a few months ago unaware of the risks, and then finding out about them afterwards. i was panicking thinking I'd def get an infection ending up in hospital having to cut off my ear or dying in sepsis. So I retired it. I kind of regret it but at the same time not because it made me so anxious. However I know a lot of people have cartilage piercings.. Now I'm scared to have another piercing because I dont want to be that anxious again.

  20. completely unrelated but i got my conch pierced a week ago and it hasnt gotten crusty. i keep reading that crust is normal but is it normal for piercings to not got crusty?
    btw i recently found your channel and i love your content <3

  21. I totally agree with the whole thing about building it up in your head making it not that bad ! I was super nervous about my nipple piercings and my tongue piercing which both turned out to be not that bad. but I also think it works in the opposite way because everyone says nose piercings are so easy and like 2/10 in pain but my nose piercing hurt soooooo bad

  22. I always get myself worked up ahead of them and then find 5hem to not be as bad as I was worried about.

  23. I have a triple forward helix that I got March of 2018. Although the pain increased for each piercing (got all 3 at once), it was never something Iโ€™d describe as super painful. Healing has been a bitch though. I was either reacting to my cleaning solution or the surgical steel jewelry. Either way, it swelled massively and got infected. Thanks to my piercer being available at all times via WhatsApp & my awesome doctor who recommended switching to bioplast, and me throwing out that solution, it went down. Then I battled hypertrophic scarring after that. I love them and Iโ€™m glad they got saved because Iโ€™d be so upset if I had to take them out. That said, I plan to do the other side in the future lol! I have the same trinity jewelry you have in my middle one, with two plain clear cz framing it when I was able to switch to implant grade titanium. I just get pierced with titanium now to avoid any problems.

  24. I got my 2nd forward helix pierced three weeks after my 1st. The 1st hurt like a b*tch because of how low it was but I didnโ€™t even feel the second. Unfortunately my piercer used rings and it took me four separate attempts to get a labret in the one because it was healing curved. The post feels really long but I couldnโ€™t get a shorter post in. So Iโ€™m either going to stick with the long post or switch back to a ring until it fully heals and then attempt a shorter labret again.

  25. Forgot for a second that my industrial includes a forward helix. xD I found it more painful than my helix piercings, but nothing horrible. As far as healing went, I never had an issue with it. The swelling was pretty crazy for at least six months, but I never had any pain after the first month or so. Now I want another helix piercing.

    Your new forward helix looks amazing! <3

  26. Yay, youโ€™re wearing hoop earrings through your tunnels ๐Ÿ˜ I love that look!

  27. This one was ths hardest for me and i have a lot of ear piercings (3 helix, conch, anti-tragus…)… it hurt soo much and took ages to heal but now itโ€™s fine and I love it itโ€™s super delicate and feminine.

  28. This one was ths hardest for me and i have a lot of ear piercings (3 helix, conch, anti-tragus…)… it hurt soo much and took ages to heal but now itโ€™s fine and I love it itโ€™s super delicate and feminine.

  29. Do you spray it with H2Ocean and then dry it? Iโ€™m not sure if i should blow dry it or jut let it dry on its own. Idk if the moisture is bad to just keep it there

  30. My rook piercing was the same way at exactly 6 days, sore and swollen, then it was bearable, but took a good year to heal, but then it migrated so I had to take it out, to have it done again in about 6 months.

  31. I got my single forward helix december 3. At the beginnig everything was fine, but after 5 months more or less it got very infected and I don't know why, it was all swollen and at one point I thought my ear was going to blow up, so I decided to go to the farmacy to get some medication for it, and lucky for me it helped, now my piercing is healed and totally fine.

  32. I do have a forward helix and the actual piercing did not hurt at all but the healing process was a pain

  33. I had my industrial done twice, so technically a forward helix.. i agree, initial piercing wasnโ€™t that bad but the healing omg!!! It took mine the full year to heal with a flare up
    about every two months up to the year! Happy healing!! Love your videos

  34. Hi Gretchen! Thank you for sharing your experience. The tri-prong piece in your forward helix looks absolutely bomb!

    I got my forward helix done 5 days ago, and yesterday it started to throb. As I took a close look at it, I realized that the throbbing and pain were caused by severe swelling. It got me worried cause I'd never experienced swelling so bad before with any of my other piercings.

    My forward helix is doing a bit better today – still swollen, but at least now it doesn't hurt all the time.

    Having heard about your problem with the swelling, I have high hopes that mine will also subside in 74hrs. Fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. You've got a good pain tolerance for piercings. I've found all the finagling with the tools and to get the jewelry in really uncomfortable with my cartilage piercings. But then once it's done, it's fine.

    I don't have a forward helix. But my job doesn't like piercings (women are only allowed two sets of lobe piercings) so I don't want to push the dress code further anytime soon.

  36. I retired a triple forward helix. It just would NOT heal. The worst part of the actual piercing was the CRUNCH of the needle piercing that cartilage. But my hair would wrap around it and it just wasnโ€™t good. Now, I also got them all done at once. I have a helix, bilateral daith, and double lobes otherwise.

  37. Great video!!! Don't have any forward helix piercings. Only have 3 helix piercings… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ
    All your ear piercings looks great

  38. My double forward helix did not hurt much to get done, but the swelling hurt a little bit more, but not to bad.

  39. love your piercings!! haha did you mean june 27th? ๐Ÿ™‚ 0:32

  40. I'm so happy with this video because I'm thinking about getting a forward helix next month, so this helps a lot ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  41. I got a double forward helix on my left ear in April and only about now, at the end of July, i would say itโ€™s almost good, but OH LORD, it was terrible and they got super infected and had keloids on them for a while, also they hurt like crap to pierce but i really wanted them so i just forgot the pain ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ i am glad you had only one done for your sake ๐Ÿ˜‚ ly โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  42. Obsessed – Total #EarGoals โœจโœจโœจ
    Can I ask you about your Daith (doth) jewellery ? I love it so much

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