Air Die Grinder Restoration

Glenn Chapman


  1. If anyone has doubts about the beauty of precision engineering then look no further than a My Mechanics video. Amazing attention to detail along with exacting standards where nearly good enough is not acceptable to him; only as close to perfection as possible will do. And then to top it off a beautifully shot and edited video for us all to enjoy. Really well done Sir!

  2. I`m amazed he didn`t make the ball bearings he can make a spring out of wire. You are one smart dude my mechanics

  3. god damn. i can't even figure out how to put the whip cream canister lids back together at work.

  4. As always, it is up to the mark, but it seemed there was little work to restore the small parts, were they in good condition or was it left overs !?

  5. Спасибо за труды. Мне очень интересно смотреть, назвал бы не видео, а сюжеты. Прекрасная режиссёрская работа и видеообзор исключающий дополнительные вопросы. Ещё раз спасибо. (некоторые вещичьки, даже хочется приобрести)

  6. The grinder sounded lower pitch at the end making it seem like it wasn't as fast as before it was restored, I wonder if that's the case and why.

  7. I'm new here, found your channal yesterday and i've seen almost all videos, but one to go. Hope you come up with a new one soon.

  8. I've watched all his videos before this and I've noticed one thing:
    the table used to be so clean. XD

  9. "Looks ugly lets make a new one "

    Naaah dude,, "I will make my own air fitting because I can bitches"

  10. OK, so I just finished binging your entire catalog in one day, and your craftsmanship is unbelievable. I could watch your videos for hours…. um… yeah… literally hours. I look forward to your next restoration. Keep up the great work!!

  11. I have yet to see one of your restorations that didn't belong in a museum or sold to a collector. Bravo!

  12. Another 14 min of my life gone without regret another beautiful job

  13. As I have said before, Zehr schöne!😁 great job on making a beautiful tool👍( I would have commented in Swiss but Google translate doesn't have it)

  14. Классно ты новую жизнь даёшь старым вещам. А ты откуда? с:

  15. Really, really beautiful work. I watch in disbelief at the patience you have when flatting a nut on the oilstone. The end result justifies the effort though.

  16. Hay varios canales con este formato y cada uno tiene su propio estilo pero, este chico tiene una forma de hacer las cosas que me gusta mucho. Pone mucha atención hasta en los más mínimos detalles y eso es digno de valorar.

  17. These restoration videos are good for my soul.
    I love how incredibly painstaking, detailed, precise, and knowledgeable these videos are.
    Keep up the good work, hoping you make it to 1 million subscribers very soon, because your work is worth it!

  18. We are privileged to watch an accomplished craftsman at the peak of his skill. The amount of technique in your arsenal never ceases to amaze me.

  19. this video felt a little more like maintenance rather then a restoration

  20. If i was making this video. this would have ended right after testing it. Good thing I don't make videos.

  21. These are so relaxing to watch and the bending action was out of this world !

  22. Nevermind the thing working properly. The simple fact that there were no parts left after the final assembly is enough to amaze me! Very cool.

  23. I thought it looked fine before he started taking it apart. Why fix it? (I've seen many of his videos.) Then I saw this seemingly endless number of parts, all looking gungey against his shiny wrenches and other equipment. I can't believe how many parts are in this thing – and that he knows what each of them does. And the pink potholder – LOL!

  24. Nice close work and editing as usual. Although I do think it looked more attractive before restoration !

  25. I'd wear this as a necklace, it's that beautiful

  26. Все пересмотрел твои ролики, этот вообще можно было не делать, всё хорошо изначально было с этим пневмобуром или пневмодремель (но не как не шлиф машинки)). Зря вытачивал муфту угловую, были же хорошие. Да литые, не очень взрачные (полирнуть и всё было бы ок), но которые не ржавеют как эта твоя, хоть и воронённая, но оно облезет через пару часов работы.

  27. You’re a wickedly smart and talented young man! The restoration that you perform is on a whole new level… brilliant craftsmanship! Yes indeed!👍🏻❤️😊

  28. Este es tu único canal o tienes otros canales? Saludos desde Perú.

  29. just watched your whole channel would love to see you do an espresso machine. thanks

  30. Beautifully restored ! Loved the way you heated the ball bearing housings before assembly 👍

  31. Comme l'ont dit les autres, t'as le soucis du détail. C'est du putain de boulot. Bravo, mec.👍👍👍

  32. Мне кто нить может объяснить смысл "восстановления" вполне неплохо работающего инструмента?

  33. Вы делаете лучше чем на заводе.Просто фантастика!

  34. You REALLY are the master of dis-assembly and the lathe. "I don't like this piece so I will make a new one"
    What a talent. Keep the vids coming! !! !!!

  35. My Mechanics:
    This part is broken = Lets make a new one.
    This part looks ugly = lets make a new one.

    This part is not working = lets make a new one.
    This part looks not good = lets make a new one.

    My old favorite phrase is not good = I made this my new one.

  36. IF some one were to offer to buy one of those rebuilt tools…
    I would NOT use them at all! They would be displayed in a Lexan display case.

  37. You don't repair, you don't restore, but you reinvent the object, often better quality than the original one !

  38. I love how you disassemble parts until you literally can’t. No other restoration channel even comes close to this level of detail.

  39. I have watched all your videos that I can find and I thoroughly enjoy your methods and how you think and how you never quit when you’re restoring something because if you can’t get the parts then you make them and I really enjoy watching you and your work! It’s been a while since you posted anything new and I’m hoping everything is OK with you?

  40. Warum haben Sie die Wälzlager nicht ausgetauscht?
    So ein Schleifer dreht sehr hoch, neuer Lager wären nicht schlecht.

  41. Dude, i see you using your die on a few vids. You should restore it, take out those ugly machine marks.That would be cool to watch. Love the vids bud 🙂

  42. Технопорно. На это можно смотреть бесконечно.

  43. Making and bending that air chuck fitting was so awesome need to come out with 2 vids a week man keep it up

  44. Where could I learn more about rust proofing using olive oil, please? I've tried googling and evidently haven't figured out the right search terms yet. Thanks! Great video!

  45. I know it's been a while. Can you describe what has happened to make the pitch of the Air Die Grinder, drop, from first demo to after restoration demo? Why did the pitch go down, and does that impact performance at all? When you buy a tool it has certain specs and maybe rebuilding it has changed those specs a bit. Maybe it's slower now, and is that good or bad?

  46. Спасибо вам большое что вставили комментарии на русском языке! Очень приятно смотреть на вашу работу,удачи вам!


  48. подшипники нихера не смазал. Густой смазкой надо их забивать.а не капнуть с писюна.

  49. Deine Videos sind super. Was genau für eine Drehbank benutzt du? Ist das eine Schaublin? Gruss aus Obwalden

  50. Привет из России!!!. Дружище у тебя золотые руки а что в голове боюсь представить. Крассавчик!!!.

  51. rpm,ses seviyesi,gürültü,basınç gibi karşılaştırmalı ölçümler vermen bu profesyonelliğe yakışır ayrıntılar olurdu. düşünebilirsin.

  52. Every time I thought "okay, that's probably taken-apart enough", I was proven wrong. I got three minutes in and started wondering if I was about to see a man disassemble an object down to the molecular level like Doctor Manhattan. It was glorious.

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