Glenn Chapman


  1. Great job with Floyd. Tabias (?) is awesome with him. Gotta say I was pretty nervous a couple of times when they were coming together. I can get ugly sooo fast. Tabias is a good natured dude. So how do you split them up if they did start fighting? Those are two strong and one strong-headed dogs. Do you lift their back legs up? I seriously would be at a loss of what to do to break them apart. Or, even if Floyd wasn't playing anymore would you still be able to call Tabias off? Doubtful in my admittedly inexperienced opinion. Please help. Serious question from prospective EBT owner. I've had a GSP, Boxer etc. . . but never a bully. The GSP was probably and surprisingly the most aggressive towards other dogs, but luckily never got into a fight.

  2. I love my bull terrier he looks like the target dog lol he is such a goof ball. They are great dogs but very protective of us.

  3. Why would anyone choose this freaking dog they're so damned ugly and stupid lol.

  4. Excellent work sir. One of few bully owners who is intelligently qualified to facilitate these complex animals. Body language analysis is spot on.

    Please ignore the haters – those of us who get it already know, so thanks for your vid and God bless you.

  5. I reckon if all dog owners had a fraction of this understanding of dog behaviour and control the bull breeds would not have the reputation they have. Great footage and control.

  6. kudos to you for being professional in a what could be a risky situasjon;)

  7. Much respect, especially the way you so quietly controlled your two p-bull dogs, no yelling or aggression. I'd have removed the third dog, but then I don't know if it was a bitch or male. You're right – play can "escalate" into violence amongst dogs very quickly, but bull terriers are so naturally playful and 'goofy', it's hard to tell at times when they're about to go feral.

  8. Suck cause i know my pit is not trainable he has a seriouse dog aggression he dnt smell dogs he just straight goes for the fight and it makes owning him a hassel

  9. Floyd and Tobias are both beautiful dogs and over a little more time will be completely fine .

  10. There is only so much a human can teach a dog, you need another good dog that is well adjusted even tempered, to show the way, good job guys..!

  11. My Bull Terrier was named Tobi also called Tobias.. He also had problem with mails and also had crazy play drive when relaxed. That really an owner job to socialize its dog. I knew my dog was kind of a killer from he was a pup so i let him go into plays and even normal fights with normal dogs where nothing bad really happens. Problems really started when local Pit Bull with stupid owner started attacking my dog. At one point a learned to make brake stick out of anything and countless times i had to brake Pit Bulls of not just my dog but many that i ran into while Pit Bull was destroying them and nobody around knew what to..That was like 20 years ago when things where very crazy where i live, after war times..Problem is in owners. They treat their dog as toys only and that can turn serious with dogs with that kind of terrier drive..If someone let Bull Terrier to become killer is the same things as giving him death sentence and i lost dog friend bcs. of that. There was no one around as you to try to help that dog and he ended soot down by his latest owner it broke my heart for real almost same as my dog died but he died with 15 years, that long for BTs….

  12. Nice work. I like how you gave the a break in-between the play to de-escalate.

  13. Are you ever worried that people will steal your dog for dog fight warm-ups? Where I live family dogs go missing constantly and there are always notices posted on power poles and shop windows asking have you see this missing dog?

  14. This is a fantastic video because it shows precisely why bull terriers should be banned because of how insanely and uncontrollably violent and dangerous they are. LOL.

  15. 'Hey man, let's play, let's get goofy' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚So cute. Great work, hope Floyds feeling a lot more secure now.

  16. Great video, thanks. Two very fine and well trained dogs you have there.

  17. Tobias is a great dog, both of you really seem to know what you're doing. Hope Floyd turns out ok πŸ‘πŸΌ

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