Glenn Chapman


  1. Social services shouldn't steal innocent kids from innocent families in the first place and young adults wouldn't face such hardships later on after they toss them out into the street. A money booming business for corrupted social workers…child traffickers

  2. My parents never said anything nice or encouraging. Only difference is we were not poor at all. They gave us things but not themselves. Many kids are ashamed of their feelings. I’m 62, and I still can’t shake some things off.i totally sympathize with these kids.

  3. I hope things worked out for Darragh he deserves so much more out of life. He has great initiative and doesn't wallow in self pity….even given the harsh cards he was dealt. Well done Darragh tragic about your parents no child should feel pain like you did I hope everything works out for you !.

  4. it has not changed since 1950s as when u leave is over they dont care where u go when your 18 most dont care what happens to u they even take children intocare without even trying to finding them a foster worst bastards in europe so many suicides in care in ireland at this moment 50 children left care ran away and what for my guess is abuse in care , as its ripe here . then they go into prostitution after they run away. ireland and the catholic have ruined this country and even autistic children are not safe incare like brothers of charity run by all women who bully the lads and ruin their lives as if they ownt hem i hate here now as i am to sick to leave ireland id leave tomorrow if i was well bye

  5. I knew people who went through the system in the 70s and 80s (friends of mine). They did OK bit didn't have half of the opportunities these guys had.

    Glad it worked out for those featured here. They all looked like good people…

  6. I really wish I could have done something like this when I aged out of care I was in care for 15 1/2 years I completely disagree with the fact that the state put some many rules that I didn't have a childhood etc. I was no better in foster care than I was with my biological family I feel for anyone who has been through this system or is currently going through its one of the hardest things I thought I would ever have to go through I know I should be thankful to the foster care system but I'm not I'm the complete opposite!…

  7. I would love to have been involved in something like this I was in foster care for 15 1/2 years i comptyy

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