Adult Senior Assisted Living Facilities: Sunshine Gardens

we're unique in that we are a family here our residents interact with our administration as if you know we were a brother and sister mother and daughter and we have just a really communal feel oh my favorite thing about the gardens is the staff everyone here makes you feel like family and I consider everybody part of my family the residents and the staff it's really delightful I think we get very attached very fast to everybody that comes here but I think the biggest thing for us is finding out their personalities getting to know them understanding what they want what they need they never seem like they're new for very long they seem like they've been with us forever right away we we have good relationships with them awesome relationships but each one brings something new to us every time that we have a new resident we get a new personality and we get a new new friendship new family I think I think it's a beautiful environment for them I think there's a lot for them to do and we keep them very active and make their life each day is worth living by being here well most facilities in this day and age are large corporate owned facilities that have huge numbers and basically are driven just for the bottom line and my wife and I wanted to do something that was a little different than that and we don't always worry too much about that aspect we're more interested in providing a really nice facility for the residents of the area I love the style but the staff is just fantastic we have lots of activities and there's a lot going on and you just feel like you're at home and it's it's just a family we're a family or community and it's just getting together with the group that we do and our activity director keeps us busy we go out once a week to Walmart which is great we have of course your standard bingo and room and cube and poker or fun things like that but we go above and beyond that we have outings to restaurants and musical talents we've been in plays and we perform shows and we have craft fairs there's just always something fun for the residents to do we play rummy cube and different kinds of card games and you kind of form a little fellowship with different ones that like to clean the same thing and that's fun but it's really nice if they take us to Walmart into the library sometime it's a fun inviting facility we have lots of activities lots of things to do and it's just an overall really Pleasant place but it's very very comfortable it's kept up so nicely and that the staff is so friendly and everyone here tries to make you feel at home and it does feel like home

Glenn Chapman


  1. Great home, and great work. what is the music used for this? thanks!

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